Taco Bell

1450 Camden Ave, Campbell
(408) 879-0904

Recent Reviews

jonil soni

All good but food served a bit cold

Philip B.

Surprised to see so many negative reviews of this place.. This is my go-to taco bell, they hook it up with portion sizes and food is usually done very quickly. Mobile order makes it very easy too.

Steve Sander

It's fast food.

Chelsea U.

Went to this Taco Bell for the first time, and seen the drive thru was busy. So I parked and went inside. Two people in line, and I seen that they have kiosks which was convenient. As I stood waiting, the women at the register, who seemed like the manager, blurted out to me with annoyance if I'm ready to order. I said I ordered from the kiosk. She slammed the register shut, and walked away. Now I understand people have bad days, but like there was nothing that I have done to provoke that kind of behavior. I noticed she was putting my food together, and I couldn't help but see she was packaging my food. The picture was how my pizza was presented to me upon opening. This place is poorly ran by a rude manager who definitely needs to be re-coached on her customer service skills.

Paul T.

Normally I don't do reviews on fast food chain because let's face it .... you get what you pay for, and I'm not paying for service but man let me tell you this guy Alonzo. He's too good for this place. Last 3 visits, given 5 star restaurant service. Polite and friendly. He's the absolute opposite of what you expect from a fast food take out window. And I really hope that the store manager or corporate sees this because I this guy is really an asset to this store.


I wanted something different than I ordered and they fixed it very quickly

Alma Garza

The employees are friendly and personable. The Male supervisor helping me at the window was doing two jobs and just trying to keep the job afloat. I admire those who still have the work ethic!

Aaron Rodriguez

have ordered food from this location numerous times since its on the way back to my house from work. It seems like 50% of the time an item is missing from my order... its terrible, wont we goin to this location... bad job by u...

angelofthedrknesss .

I wanted something different than I ordered and they fixed it very quickly

Amie Peterson

I did not get my complete order and the food was stale that I didn't get

Jonathan Hernandez

Pretty good for late night fiest

Don Williams

Clean, quick service, and the Chalupa Cravings box for dinnerð??

Helen Nelander

A fine taco bell when it's open. Doesn't seem to open for breakfast

Mark Ellak

Friendly staff. Cheap food. Fast

Ann Wallace

Enjoyed food. Burrito supreme and taco cinnamon twist. Then tragedy a vagabond man exposed himself and defacted and bare handed removed excess waste. Taco bell staff called police.

Justin Last

Ordered a Grilled Stufted Burrito with No Guacamole and no Avocado Ranch. Add Chipotle Sauce for an extra charge

Ivan Andres Paez Carrasco

Great but i last my credit card.

Nazlina Hussin

The best nachos with fries I've ever had!

Outlaw Albarran

The food quality is not the same as Before.

Meghan Rector

I've been disappointed here before. But it had now happened so many times that I'm done. I request extra ingredients in my items. I don't get them. I ordered a loaded chipotle chicken griller. It was almost completely flat. Once I opened it up, there were about five tiny pieces of chicken (I tear off the extra edges of the tortilla, as I see it as unnecessary calories with no taste). I ordered a chicken quesadilla with extra, extra cheese. I was charged for one extra serving of cheese (I ordered two) and I was also charged for extra jalapeño sauce, which I did not order. The quesadilla was so flat! I opened it up, and the cheese was not even on 1/4 of it. It had not been sliced into for pieces, as it normally is. There was barely any cheese on it, let alone the "extra, extra cheese" that I had ordered. So frustrating. I specifically order extra quantities of what I find the typical items to be lacking, yet it did absolutely no good. I have continued to go to this store bc it is on my commute home. I would rather go out of my way to find another location, farther away, than to be continually disappointed. This meal was so unacceptable.

Starleena Alley

If I could do zero stars I would. I dont know what's wrong with this location. They never get my order right even when I double check before I leave.. repeating every detail , they say yes , AND ITS WRONG. AGAIN. I want my money back!!!!!

Jessica G.

So rude. I went through the drive through and ordered my same order that I do at al the taco bells I go to and never have problems. I asked for a plain cheese quesadilla and cinnamon twists and I got two chicken quesadillas filled with their gross sauce and no twists. Little did i know when I pulled up to the window the worker was wearing his work headset on one ear and his AirPods listening to music in the other ear so no wonder he totally got my order wrong. I would give them 0 stars if I could. AND WAIT THERE IS MORE!!!! I went back to get my order fixed and they got the order wrong AGAIN!!!! How I'm the world is that even possible. That's the worst fast food places have ever gone to.

Krista J.

Slowest location EVER! Drive thru wait was over 20 minutes which is ridiculous, considering it's a fast food restaurant. I don't know if they need more hands on deck but it is definitely something that needs some attention.

Niels Miller

Double decker taco cheap and way better then original. You wonâ??t be disappointed here if you smoke weed.

Jocelyn S.

I don't normally do this but for this one I felt the need to, although they did get my order wrong. I ordered just one crunch wrap but got two instead.I do have to say that the customer service made up for it. The gentleman who took my order through the drive through was VERY polite and made conversation. He asked me how my day was going as soon as I got to the speaker to order my food. I believe his name is Alonzo. I am very satisfied with the service. Great Job!!!!

Lauren S.

Great crunchwraps, great service, and they actually stay open until the time advertised (unlike the location on Winchester). Highly recommend!

Sachleen B.

If you read all the previous reviews they all have one thing in a common. They got the order completely WRONG. Completely unsatisfied with eating here. Worst Taco Bell.

Sandra R.

Short and simple!!! The worst in prepping food! Not enough meat in my chalupas or crunchy tacos. Had more lettuce on everything but not enough meat compared to other Taco Bell locations.

John I.

I really enjoy this kind of food. Except it drives me nuts when I have to scream at the top of my lungs just to order my food. I can't really go anywhere else because it's too far away, and I know thats an exaggeration but still it pisses me off. They need to up their speakers and fix them because they are broken as hell. Message me if you have experienced this as well.

Jamie E.

First things first, I LOVE taco bell, this is a review about the service not the food. I went through the drive through tonight, ordered 2 locos tacos, 1 hard taco supreme, and a shredded chicken burrito. Not too complicated of an order I get home and i received 3 regular tacos, and a supreme burrito.... they got my order COMPLETELY wrong. There was one girl just sitting there by the window doing nothing and staring at me, no wonder the wait time is always 20+ minutes. These kids looked younger, idk if they're new employees but I waited forever in the drive through just to have my order completely wrong. Taco bell you're my savior, but you guys really need to hire better employees that can learn to take an order right.

Meshelle Bain

Slow drive thru, but great food quality, as Taco Bells are concerned

Diane B.

The guy at the counter was more interested to talk to the staff and horse around with his friends, than take my order. Just wanted a drink. There are two people in the place. The place is dirty. I had to pull out my wet wipes to clean my table and chair. Pretty sad that customer service is gone.

Mike G.

It's amazing that it would take 30 minutes for me to wait in the drive-through. Obviously this Taco Bell is very unorganized and needs new management. For example look at the first drive-through window at post of the picture of here. Makes me think about actually buying food from this place next to time.

Francisco L.

Slowest drive thru I've ever been to. 17 minutes for an order of nachos. It wasn't even close to lunch or dinner time. This was at 245 PM. It's not like you can just leave and go somewhere else since you're basically held hostage in the drive thru line with nowhere to go.

Jose Gonzales Jr

Clean place with friendly employees. Great spot, even drive thru flows quickly.

Alex Blunt

Food is put together in a mess without care, granted it was busy but that shouldn't be a reason for not being able to do something as simple as spread the sauce for a tostada, the sauce was all on a quarter of the tostada and thats just one example.

Jennifer Van Hooser

Food is good, but EVERY OTHER TIME I go...I end up with missing items! So frustrating!

Bob M.

Seriously? Order 2 boxes and other stuff. Boxes were not same as the receipt, no nacho fries, extra Gordita I did not order and their phone was not answered and memory full. Pedro D took the order, was very confused but at least got the order right on paper but the food did not match the receipt....No wonder the rate 1.5. Kept calling me boss too, very arrogant staff...

Cathy W.

I would do 0 stars if it let me! Beware of eating at this Taco Bell! I hurt my tooth on a chicken bone in my burrito! I contacted the manager and district manager who didn't seem to care. They were supposed to contact me to make it right, but never did! Hopefully they still do because I love Taco Bell. I am lucky I didn't crack my tooth, but I know I damaged it because it hurt for days. Be careful!!

Tanner Condie

The food here is taco Bell as you expect but the service it's just very terrible. I feel bad for the people working there because it's always incredibly understaffed. It takes forever to get your food and the lines are super long. One time I was there a guy quit on the spot and walked out. I don't know if people quit every time I'm there but there's never enough people working.