Pizza Hut

2600 Mitchell Rd p, Ceres
(209) 537-5300

Recent Reviews

Gamer Doll86

Used online order, food was correct and hot.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Pepperoni Pizza, Breadsticks, Breaded Boneless Wings

Alex Taylor

Every time I order delivery, it's always incomplete, and instead of offering refunds or to simply correct the order, I get offered a 30-day credit added to my account. So I don't get my money back, and I have to spend MORE money to be able to use the credit from the last messed up order? Why would I go back when you obviously can't do it right the first time? Go back to your own drivers and not trash doordash drivers. I'm pretty sure they steal food, too.

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 2

Service: 2

Juliana Valdez

Worst delivery. My pizza box was a mess.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Recommended dishes: Cheese Sticks, Pepperoni Pizza, Breadsticks, Pineapple Pizza and Peperoni Pizza Peperoni

E. Og

A little pricey for me. I mean it's just pizza ?

Kelly Graff

The service was quick and the pizza was delicious

Diana Devine

Fast, fresh and delicious except for bread sticks could of been fresher.

Patricia Brown

Ceres pizza hut has the greatest customer service.

Guadalupe Moreno

Who ever cooked my order today needs to be in the kitchen always!! Super yummy, nice and crispy.

Nancy Ali

Definitely my favorite place to buy a pizza.

Maria a

Pizza was delicious! Crust was perfect!!.... ? Pizza was ready on time indicated. Will DEFINITELY purchase again.

shawn durham

Pizza was ready in 15 min and was fresh!!

Casper Blue

Staff was very nice. The toppings were evenly spread out and my pizza was very hot when delivered couldn't have asked for more.

Jason Singh

Fast pickup, hard to enter lot. Food was fresh and fast.

Ybn_ David378

Found long piece of hair in my pizza been going here for years but now I’ll go to another place instead ????

nick mckinnon

Worst Pizza I have had in a long time. Hardly any cheese and would have a hard time finding the sauce. I actually thought I would try Pizza Hut , but I think I''l l go back to Little Cesar's much better tasting pizza.

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