Club 80's Bar and Grill

9022 Pulsar Ct, Corona
(951) 603-3512

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Lorena E.

I've been looking to go to an 80s bar for a few years... I randomly searched and found one near my area ... Me and my bf showed up at 10pm and as soon as we walked in i was stoked with how cool the place looked and the music playing! I am a 90s baby but i was raised with this music! I loved it so much definitely recommend...

Angel Sanchez

Having lots of fun dancing and eating too.DJ needs help with his videos not working properly with his music he is playing. The music is not in sink with the videos.

Gary Adcock

My wife and I took our son and his girlfriend to see the Metallica tribute band this past weekend, and we had a fantastic time. Everyone was so respectful and friendly, and the the atmosphere was electric. I would've given 5 stars, but the band only played for an hour and didn't come on until almost 11:00. I've been here a handful of times, and never disappointed.

Annita Zamora

It was a lot of fun but no where to sit or relax because all the tables and chairs are VIP and you have to pay and security is a little to uptight but the crowd was fun and the music great. Drinks are very watered down.

Dawud Asha

Great spot for a drink and some dancing. Love the live tribute bands. They serve Space Dust ?? so I was cool with showing up. Music is great and the dance floor was live and happening. I've seen Green Day and a Social Distortion Tribute bands already and I will be there for many more. Always have fun here.

Jerry Rodriguez

Great experience and a wonderful selection of 80s (& some 90s) music. It was a slow night for the venue (Thurs) but I only say that to *emphasize* how much FUN our group of 8 had due to the great music and friendly bartenders (all staff for that matter). KUDOS

Dani3l Valencia

Security!!last night July 1st, 2022 and my wife were enjoying ourselves almost the whole night until we had 1 security guard harassing me the entire started with taking off the bandana..I get it gang affiliate..I take it off night goes on and I decided to fan my girlfriend same guy tells me to put it away I do...were dancing and he tells me that were blocking the aisle we move...we dance at the back wall not blocking traffic who else but the only white guy with a beard telling me and my wife to get out!! The security guard harassing me all night long..thats really messed up we spent 15 bucks ahead and spent $100 on drinks and we get treated like that? We can't dance the way we want?? Not cool hire haters for security guards!! The 3 stars is for music, bands, decor, and service from hosts and bartenders were so nice and friendly!!! Well come back again for sure...sincerely faithful customers !!

Jay Brandt

went there for the first time, what a blast, great DJ playing great 80's music from Prince to New Edition to Expose to Depeche Mode to Madonna ect. love the lighting, drinks were pricey but not too bad for a Club. I will definitely be back. #80sRock

Alicia Lara

Every time I go, it’s super fun!! The music is awesome of course! The crew works very hard to keep bar clean and everyone safe. It’s always a great time there!!

Jackie L.

All my best memories are here I think I've celebrated every major event here for the last 5 yrs of my life ! Thank you club 80s

C C.

I love this place! I use to go to the one Montclair but after coming to this location, I'm hooked. Great music, good drinks & dancing! What more can u ask for. What I like about this place is the atmosphere & diversity of all ages. Great place for a good night out.

Elizabeth V.

Horrible horrible service. We had a waiter for less than an hour than our tab got closed out because she left. After that we had no waiter, asked who was in charge and nobody was able to help out. Security guard manager Derrick tried looking for a waiter for us. I reach out to the 80's bar via email and nobody has responded back. Wasn't worth paying for a table you get no service, but you do get rude employees. Mgmt doesn't reach out to help you or accommodate you.

I'll B.

This place is great! I always hVe fun when I go here and I've been here atleast 5 times. Great crowd and great music.

Dominic Z.

Horrible service & rude staff. Save your wallets & time. No wonder they are located in the boonies.

Nicholas R.

I was gay bashed at this crappy bar and security solved it by forcing my group to leave the bar and stand next to the asshole who was trying to kill me and my friends. Worst experience ever. Don't come here.

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