Dickey's Barbecue Pit

1402 Camden Ave, Campbell
(408) 915-5051

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Shelly W.

Order food on Uber eatsAnd food was Great ???

My Mail

Save your money and try some place else. This location serves undercooked food and tends to forget items that have been ordered. Did I receive a refund for my missing items? Sure not! Instead was promised to receive missing items on a future order. Gave them another try and YET AGAIN, missing items and this time part of my order was cold and tasted like it's been sitting in the fridge a day or two that was just lightly reheated. Well, now I know this spot is a no go. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Bravo Sameera

Dickey's Barbecue Pit is a classic, very old fashion, classic steakhouse, great meat, very, very good wine list, good service.

Thet Tun

Refuse to honor the valid coupon. Dishonest store!!! Don't waste your time coming here.

Joseph K.

This place sucks so bad. Dry brisket and check out my "loaded potato"! Keep on trucking and hit up Armadillo Willy's.

K G.

Okay so I ordered a pulled pork sandwich from them on doordash that is supposed to be smoked and served fresh, but when I was eating the sandwich I got a piece of something tough in my mouth. When I spit it out it was a piece of plastic (I assume from the bag that the meat comes in that it pre made). I was disgusted and threw the whole meal away. Awful food. Never eating here again!

Mark Vega

What a let down. Maybe they save the fresh stuff for catering or something? I was not happy with the freshness or the texture of the pulled pork sandwich. And the jalapeno beans??? False advertisement!!! Not Happy!

Brian W.

It was my first time ordering at Dickie's at this location. I placed an online order for ribs, pulled pork, and sliced brisket. Also added sides of green beans with bacon, mac and cheese, and potato salad.The people working at this location were very friendly. My order was ready earlier than my original time requested...good as I got there early.When I got home my family started to eat. Feedback from my family was mostly positive. What we enjoyed:- the pulled pork was delicious. Moist and full of flavor- the mac and cheese was solid. perhaps slightly overcooked, but could be due to the time it took me to get home.- the potato salad was deliciousWhat we were disappointed about:- the ribs were TOUGH. It seems they were not cooked long enough.- the sliced brisket was slightly tough but not too much. However it lacked any flavor.- the sweet BBQ sauce lacked flavor. It tasted like it was watered down.- the green beans with bacon was overcooked.I really hope my experience was a one-off. At the very least, the BBQ should be perfected for a BBQ place, but seemed off from my visit. I will give them one more try in the future and see. It's hard to find a good BBQ place in our area, so I want Dickie's to succeed.I originally would give two stars, but the pleasant people working here earned one more star.


Great pl lace to eat food amazing

Mikayla M.

The two ladies behind the counter barely spoke any english, and we had trouble communicating what we wanted to them. The lady making our food had her mask down below her chin and the one taking our order had it over her mouth with her nose out. Ridiculous. And of course they got our order wrong, and the sandwiches were so tiny, the meat was all fatty, and cold.

Ran D.

If you are worried about COVID-19 infection compliance and hygiene, don't go here. Unfortunately, this location doesn't believe in wearing masks. I walked in and there was a customer trying to ask the employees if they would honor a coupon which was on the customers iphone. The employees didn't speak English and asked to see the phone. Two different employees handled the iphone looking at the coupon. No washed hands after touching the phone. So, no washed hands after touching a strangers iphone (which is gross pre coronavirus), and no masks. Anyway the food was good. Just kidding. I didn't eat there. Haw haw.

Janet L.

Well, I am disappointed in the quality. This was a delivery order. Food was cold and definitely tasted like leftovers. They also did not fulfill my entire order. I really wanted to give them higher rating, but sadly that was not the case

Nancy H.

We wanted to order deliver, but we were outside of the radius (10-15 mins away), so we ordered our item for Curbside for 2:15PM. We waited until 2:40PM (right infront of the store and a window, we were also the only car there), at which point I called and the employee let us know that our order had been done for 10 mins - it seemed like they were waiting for us to come in to pick it up. The receipt does say curbside with our car info; this was no big deal and the employee was very nice when he brought the stuff out. I did notice he was not wearing gloves or a mask, but we were. Because we had been in the sun for so long and we were very hungry, I did not check the items in the bag right away. The bag was also had staples throughout so I did not want to risk opening it in the car. Once we got home, I realized there were a number of things missing from our order: - my niece's kid's meal did not have the drink; the slider did not have the buns, just the pulled pork; there was no cream spinach side - all 3 meals did not have sauces, which made it very dry to eat (the pulled pork was especially flavorless) - I am not sure if you potato side was the casserole? It looks very different Additionally, the cornbread muffins were squished and there were no plastic utensils. So overall, about 30-40% of our order was missing. I understand with the pandemic, things are a bit hectic. I may come back to this location in the future for sit-in, but I do not think I will be ordering curbside (pickup?) again due to the issues mentioned above. Oh, and we tipped well when we ordered online.

Ben Wagner

this was some of the best bbq I've ever had..the pulled pork sandwiches are the best

Steve M.

Ordered on DoorDash for delivery. Paid 20 bucks for minimal food for and which was poor quality. I would recommend going into the restaurant and not ordering delivery

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