Crumbles Cookies

1191 Magnolia Ave Suite C, Corona
(951) 270-2627

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Linda Yourgreatfinds

I’ve never had anything here that I didn’t love! My favorite cookie is chocolate crinkle and scone is banana chip. The cinnamon rolls are awesome. The owners and staff are friendly and aim to please! I drive 1 1/2 hours one way to visit this place…it’s THAT good!


You can be standing at the front of the pick up line for 10 minutes and absolutely NO ONE will ask you what order you are here for. They seem very busy all the time when I go but there’s at most 4-5 people in line at all times so how busy can they really be? Not a good experience.

Anna L.

Went a half hour before closing with my nieces who were hyped to try it. When we got there there were minimal selections and what we wanted they were out of. The girls nibbled on them over then next 3 days due to the size. It's basically a hug cake like cookie with frosting. Wasn't wowed or amazed!!!! Will have to try again when they open and see if they can redeem themselves.

Talazja Mccray

Love this place my favorite cookies and bakery and I always rave about this placeThe cookies and treats they make are not overwhelming and over indulgentMy favorite cookie is the oatmeal choc chip with walnuts And the s’mores

Shanell P.

Pulled up at 7:53 to find that they were CLOSED. Lights were off, they appeared to be closed for a while before I arrived. They claimed to have sold out of cookies and cookie dough, my husband called and they said they had cookie dough available. Took a 30 minute drive for nothing, first and last time I'll attempt to patronize this business.

Ashley S

We drove an hour to stop by. Omg so good. I had the strawberry cheesecake gelato ??.. the cookies were heavenly.Also got treatable for our pups.

Sandy S.

The s'mores cookie is worth a visit! It's tasty and definitely something I'd get again.

Janet G.

Delicious home made cookies. This is not a chain but a family run business. They offer a gluten free variety as well as gelato. It is a treat you won't want to miss. Enjoy!

Kevin D.

The cinnamon rolls here are AMAZING. They load it with cinnamon that gooey cinnamon, butter goodness. I will admit that I am a center of the cinnamon roll guy. I usually leave the outer ring to my wife/kids and hoard the gooey soft middle to myself. I don't have that issue with these cinnamon rolls. While the middle is definitely still the best, I feel like I still get a good amount of gooey cinnamon goodness on the outer rings as well. They only bake these in the mornings so once they're out, they're out. Go early if you want to ensure you get some. The cookies are also pretty good, but I personally don't like paying the gourmet cookie prices haha.

Avneet T.

Wow! Just picked up a white chocolate lavender scone. Was amazing. The Devonshire cream was good too! Service was fantastic. The girl told me about the scones they make based on the day! Super friendly.

Doris T.

First and foremost I hardly rate places a 1 Star, I would normally give places a 2 or 3 even if they aren't that great, but this place deserves a truly 1 Star; I would give it a 0 but it won't pop up on reviews. People deserve to know that their CUSTOMER SERVICE is truly TERRIBLE. Worse than a bad horror movie type of deal. I walked in and the girl that was "trying" to service me was already giving me bad vibes. I'm not familiar with this place, so I asked her what was good. Her response was "This us all we have here." Her face looked like she didn't really care if I wanted to buy any cookies. I was like "Ok, I'll take a box of 6." She was like "We only bag the cookies, did you want it put together in a certain way." Giving me a face like she wanted me out of there. She turned around and I said "Can I get the chocolate chocolate" then she said "You can't get that, that is a scone" In my mind, I was thinking it's right next to all the other cookies, and it looks like a cookie so how would I know it's a scone? I know how scones look like girlfriend... I ain't stupid. That didn't look like a scone. So I picked up 2 white chocolate macadamia, 1 s'mores, 2 crackle and 1 oatmeal with scotch. I then asked her if they made any speciality cookies? Her response was, "Oh I think your in the wrong cookie store, that is Cookie Crumblz , we are Crumble Cookie." I was like but I saw on the Yelp you guys made specialty cookies. Then she goes and shows me the menu, "We make special cookies daily, but you have to come on those days for those cookies." Ok, that was my last straw. In my head I was thinking "This B definitely wants me out and doesn't want to serve me. I have to ask and prove my point in order to get some special cookies. I didn't end up getting any anyways, so it didn't matter. I ain't ever coming back here. It doesn't matter if their cookies taste effing good, TERRIBLE SERVICE WILL DRAW ME OUT IN A HEARTBEAT!!! F that shizzles! You can have all the yummy cookies in the world, but with that attitude towards your customers.... I'm out and I will always speak the truth to everyone out there. I honestly never have to write such a terrible review. Like the insanity level. Even death row inmates get better treatment. At least, before they get on the electric chair, they are given any meal of choice. This girl that was servicing me didn't even want to sell me any cookies and I love cookies! Bye Felicia!

Monique P.

These are LITERALLY the best dam cookies I have ever had and I'm honestly not a sweets kind of gal. Once a week I treat my co workers to some and it's perfect because they come in singles !!! I have never had a bad experience here like the staff is genuinely just nice , like you definitely don't get that on a consistent basis anywhere. And their staff is very diverse which I love to see.10/10 definitely recommend. S'mores cookie definitely is my go to , I would post a pic but that cookie didn't stand a chance lol

John B.

I love this place and boy do they have a selection my favorite is the wedding cake , reminds me of my friends mom,she use to make them around Christmas, back around Philly you know when I was a youngster and all ya know

Tyler M

Everything about here is 5 stars ! They truly know how to run a small business, everything from the service to the delicious cookies ???

Shapiro Enterprises

Well known for their delicious baked goods already, you have to try their gelato. It is an amazing combination to get both! Always service with a smile and friendly attitude.Solomon ShapiroCorona, CA

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