2450 Wardlow Rd, Corona
(951) 736-5416

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Mechelle Larkin

I had seen this IHOP from the fwy a million times but had never stopped at this one. It was really clean and the svc was great. The food was just regular family dining type stuff. A place to go when you don't feel like cooking.Food: 3/5

Art Anastacio

Classic spot in West Corona. Sundays are busy. The staff are diligent and quick and the long tenured wait staff remember you literally years after you've last seen them! Always accommodating with their menu. Chances are if you have lived in this town over the last 25 years, you've had breakfast here.Food: 4/5

Melissa Perry

Place was empty and service was great. Friendly and waitress brought 2 pitchers of Sierra Mist & diet Pepsi for drinks for the table.Food: 5/5

Monserrath Campa

The quality of food went down since covid and after covid. Definitely wont be coming backFood: 1/5

Araceli N.

To perfection! Food was serve on time and warm. Attention to detail and the service is great.

Buster and Bronco

Excellent service! Short wait to be seated.Need to ask for flavored syrup. No longer have nut pancakes.

Darius L.

My family and I have been here several times in the past year. They have a great happy hour menu. They seem short staffed but never had an unreasonable delay. Quality of service was on par with other diners. I'm sure we will be back.

Alton J.

This place sucks I came here alone for a simple easy quiet breakfast. The order was simple as well nothing special. So why is it that after 25 minutes of waiting and other customers coming in and ordering 10-15 after my simple one person order. They get their orders filled and I'm still waiting. But I brought it to the service attention, he had a big attitude as if it didn't matter. When I asked for the manager he said Antonio, he's not here and that he was in charge today. When I told him it was unacceptable for me to wait and watch other customers come in after me and receive their orders When they have multiple people it was totally unacceptable. He shrugged his shoulders. That's when I got up and left, although he offered to pay for my meal I was already upset and decided to leave. I would never come to this restaurant ever again and I will spread the word about them and their service to all my families and friends which we left I have at one point in time but it seems like they have lost their way. I'm so disappointment and I hop in the type of people they are playing at the restaurant. They need a class on customer service and respecting other people.,

Denise Lulu

IHOP, you are going to lose your place in the big world. I looked forward to my pancakes, stacked, hot, ready to glutenize my fantasy and you've removed the best part of you. You removed all of your flavored syrups from the tables inserting some of them back into little 1oz. plastic containers, yuck adding to more waste on the world annoying your staff and customers having to ask for them....ewww.You charge more than a premium on your ? put the syrups back on the tables. You are definitely not my favorite anymore.

Daniel R.

Worn down and used up IHop. Seats were probably as old as the walls. Marks all on the wall where we were sat and the plastic little windows between the booths were dirty as ****. Ordered the New Mexico burrito and it was so dry. From the rice to the tortilla DRY. Horrible place. Needs to be shutdown for good or renovated. P.s. all teens working there just standing around or walking around clueless.

Jojo A.

The manager Antonio was disrespectful for no reason and I only called for a side job weekend job. He called me a bitch then hung up on me. Bro.. wtf is IHOP employing now n days...

Wayne S.

IHOP in Corona,California is a great place for breakfast,lunch,dinner and everything in between! The servers are always friendly and the food is delicious-fresh salads,chicken,beef,fish,vegetarian meals and ofcourse great world famous breakfasts and PANCAKES! They also support the community with events like the popular weekly auto enthusiasts Saturday morning "Corona Cars and Coffee" event featuring terrific custom,vintage,muscle,sports and exotic cars and trucks from all over So Cal! We love International House Of Pancakes Corona! . . . . #ihop #ihopcorona #pancakes #breakfast #lunch #dinner #carsandcoffeecorona #seetheusa #godisgood #internationalhouseofpancakes #iloveihop #armedforces #photografxworldwide #USA #airforce #army #coastguard #navy #marines #ilovebreakfast #ilovecars

G W.

For unrelated reason, I haven't been to this IHOP for a number of years. And won't be back for a long time either. Staff was polite and friendly, but service itself was mediocre. Restaurant was worn and dirty. From the wobbly chairs, kids face/hand prints everywhere, to the general worn out appearance, this place needs some work. Food was passable, but then I kept my order very simple, the triple 2. Scramble eggs/over cooked bacon (which is better than undercooked) and two pancakes is pretty safe. IHOP needs to invest some money to improve this particular restaurant.

Alex O

Can't go wrong on for a Sunday morning breakfast. Something for everyone. Anticipating the morning to come with my beautiful wife and brilliantly adorable teenage daughter.

bobby castro

Good food. If you come on Saturday morning, come in the first driveway and drive around the restaurant. There is a Saturday car club in the street side if parking lot.

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