Te’Amo Boba Tea x Mochi Donut

3646 Village Dr, Castro Valley
(510) 363-9578

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Drinks ok, but I asked for no ice yet still 50% of the cup is ice, I took a few small sip and the drink is already gone.... $7 a cup only lasted for 1 minute. Will give it another chance next time.Food: 2/5

arphaporn anekayuwat

Finally get to try this place for the first time. The front counter person was polite and kind. Since it was my first time, I asked what was his favorite (young Asian guy) and oolong tea it is. Since I like rose water, I picked rose oblong tea with original milk plus lychee jelly. The sweetness is not my fan so I went for the least which was 25%. Outcome was pretty good for first choice; however I would go for the next level up for sweetness. The other young gal said her favorite was mango freeze. I will try that on hotter day. Four stars for friendly service and good first choice. Mochi donut will be my dessert after eating habit burger next door. Nice outside seating is available for you as well.

William Wong

Good place when having a "sweet tooth". Had their mochi donuts few times already and they are delicious. Interesting approach to donut making, which are not too sweet.

Diana R.

Parking is easy and fast. staff is kind, informative, patient and awesome! the place has a chill vibe and stuff playing on tvs quietly. i highly recommend the strawberry matcha! its my favorite. they also have seasonal mochi donuts

Gabe I.

The boba was straight up ass. It wasn't like the worst shit i've ever had but godamn it wasn't great. the worker was nice and the mochi donuts were cool but the boba i got was fucking wierd. The restaurant looks kinda cool but it feels wierd just to go here.

Monica C.

I love their Earl Grey milk tea, it is so floral and smooth! Their honey boba is consistently a nice texture. It is not too mushy or stiff but nice and chewy. I get the non-dairy milk but they have a variety of plant based milks too. The mochi donuts are delicious. The staff is also very kind, highly recommend this place!

Shirley L.

Amazing mochi donuts and drinks I recommend this my place it's my go too service is great


I went here after going to the local Christmas Tree Farm. I ordered a peach lychee oolong tea with aloe jelly and no milk. Also I snagged the last mochi donut. It was a strawberry. I usually never order fruity mochi donuts but it was excellent. The staff were fun, kind, and very fast. I enjoyed the location and will return. It was also very clean and easy to access.Kid-friendliness: Great set up for kiddos. Easy to access. Lots of options.Parking: The spots right in front are part of the parking lot entrance which is super busy but not impossible. There's also a large lot to the left which always has parking.Wheelchair accessibility: 100% accessible. Very open. Smooth pavements.

Kingsley S.

Mochi donuts here are all right, but they're not something I would drive more than 10 minutes for. When I'm back in CashApp, Valley, I would usually go to the neighboring UCHA - but decided to come here for a change. I don't think the milk tea was very good, but also wasn't very bad. It had a very artificially floral flavor that I couldn't really pinpoint - similar to an earl grey tea, but I did not order an earl Grey drink. However, it's a good place to catch up with people they have a lot of seating

Ava H.

My go-to boba spot when I'm in the Castro Valley area. Staff is polite and professional. Clean place. There is seating inside that's available now. I usually get the strawberry matcha latte and Thai milk tea, both with Oat milk. Delicious! Mochi donuts are also delish. I'm coming back!

Walter White

This is by far one of the best Boba places I have been at. The drinks are always great and the mochi donuts are amazingly delicious. Their service is fast and workers are friendly, also the shop is very clean and there’s good parking for your vehicle.

Dave A.

I have gone to this place a few times mainly for my boba fix. This time I had a sweet tooth to also try one of their mochi doughnuts too. This place is my Goto place for boba now in Castro Valley. Service is fast, usually no long line like other boba places, and the place feels clean and the staff wears masks. I don't wear a mask except on planes, but if anything the last three years has taught us is it is good for people working in restaurants to wear them. First the Thai Tea with boba had a good sweetness level, not too much and not too little. Let's face it, it is all about the boba? Their boba has a good consistency, not too soft, not too hard...and a little chewy. It's good quality boba here. You can read my review of a T4 place in Dublin on bad quality boba and drinks that taste like dishwater. On to the mochi doughnut. I wasn't impressed with the one I got. It looked good, but just didn't have a lot of flavor. Call me weird, but I expected the Ube to taste like Ube, not bland? Maybe I will try different one next time? Overall a good place for your boba fix, but a little on the pricier side for drinks and their mochi doughnuts.

Derrick C.

Matcha Orea Mochi Donut: 3.75/5 . Flavor of the matcha and Oreo were nice and light. The match donuts itself was soft thought slightly on the drier side. Hojicha Cream Tea: 4.25 . We got 75% sugar, the tea itself was great. The creama was tasty as well (though is a bit more on the saltier side if that suits your preference)

Eden Y

So far my favorite place for mochi donuts and drinks, although the prices have gone up over the last year usually priced around $6-7 and mochi donuts have different flavors each day priced $3 , the quality has not changed , love the authentic tea taste though toppings for 75 cents a bit is a bit steep for price paid for drink

Samantha H.

The straws are my main reason for the poor star rating. The quality of mochi donuts is my second reason. POSITIVE: fairly large selection of drinks, including many hot options NEGATIVE: environment-friendly straws-- bamboo? These things cracked after just a few sips. They held up for a bit more use after the initial cracks , but became completely useless and cutting my lips before I could finish my drink or suck up all the boba balls. NEGATIVE: mochi donuts were not fresh. Granted, it was later in the day (8:00pm) but they tasted like they'd been out for waaaay too long. Texture was dry and glaze was hard and came off in big pieces. NEUTRAL: currently no seating available inside (except for a waiting bench) but there was some outside seating, and lots of tables at the Habit were available (some tables had heat lamps! :))

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