Brandonā€™s Diner

4714 Green River Rd, Corona
(951) 734-2700

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Garry A.

Update to see if anything has improved. Answer I can't tell because Saturday morning no one there to greeor serve. I see the cook in the back and two customers one whose empty plates are piled to the side. I am truly sad because I live close to this place and would love to come by more often as I did when it used to be the carrows.

Bryan Cota

Great food, good service, the cook was fast and cooked it all very well. Certainly a calm and comfortable environment. Will go back for sure.

Rick Ryan

Nice out of the way place off the 91. The staff was nice and friendly. I was confused as to why their happy hour wings only came with four little wings for $6 while the Ontario location gives you a lot more than four wings for the same price. ???

Hamid Sharafatian

Old style diner.

Dee VeeEss

Great place to go wait out traffic if you're in the area. Good service, fantastically sized portions too! Almost kicked myself for not taking a picture of my plate when it arrived, but I'm sure I'll be back soon to rectify that. Oh, and they serve beer! Didn't expect that all, will definitely be returning!

Jill-Marie Jones

Good food, good service, good prices. The restaurant itself is a little small and dated but it's a nice place for an impromptu brunch with friends.

Pat F.

Wow! Never have I ever had a waiter come to the table and say, "Hurry up we have 15 minutes." Embarrassing for the establishment and extremely rude. I worked in the restaurant business throughout college and never heard of anyone saying such a thing to a customer. We never would had stopped by 15 minutes before closing, however the Yelp page stated they are open until 10. Mr. waiter next time try a little couth and keep your comments to yourself and complain to your fellow staff rather than your potential customers.

Florence H

Typical diner. Food not bad. Service great. Would have been nice if the televisions in the bar were on English channels.

Isaac Cortez

Great food and great service April was very attentive and courteous

Mel P.

What a great place! Great greeting,great service. The owner was so friendly and welcoming. Our waitress was awesome she took care of 11 of us and was wonderful. The food was awesome and a lot of it! I had the turkey club and it was the bomb! One of the ladies had crapes and sweet Jesus they were huge! Another ordered the Reuben sandwich which was delicious! The prices were great for the food! Loved it! Thank you Brandon's Diner!

Lisa A.

The food was pretty okay, portions were large and we didn't have to wait to be seated for breakfast on a Saturday morning which was a plus, as it's tough to wait for a table with kids, they aren't the most patient. My son wanted to try it for a while now. My son got the strawberry banana pancakes and I got the two egg breakfast with fruit and toast. Food was not bad and the waitress was very attentive and friendly. I would come back here if in the area again.

Vanessa M.

I absolutely love this place! Delicious food, fairly priced, and amazing attentive service! They treat you like family! Do not under estimate their Mexican Food selection; hats off to the chef!

Stru N.

This is probably my least favorite road side diner located on Green River Road. However, it was the choice of not eating at all... or subjecting myself to sub par food and sub par service. I opted to go to Brandon's solely for the sake of health and caloric intake that was much needed. I entered the front door and was not greeted by anybody. I found my way to the back of the restaurant where I saw my neighbor sitting with her child. I happened to be with her husband, so I decided .. might as well make this a dinner date! After about 10 minutes of no help, my neighbor's husband went to ask for a menu. The waiter came back and apologized for not helping us sooner. I will say, Rene was awesome!! The food was ehhhh, the margaritas were good. All in all, I'll go back if I'm in need of calories and am not craving anything good.

William Hunt

One of a small local dinner chain. Dinner style food prepared with good quality ingredients and done well. Generous portions and reasonable prices. The omlettes are excellent. Friendly and efficient staff. Extensive menu.

Melanie Brown

Love this place. Great service. Great bakery. Even better food off the menu.


Great food. Super good price. Service was amazing. Will definitely be back.

Anita R.

This is based on Customer service, my husband and I came in around 8:20. We placed our order got our food, while in the middle of eating she comes up and says I need you to pay now so I can close out the drawer at 8:50. The only other people in the restaurant said I guess we have to pay now huh? She said yes, all I could smell while eating was the bleach they used to clean with. She was very rude and sadly our food wasn't great either, this was our first and last time in.

Debbie M.

Freeway easy. Good breakfast menu with many standard option. Nice flavor, responsibly priced. I had a bacon and cheese omelette with hash browns, toast and bottomless coffee. Took half of my meal on the road.. well worth the stop on the way out of town to Vegas.

Megan S.

After a long stressful day we stopped here on our way back to Newport Beach. At first we were unsure. There were no customers and the menus were old school with pictures but the food was actually pretty damn good!!! The reason I'm giving it 3 stars is becuase of the price. It's pretty pricey for a small diner.

Selena D.

If you're looking for a small greasy spoon diner with good unhealthy Mexican breakfast food, you've found it! The options for Mexican food at breakfast time was great! And portion sizes were huge! I ordered the cheese enchiladas with friend eggs on top. I don't know how many enchiladas came with it, but it felt like there were at least 4 under all the sauce and cheese. Seriously, the plate was so full you couldn't see anything. It was perfect! Ate as much as I could and ended up taking the rest home with me. My husband ordered an omelette that had chili verde in it which was also really good! However because they put sour cream inside the omelette, that meant we couldn't take it home for leftovers (we don't reheat sour cream). But I'd definitely go back! It's the perfect hangover cure or just downright satisfies the craving of the good old greasy spoon Mexican breakfast.

Brandonā€™s Diner

4714 Green River Rd, Corona, CA 92880