Torsap Thai Kitchen

2668 Gateway Rd Suite 170, Carlsbad
(760) 585-4471

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Antonio De La O

My wife and I dined in on a Friday night and it was pretty slow at the restaurant. We both love Thai food and were super excited to try this place out.Most importantly, the food. My wife ordered the Pad See Ew and neither of us were impressed. There is another place close to us in San Marcos called Onny Thai and, while they aren't as chic, the quality of the food is much better. Not only was the food unimpressive, but we asked for the dish to be spicy, and it was not spicy at all. The server did bring us some chili flakes which was fine, but when we are dining in at a restaurant as pricey as this place then we expect the food to be prepared to our liking the first time.I ordered the Lamb. Very underwhelmed by the dish, it was cooked unevenly with some of the chops cooked a nice medium while some of the pieces were overcooked. The flavor was good, it tasted like the sauce that they toss the drunken noodles in, which I like. The only other thing that come on my plate was Rice, which, while cooked nicely was the only other thing besides the lamb. This dish really could have used a vegetable, anything would have been good, some carrots, maybe broccoli, both items I know that they have in the kitchen.We also got cocktails, and they were both delicious, I got a negroni and my wife got a Mango flavored cocktail.The service was really good. Super friendly staff, they were a true highlight.I am glad I gave this place a shot, but really do not have any reason to go back, recommended if you are maybe in the area and just want to grab some cocktails, but the food needs work, especially at the prices they are charging.

Jeanette Accunzo

The interior design of Torsap Thai Kitchen is modern, clean with a Thai flavor . The service is efficient, welcoming and accommodating. And the food was artistically presented, generously portioned, full of flavor and reasonably priced. I had the lunch Pad Thai with chicken and my friend had the Yellow Curry with chicken. Yum!Food: 5/5


I wanted so badly to like this place since I love Thai food and it's close to home. Unfortunately, we will not be going back. The atmosphere is pretty cool, but that's about the best I can say. The food was average. We ordered fresh spring rolls. They were plenty nice and well-presented. The yellow curry had decent flavor but was very watery. The portion was good, but they give you a very small bowl of rice and then charge you for subsequent rice. My husband and I went through 3 orders of rice and then gave up and left the rest of our curry. We also ordered drunken noodles. They were fine, especially if you like red bell peppers. But where this place REALLY goes awry is the service. My goodness. We were long done with our spring rolls and I finally had to track down our waitress and ask if we could order. We waited a very long time for more water and I finally had to go up to the bar (where there was no bartender) and find someone to refill our carafe. If you'd like to do basic things like place an order or drink water, prepare to be proactive. Also, I hear quite a bit of commentary here about the prices. Definitely a bit spendy, but for the location and atmosphere I think it's to be expected--- they just need to provide a level of service commensurate with what they are charging.

Miriam Todesco

Atmosphere, peaceful, chick sport, cute. Service, polite and knowledgeable. Food, I would like to taste more flavors....ex: fried rice would be a bit tasty with a bit of pineapple, just a kick! Vegetables with has a bit much of garlic . But, we enjoyed our dinner ?Food: 3/5

Kimber Veltri

We just had the best dinner there! The decor and plating were stunning, the atmosphere was impeccable, and all the staff were so attentive and friendly. Plus the food was soo delicious. Get the matcha lava cake for dessert! You won’t regret it.Food: 5/5

luan 2lu

We went on a Sunday not at rush hour and service was very nice but a bit slow.We orderedSpring rolls...very good didn't make the picture goodGreen curry with brown rice and I added the chicken chicken and brown rice are extra $$ but it was delicious rice was cooked to perfection and rhe curry was soulful!!Pad thai... we added shrimp (extra charge) it was good not as good as the other dishes in our opinionWhen I go back I'm ordering the curry again with out question!!Vegetarian options: Lots of vegetarian options and some vegan too!

Lise Clermont

Went there with my friend , we are Canadians and this place was recommended by a local.. we were greeted at the door then seated right away. We ordered yellow curry and soup Tom Kha and we had Mango Sticky rice desert. It was the best Thai food we ever had. As my friend went to Thailand for 4 months, he even said this food was way better.Dietary restrictions: We ordered the items Vegan options. There was quite a few choices for vegans.

HomeChef I.

Attentive and friendly service, great meal. My favorite is Volcanic Beef. Garlic Wings and crispy Spring Rolls are our go-to appetizers. My husband loved the lemongrass sea bass, and green curry and papaya salad are must have at a Thai Restaurant. Best of all, dog friendly in the patio Superb.

Theresa A.

Awesome addition to Bressi Ranch! The redesign is gorgeous and brings in a lot of light. The staff are wonderful and attentive. Love the fresh spring roll appetizer and the lobster pad Thai was delicious. We will be back soon!

Audrey S.

Beautifully decorated Thai restaurant in Carlsbad with lots of parking. There is no wait here when I came, just got seated immediately. Theres also outside searing available. The dishes are plated beautifully. If you enjoy soup I recommend the Tom Kha. I would come here again and try more items off of the menu.


The food here is gorgeous. I found the best breakfast in Carlsbad. I would recommend it.

Beatrice T.

It is a really nice atmosphere; it is very inviting and contemporary. The food is ok, but I had better in some hole in the wall places. They offer a decent lunch menu, with appetizer included. I had Pad Thai and it was good, but not memorable. We were a lunch crowd of 8, and most of us felt the same. Generally the food is very pricey and I expected more.

Lisa K.

Had a fantastic 40th birthday experience here! So many options for vegans. The crunchy veggie rolls for an appetizer were delicious. For dinner I had the potato squash curry and it was exceptional. Delicious tasty drinks too. I enjoyed the staff recommendations and the atmosphere was pleasant. Highly recommended!

Mike B.

Don't let the 3.5 star rating fool you! This place is a gem. A lot of yelpers give it a bad rap because the prices are on the higher end. But you're paying for high quality Thai food here people. Not your run of the mill basic Thai menu. I've been here twice so far and had a fantastic time. I also think they had some growing pains of being a new restaurant.Torsap's menu is creative and daring. Their appetizers, soups, everything is well curated. The drink menu is creative as well. I wish I lived within walking distance to this place.This part of North County is pretty challenged when it comes to quality dining options. Torsap is a welcome addition to a much starved area. Trust me...try this place out. Give it a real shot. The food, drinks, and service will not disappoint. Our family is actually headed there RIGHT NOW for a 3rd visit. If that's not proof enough for you.

Ruby S.

Since my first visit, I have been a couple more times, and they are getting the hang of things. I can tell they are invested in making this a great dining place. I did a lunch order for takeout, and the lunch special is a great price. I got the pad Thai and tom yum soup, both great. I then came back to dine in for dinner again. They were out of the ribs, bummer - I look forward to trying them another time. All-day happy hour on Tuesday - awesome! Crispy Spring Rolls were perfect and tasted exactly as expected. The Tuna Tower - OMG YUMMM, I could eat a million of these Paella Tom Yum - very good. This intrigued me because I love Tom Yum soup and rice, so combine them and make paella. WOW - I definitely recommend it. Lots of shrimp and scallops in this dish. Garlic Pepper Chicken might seem like a boring choice, but it was very flavorful, I wouldn't have normally ordered this, but I am glad someone did so I could try it. Okay.... now the Lemongrass Sea Bass - SO FREAKING DELICIOUS - everything about this dish was perfect. It was the standout winner of the dinner. I can't wait to go back and have this again. The flavors, the textures, the freshness - CHEF'S KISS!Random observation - I do not typically sit at the bar, but I have observed folks at the bar each time since my table has faced the bar. The bartender seems to be very engaging, and the people sitting at the bar always seem to enjoy his presence and conversation and are having a good time, this is good, this adds to the vibe of the restaurant. Next up - I can't wait to try the breakfast. Keep up the great work Torsap!

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