Little Caesars Pizza

2909 E Whitmore Ave, Ceres
(209) 537-2978

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Julio C.

The only thing little Caesars has going is convenience, quick in and out! At this point I rather wait for a better pizza from another chain for the same price.Food: 3/5

Sandy Nichelson

Spent $29 for one large pizza asked for Canadian bacon didn’t get supposed to be a combination. All I got was pepperoni and when I got home the pizza was raw so is the breadsticks I ordered.! living here 28 years and never will I go back to this place,

Scorpi 47

The quality of the pizza is ok for the price. The pizza dough is soft and somewhat rubbery in texture. It was not crunchy, how I like my pizza dough (Crunchy, from being toasted in the oven). Their pizzas tend to be very greasy.Food: 3/5

Akela A.

10/29 7:53pm-8:30 Phone not working, goes straight to voicemail after calling multiple times 5mins apart. very inconvenient. Walk in wait time was 10mins but still inconvenient when they seem to answer most days ....

Jorge Zaragoza III

Inside is clean not messy. Good customer service. My pizza is amazing. Ty to everyone there.

BLacK HarTz

Is it a "trademark" for littleCaesar's to use "dull knives" when you cut the pizza? I mean might be a "liability" issue for "employees/kids" with anger or attitude to be near a sharp knife, so I can understand if that's the reason why my pizza slices are never "cut"...And have To cut the slices myself with a $99Cents pizza cutter to cut them easily ....I mean anyone trying to enjoy a nice slice on the way home and literally pick up the entire pizza? Ya see my pics . Had to wiggle it and got one side off but it's "always like This" when I pick up pizza from any Caesar's , it's a bad example when they teamed up with "nfl" which won't last too long

Sabrina P.

We've tried this location so many times, hoping they would get better, but it never does. Too many pizzas are undercooked, literally raw dough in the center. Multiple times we've walked in to pick up our pizzas we ordered over the phone, stood there for 20 min without the line moving, and said forget it and walked out. The employees are all just hanging out, supervisors are kids. They're all on their phones, taking selfies just seems like nobody cares. Where is the damn manager? This place SUCKS.

Cutsbydaniel The Barber

Completely unresponsive staff, I don’t understand how y’all can have a bunch of children running this place on a Friday night. Throwing receipts on the floor, guy sitting on counter on his phone so customers waiting can watch & girl next to him just ignoring anyone at the counter. Told 15-20min then went in & they told us 15 more minutes. No customer service poor location to have little kids working this place on a weekend.9:00pm look at the cameras if this sounds unbelievable. Yeah not much & for pizza but I guess we can just go somewhere across the street for now on for our quick pizza. Nasty restaurant also, can’t believe an owner operator is ok w/ the filth of their establishment.

b l

Terrible service and people they look like they forgot to bathe before work and hate being there

Keanan Serena

Second time this has happened, last time was worse. Obviously not a “mishandling” after I got the box issue since half looks perfect. The other half had all the cheese and crust folded under itself and stuck to the box. Just totally poor quality of service. I made pizzas for years and I’ve never seen anyone screw up this hard.

Ronika N.

Paper thin cheese on 2 inches on the pizza, uneven cuts, mostly crust. Ceres Little Ceasars has been on a downfall for years and it's just gotten worse. Change management immediately. It's not even the cheapest pizza anymore so you can even say you get what you pay for. Little Ceasars doesn't advertise 2inches of cheese per slice with paper thin layer of cheese. Do better or get out of the food industry.

Gracie Gallegos

Never been happy with amount of ingredients or their dough quality. Very poorly made pizza in my opinion, not worth the price.

Amanda Lopez

Pizza crust is getting thin. Was never like that before other then that it's pretty good.

MilkShakeMan 152

I pre-order take out, I walked In I put my code in, it opened, I took my pizza and left. No need for unnecessary contact with other people

Ashly Espinoza

The service gets worse everytime I come here. There is never anyone at the front counter. I order ahead everytime and my order is never ready when it is suppose to be so I have to get thier attention from the back which usually takes 5-10 minutes, then I have to wait another 10 minutes for them to finish making my order, which should have been ready 20-30 minutes prior. This time I visited and the same thing happened, and I had to remind the worker to give me my sauce. When he handed it to me he had sauce all over his fingers(no gloves) and he only filled it half way. I have no idea if he touched my sauce with his hands and that's why he had it on his fingers but that it very unsanitary, especially now with covid. I told him, how do I know he didn't touch my sauce since it was all over his hand and he didn't say anything and just walked away. Very unprofessional and extremely poor customer service. Everytime I come in there is usually 3-4 people waiting for thier order that should have been done already too.

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