China Garden Express

2681 Green River Rd, Corona
(951) 549-1536

Recent Reviews

Joseph Ortega

The customer service is consistently speedy, excellent ambience, very friendly staff. I will return here again when I get in town.


Always a hit. Good fresh food. Friendly staff. ?

wazzupdreww dudee

Good and quick service

Kailey S.

The value here is great. You can get so much food for such a low price. The food is tasty too. We prefer take out because the small dining room that is a little dirty, if you ask me, doesn't make the food all that appealing. We also found that when we ordered small plates and ate there, the orange chicken was a bit hard from sitting there for a while. But the 4 stars is due to the fact that when we call in our order and get fresh large portions of chow mein and orange chicken, it tastes delicious and we have meals for days. Not to mention it is always less that $20. My only complaint is not being open on Sunday. Who doesn't get lazy on sundays and want take out?

Michele D.

I've decided to try their food, after so many years of driving by. What a discovery!!!! I ordered the Mongolian beef, fried wontons, cashew chicken, and house special fried rice. I loved every bite of it. I found that their food was not only flavorful, but downright delicious. I'd say the best Chinese in the area. If you haven't tried them out, it's worth the experience. Highly surprised and highly recommended.

Steve P.

I really like this place. Good Chinese options as well as some Filipino foods and good prices too!

Jay D.

I remember my family taking us here when we were children for Chinese food. I remember the nice faces that took our order and served us our food. Always pleasant and a great experience. I would come here for Chinese food throughout here years of living here. It's been almost 10 years since I last came here, but today I did and was happy to see the same pleasant family working here. Same as I remembered as a child. Warm, friendly and a great experience. The food is just how I remembered too, delicious. Thank you. It won't be another ten years before I stop by again for Chinese food.

Vivian R.

The best Wonton Soup ever!! Owners are so friendly. Very clean establishment. Eating there many times, love this place!

Carmen A.

My husband and I walked into this restaurant for Chinese food. He wanted brocolli beef but without the brocolli. So instead the guy behind the counter suggested Mongolian beef. Which only comes in the large size plate for 10.99. when we got home, all it was was 5 or 6 pieces of beef and a plate full of onions. What a rip off! Make sure to check your food when taking out.

Brandon B.

Great tasting food and the owners are really friendly and nice. Some recommendations: Pepper Chicken Shrimp ChopSuey BBQ Pork Mushroom Chicken Orange Chicken (especially if just cooked) Cream Cheese Wontons - always made fresh! Chow mein also comes with some crisp veggies which is just the way I like it!


I've tried to like this place but after yesterday it's just a no. The second time I've gotten food poisoning from China Garden Express and left the place bloated and disgusted beyond measure. The fried rice is practically drowning in oil and the teriyaki chicken (which I think is what made me sick) just sat there simmering in grease. You're honestly better off eating McDonald's with this level of salt and grease!

Kelly Smith

I really enjoy their food and the staff is amazing!

Rafael M.

Really enjoy the spicy chicken and their fried rice. Very friendly lady. I also order their spicy shrimp and they make it the way I like it.

Yasa Baqar

I love this restaurant it is quite amazing and exquisite. I would recommend that you tell all of your friends to go to this restaurant.

Michele Lima

Always tasty and staff always friendly

Pat M.

Over the last 10 years, I have given China Garden a lot of opportunity to step up and do better. It just gets worse. After my visit last week, I will NEVER go there again. It doesn't matter if you order a 2 or 3 entree meal, the Styrofoam container is the same size. Very small. They pile on the rice and chow mein, and the 2 meat items are very sparse. I asked if I could please have a little extra meat and was given a blank stare and then she said that's all I get. "You could order extra if I'd like to." I simply responded with a "No, I don't think so" I turned around and walked out. A great suggestion would be larger containers and larger portions. That's the beauty of Chinese food. There's always enough left over for a couple of days. I have NEVER had leftovers in 10 years from this place. Yes, it is the only Chinese takeout in the area, but sometimes you just have to say NO....better to drive a little further and get what you pay for. I am also tired of being asked to pay CASH instead of using my credit or debit card.

CoolKid Y.

This is one of my favorite places for pickup on the go Chinese food. It is waaaaayyyy better than Panda Express while a bit similar at the same time. The food at here is pretty darn good, especially for an express place. It has large portions for cheap prices. Es muy muy bueno. Oops wrong language hehe

Ryan F.

This is one of my favorite places for pickup on the go Chinese food. It is waaaaayyyy better than Panda Express while a bit similar at the same time. The food at here is pretty darn good, especially for an express place. It has large portions for cheap prices. Es muy muy bueno. Oops wrong language hehe

Vanessa P.

The calamari is outstanding. Have been coming here for years and still great food. The egg rolls tonight are wonderful. And as usual everyone is so kind and welcoming.

Tiana P.

I've been going to China Garden since I was a little girl with my family. Their food is by far one of my favorites and fresh every time. The owners are so sweet and always ask how I'm doing. Thank you Winnie and her husband for providing great customer service with a big smile every time

Edwin V.

This place has decent food but they have terrible customer service. I ordered the bbq pork and all I got was fat in a little sauce. I politely walked to the counter and asked if I can get some more meat that had a little less fat and the lady responded with "that's how the pork is" she didn't even make eye contact or try to fix the issue. I would've been happy with a chance to get a different dish or just add a little more to my plate. She had no interest trying to keep a customer.

Alex Vinyukov

Good Chinese fast food. Do not expect anything special but it is clean and have sizable portions.

A R.

I stop here just for the egg rolls!! They are so fantastic. The owner makes them herself I asked. The other dishes are great too but the egg rolls are my favorite when I'm on the road and pass by I HAVE to stop!! Once you try them you will too ;)

Jay Jay B.

The gal who served us last night was great. Friendly with a nice smile. Ordered the soup and a combo plate and got it to go. My soup was salty but good. The mushroom chicken and chow mein were both decent. Went back today to get the same soup for lunch, and when we gave the man our card to pay, he said they don't take American Express. I said, "Yes you do. The gal who helped me last night had no problem charging my card". He went on and on about fees and such. I told him I didn't have a different card to use when he kept insisting I use Mastercard or Visa. If a company doesn't want to accept Amex or Discover, that is fine by me, BUT PLEASE HAVE THAT IN WRITING SOMEWHERE! Also, don't take my Amex card one day, and the very next day say I can't use it. No bueno. Also, the orange chicken is kind of suspect. Not sure how good the chicken is that they are using, but it seems to be cheap. Definitely not going back to this place again. If you like mediocre food, give this place a try.

Johnny L.

I live only 2 minutes away but I still would not eat here again. Their chicken is not fresh and taste bad. It feels like eating rubber. The service is very poor.

Mary M.

The Orange Chicken and Wonton Soup are my favorite here. It will not disappoint and it's family owned. I love supporting small businesses like these especially when the owners are so sweet and nice.

Sarah N Odeh F.

Great Chinese food! The owners are very nice and do a wonderful job serving yummy and fresh food. They take pride in what they do. We love all their options. Both the fried rice and chow mein are solid. Flavor for both is perfect for their entrees. Orange chicken is a go to. Garlic chicken is O favorite. Black Pepper chicken is S favorite. Egg rolls are up there too. Can see freshly made. Favorite local Chinese spot. Gotta support local small business!

stephane davis

Always fresh food, and great service.

Chris M.

The Place is great for non-expensive food that fills you up and is good. The people there at China Garden Express are great and that's why I keep coming back.

Paul Truhlar

I love this place! It's amazing and cheap

Udy I.

For me, it's all about service since I can basically drive 5 miles and get the same food item. Old man in the kitchen decided to finish ringing up my order. I ordered three different combination plates so they gave me three plastic forks I kindly requested for the forks be replaced with chopsticks. That must have been a bad idea. Imagine asking for a chopsticks in a Chinese restaurant. I have my kids sharing the meal so I asked for four chopsticks. The man looked at me, dug into the packed bags, counted out the three chopsticks, threw them back into the bags and looked at me as if I requested free food. I went back into the bag, got the chopsticks and left them on his countertop and walked away. I figure they must need them more than I did. Needless to say I am not coming back.

Francis Gillies

Faster than fast food drive thru. Good quality.

Matthew Harris

Anything in regards to the combo A is good!

Matthew Harris

Anything in regards to the combo A is good!

Anna P.

Good food. Decent portion for the price you pay. Everyone is nice and friendly.

Mike r.

I think the service, price, portions, and staff are great, however, the food is sub-par. The orange chicken is by far the worst I had. Brown meat that is really unappetizing. I tried some others like veggie egg roll and basically really unappetizing. Maybe they have a hidden gem but after 4 visits I'm pretty much done.

Czarina G.

Best Chinese food I've ever had in my life. My family has been eating here since it opened and we never have a complaint. BEST WONTONS IVE EVER HAD AS WELL!! It's a great place :)

Art Hernandez

I’m lucky enough to live down the street and call in my order. All their food on the steam table is delicious but my favorite is the hot and sour soup and a special dish they make me with veggies, chicken, bean sprouts, and brown sauce! Simply to die for!

D. Tokarev

Awsome food. Great customer service. Me and my lady loved it!!!

Sarah B.

Best service around and amazingly great food. Ordered large catering order for special anniversary party on a Sunday. They were kind enough to accomidate our special event even on their closed day. They truly went of their way for us and the food was amazing. Thank you so much for making our event a success.