Brandon’s Diner

4714 Green River Rd, Corona
(951) 734-2700

Recent Reviews

Greg T.

Waitresses were awesome. Food great. Watched the "manager" berate employee after employee right in front of customers. This made our family very uncomfortable. He was so out of line we almost thought it was a joke. I asked the waitress if she was ok and she said he was a real sweet man and he was just stressed. By reading the other reviews, I now know she was covering for him and obviously in fear for her job. In all my years, I have NEVER seen a "manager" treat employees like he did. If this guy is truly the Manager, he needs to be terminated. If he is the owner, he needs to hire a Manager and stay at home.

Scott A.

Definitely worth my time and my money! From the moment we walk in these first timers were treated like regulars. For the price and the amount of food we were more then satisfied. The coffee alone was worth a 5 star Our waitress Samantha was ultra nice and made our visit pleasurable. If you live local or just passing thru Brandon's is worth it.

Vincent R.

This dinner used to be excellent till....... They change ownership the new owners specially the male owner Berates and humiliates his employees. He is a real A-hole to them. Needless to say we won't be coming back.

Jerry Loko

There meatloaf was delicious friendly people.. Love this place

Ranger Garcia

A family owned restaurant with good food and good customer service.

Angel C.

Found this little gem on our way back to Arizona. Chorizo was absolutely amazing and employees were very friendly. Great place to eat!!

Edward Villa

Great food great service keeps me coming back

Sean Clark

I had the fajitas. The meat needed to be seasoned. It tasted like there was no marinade, or spices of any kind.

Robert Vasquez

Orderd the Deluxe cheese burger with bacon and avocado. Waitress brought me the Ortega cheese burger. I told her it was the wrong burger so she apologized and took it away and told the cook that she gave them the wrong order.

Carlos M

Good place to stop for breakfast. When the 91 traffic is really bad, recommend stopping by here for a bite to eat or drink

Ricky C.

Chorizo con huevo along with beans and hash browns. With a side order of Biscuits and gravy with a stack of pancakes. Food portions are big and Service was awesome very attentive staff. Good find for being out of town.

Rodrigo S.

We been there a few times already, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's a family environment. We enjoyed dinner yesterday and received such a good service in special from Rene. Food was really good, and great service. If you are looking for a good place to enjoy a meal alone or with family Brandon's is the place. We are planning to go for lunch today!

Orange Mobile Notary L.

Worst service. Disgusting food. Never going back. Owner- you should consider different line of business. You're rude!!!!!!


Excellent Service! Great Specials, like ribeye steak and egg breakfast $8.99. Cooked to order tender ribeye, I asked for egg beaters, hashbrown potatoes, and toast. Everything was freshly prepared and tasted so good.

Michelle R.

Think twice before using your credit card here! The waitress took my card to the front to run for my check. She came back and asked if we were just passing through or were we local. Oh, what town she asked? She was very friendly. I got home and started getting alert after alert about online purchases on that card, which I rarely use. Coincidence? Good food, just don't use your credit card.

Michele D.

Hey Yelpers!!! I've finally tried this place, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The menu selection was massive, and the service stellar!! The quality of food, I guess depending on what you order, was a 7. I ordered their pancakes and a side of bacon. Pancakes were awesome, but the bacon was a little chewy to my liking. I'll be back again to try more items in the future. Great, attentive, customer service!!!

Megan H.

Cockroaches!! One ran across my table as soon as I sat down! The owner apologized and moved me to a different table, but I had to leave. I will not be returning.

David F. Garland

Taco Tuesday deal was good and I was excited about a Brandon's with a full bar!

cindi b

I have been to Brandon's Diner on Green River in Corona many times over time, typically once a week. Having been a server at restaurants back in the day, I understand what goes into being an excellent server. There has never been a time where Chuck has not been fully present, regardless of what may be going on. He talks to you in that comfortable familiar way and always includes my name. He always asks if there is anything more I would like. He provides the order as ordered and always wants to make sure it was. To be clear, I am not related to Chuck nor do I know him outside the environment of this restaurant. I would undoubtedly say he is in the top 1% of servers I've had and that is really saying something these days.

Keri S.

Love this place! It has an old school feel about it.. the staff is always friendly and attentive. The food is great and it's very clean.

George A.

Tanya and chuck are Great servers and the food is pretty darn Good !!! Eggs Benedict is fantastic anyway I come here at least once or twice a wk And they both make awesome Margarita they make are fantastic !!!!They are the Best !!!!!

Jourell NOVA

2 for 23 special!!!!

James L.

Been looking for an old-fashioned diner for a while and this is it! They play 60s music and have old timey decor. Breakfast is great here and the servers are super personable!

Erika P.

We went to this Brandon's location for the first time today. As usual the food was good. Our waiter Michelle was the sweetest most attentive waiter . I'm leaving this review because of the owner/ manager. On top of being very unfriendly he confronted our waiter about a mistake made at another table and proceeded to berate and humiliate her for several minutes in front of us and the other customers. We felt so bad for her. We all make mistakes !! The way he handled it was completely unprofessional and over the top. We heard him multiple times criticizing other staff as well. We won't be back to this location and we won't support a business that treats their employees so badly. After looking at other reviews it seems the owner is responsible for the bad reviews and losing customers.

Renee D.

My husband and I have been to other Brandon's Diner locations and it was good but not great. We've been coming here for about 6 months now consistently for weekend breakfast and have never been disappointed. We've tried quite a few different items off the breakfast menu and everything has been so good (pancakes, French toast, breakfast burritos, eggs are perfect consistency, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy). I hesitantly tried their blueberry muffin last weekend and it was literally the best muffin I've ever had. Super moist with fresh blueberries. I've also tried chicken strips and fries for lunch and it was very good.

Iris D.

Great food, great customer service. Might be our new breakfast spot. I just wish it were in a nicer location, seemed run down in the parking lot.

Holly W.

Had a chicken and waffles special, and it was delicious. I've passed this place a million times, but now I'll be sure to stop to eat here :).

Garry A.

Update to see if anything has improved. Answer I can't tell because Saturday morning no one there to greeor serve. I see the cook in the back and two customers one whose empty plates are piled to the side. I am truly sad because I live close to this place and would love to come by more often as I did when it used to be the carrows.

Bryan Cota

Great food, good service, the cook was fast and cooked it all very well. Certainly a calm and comfortable environment. Will go back for sure.

Rick Ryan

Nice out of the way place off the 91. The staff was nice and friendly. I was confused as to why their happy hour wings only came with four little wings for $6 while the Ontario location gives you a lot more than four wings for the same price. ???

Hamid Sharafatian

Old style diner.

Dee VeeEss

Great place to go wait out traffic if you're in the area. Good service, fantastically sized portions too! Almost kicked myself for not taking a picture of my plate when it arrived, but I'm sure I'll be back soon to rectify that. Oh, and they serve beer! Didn't expect that all, will definitely be returning!

Jill-Marie Jones

Good food, good service, good prices. The restaurant itself is a little small and dated but it's a nice place for an impromptu brunch with friends.

Pat F.

Wow! Never have I ever had a waiter come to the table and say, "Hurry up we have 15 minutes." Embarrassing for the establishment and extremely rude. I worked in the restaurant business throughout college and never heard of anyone saying such a thing to a customer. We never would had stopped by 15 minutes before closing, however the Yelp page stated they are open until 10. Mr. waiter next time try a little couth and keep your comments to yourself and complain to your fellow staff rather than your potential customers.

Florence H

Typical diner. Food not bad. Service great. Would have been nice if the televisions in the bar were on English channels.

Isaac Cortez

Great food and great service April was very attentive and courteous

Mel P.

What a great place! Great greeting,great service. The owner was so friendly and welcoming. Our waitress was awesome she took care of 11 of us and was wonderful. The food was awesome and a lot of it! I had the turkey club and it was the bomb! One of the ladies had crapes and sweet Jesus they were huge! Another ordered the Reuben sandwich which was delicious! The prices were great for the food! Loved it! Thank you Brandon's Diner!

Lisa A.

The food was pretty okay, portions were large and we didn't have to wait to be seated for breakfast on a Saturday morning which was a plus, as it's tough to wait for a table with kids, they aren't the most patient. My son wanted to try it for a while now. My son got the strawberry banana pancakes and I got the two egg breakfast with fruit and toast. Food was not bad and the waitress was very attentive and friendly. I would come back here if in the area again.

Vanessa M.

I absolutely love this place! Delicious food, fairly priced, and amazing attentive service! They treat you like family! Do not under estimate their Mexican Food selection; hats off to the chef!

Stru N.

This is probably my least favorite road side diner located on Green River Road. However, it was the choice of not eating at all... or subjecting myself to sub par food and sub par service. I opted to go to Brandon's solely for the sake of health and caloric intake that was much needed. I entered the front door and was not greeted by anybody. I found my way to the back of the restaurant where I saw my neighbor sitting with her child. I happened to be with her husband, so I decided .. might as well make this a dinner date! After about 10 minutes of no help, my neighbor's husband went to ask for a menu. The waiter came back and apologized for not helping us sooner. I will say, Rene was awesome!! The food was ehhhh, the margaritas were good. All in all, I'll go back if I'm in need of calories and am not craving anything good.