Little China Express

3813 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles
(323) 780-9895

Recent Reviews

Eddie Correa

Love this place, always good. You guys gotta try the wonton soup. So good

Jesus TheDankKnight

Kinda weird that the prices advertised don't match up when you order. Payed almost $40 for 2 trays 1 bowl 4 egg rolls and 3 wings. Doesn't make sense. Trays are 9 bowls are 7 total would be alittle over $30 after taxes. Hopefully the foods good

Kim Newman

The food is fresh. They served nice full portions. We love strings beans,chicken and noodles

Juan Villa

They always make sure you are well served. Service is fast and courteous.


Orange chicken has a good taste. The rice and noodles average. The egg rolls had to much black pepper.

Sbl Lpz

Orange chicken has a good taste. The rice and noodles average. The egg rolls had to much black pepper.


Family owned business, great food and nice staff.

Nemmy leo

It's the best place to come n get food to go. The orange chicken is always crispy. Try it, I know u will agree?

Eddîê F.

Eeeehhh Noodles are good. Meat is so chewy and also the teriyaki chicken first time here and the last time I'll be here.


a very decent location they are always clean, fast, and command multiple languages. a great price for the amount of food

linda mercado

Very good service ! The ladies are awesome , friendly and food is delicious ?

Anna ..

Let me tell you, the friend rice is very good. I usually order the party platter for 20 bucks for events. I get Jalapaño shrimp everytime. I've heard from family that the orange is great as well. Anywho food can be just a bit greasy so make sure you eat it while it's hot as it'll get soggy. By far favorite local Chinese food Spot.

Alberto Manzo

The food was cold and the chicken pepper tasted sour

Kimberly H.

when I called I got attitude off the back and the lady told me " just peel off the burnt part, it's still okay" it's literally most of them are burned in the inside

Ken Esparza

Would definitely recommend trying out this place. Great atmosphere, tasty dishes, excellent service. Highly recommended.

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