Taco Bell

1450 Camden Ave, Campbell
(408) 879-0904

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Collie Collier

The alum Rock taco Bell is my local taco Bell, and quite frankly I think it's the best one around. For a fast food place, the people there are invariably friendly and helpful, even if you're just going through the drive-thru. Their food is prepared quickly, satisfying, and if you want, you can get a very low cal meal from them that's still filling and tasty. Definite thumbs up!

Dale Shannon

I adore this venue very much. there is a friendly air. The cuisine is good. the service is powerful and the crew is well trained. The pay is honest. profoundly recommend.

Roy Mac

Attitude of a young staff member was awful. Report filed with corporate about incident

BigDaddy Joe

I asked for two crunchy supreme tacos and one burrito with sour cream and jalapenos and fire hot sauce. What I got was to soft taco Supremes poorly wrapped not crunchy and a bean burrito with sour cream no jalapenos.. won't be going back to this place

Emilee Mann

Always get my correct order and it's clean, quick and the staff are friendly

Chef Kelly B.

I don't know why I keep coming here. Every time I order through the drive thru there is always at least one item missing from my order. Ridiculous.

Rachel R.

Today I ordered from here with door dash. On the app I specially checked "No cheese" and "no sour cream" as my husband has an allergy. All the items came with cheese and sour cream. Also 2 items were missing.I then when realized I had nothing for my husband to eat I re ordered right away. When the second ordered came they gave me tacos when we ordered burritos and again everything had cheese and sour cream even though I again said neither. I will NOT go back!

Abraham Uranga

With the excuse of Covid-19, the customer service has worsen, they prioritize the drive-thru orders and practically ignore customers who go to the desk.

Carlo E.

Drive Thru crew, Keile, sounds not interested working and even not focused. Upon paying, he asked me if I needed a receipt, and I answered "Yes please". He gave me back card. But I asked him where was my receipt, he said "oh, I thought you dont need it and you dont look like the person who would need one". And i said, please i need my receipt. He said window 2 will give it to me. He even stared at me. I proceeded to window 2 to get my food. one crew handed me my order. I politely asked and said to the other crew at window 2 that "can you print me my receipt because the other person did not give it to me and he said to get it from here (window 2)?" The 3rd person, the shift manager called Keile. Tried to print out at window 2, does not work. Keile told me to park and he will give it to me as soon as he figured out how to print it. And then said to me again that I am not the kind of person who would need a receipt.Stared at me again. I parked, waited for a few minutes. About 5 minutes, i just proceeded inside the store to ask the shift manager if she could print out my receipt. Even she could not figure out how to reprint. Simple task, simple instruction. Keile has issues that needs to be addressed: attitude and service.

Jazz K.

This location, unlike all the others.. FAILS. Has never gotten my order right. Totally sucks.. ordered twice during Covid-19 and the system of operating has gotten easier, but be prepared to get shorted on everything you order. We had 9 food items.. got 7. Not even the same as what we ordered. They pass you a tray with a bag and refuse to let you even audit what you have.. even if you're allergic to the ingredients they added that you ordered to leave off. Cold food. $30 down the drain. Please do something about this location. PLEASE!!!!!!

Elliot P.

The owner decided to use this global health catastrophe to post signs telling all their customers they're going to hell unless they accept Jesus Christ into their lives.

Pete Lombrozo

The food was so small, very expensive for what it was. When did taco bell become overpriced? Best off to go to a real taqueria.

Steve Hansard

OK place but the one on Blossom Hill has a better taste and a more efficient staff!

Matthew L.

Worst Taco Bell in existence. All the food is terrible. Either made incorrectly, month old chips, cold beans, soggy tacos. Just plain disgusting food!

Maria D Chavez

Went on a Sunday morning and got our food fast n fresh thru drive thru at the Camden location

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