1011 Broadway, Chula Vista
(619) 600-3134

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Kimberly Kelley

Really disappointed ? whats on the website and what they serve for elotes is not at all the same. Buyer beware!

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 3

Service: 3

Daniel Snyder

We be nice when restaurant actually opens. Food is good ?

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 4

Service: 4

Elsy Alondra

I used to go to hellote almost every other day until they relocated places the relocation alone took quite a while. Now that the new location is open I’ve been dying to go check out the new spot and eat some corn as well as a papá ranchera only to find out when I pulled into the lot it’s so much smaller and hellote is now a stand along with other vendors next to each other it was pretty confusing where to order because the stand didn’t have a register and the guy at the stand told me to order at the food truck which the food truck is a sushi/taco truck i believe nothing promoting that you order corn at the food truck a little odd. Not only that come to find out they only have 3 options on there menu which include only cron instead of all the other options we were able to chose from at the previous location. It also threw me off that they still promote the papa and other options on the menu that they previously had but your only available to 3 options when you get there. Wish that they stayed at the previous location as well as with the other options that they had on there menu at the old location.Parking: Small

Efrain Cardenas

11/20/22 was my first experience with this place. I believe we're the first order.Both my orders were messed up. We didn't realize it till is was too late. Kids got stomachache/upset stomach.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 2

Service: 1


Good place to have elote, I would give them five starts if they would add traditional Mexican Chile de árbol hot sauce to their elotes and beers.Parking: Small parking fits around six cars otherwise you have to park on the street.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 4

Luis Angel

really wonderful service first time here and we really enjoyed it

Melissa Guzman

Great place for a yummy snack ?. Very spacious, with picnic tables

Victor Fonseca

Definitely overpriced for some corn soaked in water for 6 days . . . Because that's what it tasted like. Even the corn on the cob was disappointing. Not going back here. Would not recommend.

Varun Sasree

Customer service was satisfactory. Food was subpar. Place was clean and well maintained. The cafe was very well put together.

Karen P.

You're better off buying corn from a street vendor, I been wanting to come here for months now, and today my husband decided to take me and only to be our surprise to be disappointed. Box of corn wasn't tasty it was just ok and sodas were warm. It's way over priced for what it is and we ended up paying almost $30.00

Keona Q.

Extremely disappointed. The corn was super hard and not enjoyable at all :( . Not worth it, I hate complaining but I wouldn't come back. However, the concept is cool and the place is cute.

Ava J.

This was my first time coming here with my friend and we were both so excited to come and support this place because we love elote. The set up is super cute but unfortunately the elote was super bad. The corn was way too hard and dry. For paying that much money I would expect this to be so good. :( I don't see myself coming back. Really really underwhelming and super sad I had to even write this review.

Anthony Plazola

This place was a nice eatery outside. The elote, or "corn" for ya'll non-spanish speakers, was DELICIOUS. Very nostalgic for the days we'd go out as a family to fruterias or coming back from TJ and getting a warm cup from the border. The San Diegan spin they add with the crumbled takis and cheetos is a great kick and a welcome addition to the traditional snack. The only gripe i had with the places, is that it is a little pricey for corn snacks. Overall though, for an aesthetically pleasing ambiance this place is a great place for friends and family for great corn!

Andrea Aguilera

Came here the first day they opened and been going a couple times ever sinceJust recently went a couple times and the potato is nothing like it use to the prices are high and the elote is super hard i had to throw it away and i got stomach painCalled and asked what can be done and they said i could get a refund.. few days after still no refund not me or my family are coming back

Vivi G.

For a place that only sells elote.... I would rather buy from the elotero man on the streets. Corn was hard and not good.

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