2450 Wardlow Rd, Corona
(951) 736-5416

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Wayne S.

IHOP in Corona,California is a great place for breakfast,lunch,dinner and everything in between! The servers are always friendly and the food is delicious-fresh salads,chicken,beef,fish,vegetarian meals and ofcourse great world famous breakfasts and PANCAKES! They also support the community with events like the popular weekly auto enthusiasts Saturday morning "Corona Cars and Coffee" event featuring terrific custom,vintage,muscle,sports and exotic cars and trucks from all over So Cal! We love International House Of Pancakes Corona! . . . . #ihop #ihopcorona #pancakes #breakfast #lunch #dinner #carsandcoffeecorona #seetheusa #godisgood #internationalhouseofpancakes #iloveihop #armedforces #photografxworldwide #USA #airforce #army #coastguard #navy #marines #ilovebreakfast #ilovecars

G W.

For unrelated reason, I haven't been to this IHOP for a number of years. And won't be back for a long time either. Staff was polite and friendly, but service itself was mediocre. Restaurant was worn and dirty. From the wobbly chairs, kids face/hand prints everywhere, to the general worn out appearance, this place needs some work. Food was passable, but then I kept my order very simple, the triple 2. Scramble eggs/over cooked bacon (which is better than undercooked) and two pancakes is pretty safe. IHOP needs to invest some money to improve this particular restaurant.

Alex O

Can't go wrong on for a Sunday morning breakfast. Something for everyone. Anticipating the morning to come with my beautiful wife and brilliantly adorable teenage daughter.

bobby castro

Good food. If you come on Saturday morning, come in the first driveway and drive around the restaurant. There is a Saturday car club in the street side if parking lot.

Felicia W.

We wanted a hardy breakfast before hitting the road back to Arizona and visited this location. Our server, Rubi, was a JEWEL!! If you happen to visit this location, be sure to ask for her section. She was professional, personable, courteous, attentive and awesome! I ordered soft scrambled eggs and she said when she looked at them b4 bringing the plate out she said she requested that they be made over. Her personality was beautiful! She deserves a Raise!! Lol Oh, by the way, the food was great so kudos to the cooks. Lol May the Lord richly bless Rubi!


Food and service is great! Love staff and food is always delicious. Only have four stars because it tends to be warm inside the restaurant. When the weather is cold it is great. However on hotter days, the warm restaurant does not help. Again, food and service is great.

Nancy F.

Walking into this place is a little like Walking into a 50's diner. It looks a bit out dated and some of the booths have crazy dips in them. It definitely needs to be updated a bit. This ihop has a very boring vibe. We were seated right away because we were the second party there. Our drink orders were taken right away and I asked for a water with lemon. I received water with some black stuff in it and no lemon. When she came back to take our order. I asked her for another water with lemon this time, please. She gladly took the glass and brought me clean water with lemon. Our food was good. Nothing to complain or brag about but I would come back again. The service was average as well. The waitress was kind but not very happy looking. Seemed like she had no energy and the other girl there seemed the same. We did however get our food in a timely fashion although we were the only other party there, and we did enjoy our breakfast anyways. If a few things like even just the energy of the server's changed, this place would do well.

Jay C.

I just had a horrible experience placing a take out order here. Only ordered 2 things and they couldn't even get the main order correct. I ordered a country fried steak and eggs and an order of pancakes on the side. Everything was good until I made it home and realized they hadn't given me the country gravy for my steak and the blueberry pancakes that I order were not fully cooked. I called the restaurant to speak with the manager who first told me he would give me half off my meal and when I told him I wouldn't be eating the meal and would like a full refund or to replace my order at a future date because I had spent 30 mins driving to and from and didn't want to waste more gas. He then said they were really busy and said that okay he wouldn't charge me and just hung up without saying anything else, I just don't think that's the customer service you expect from the manager on duty. Don't waste your time on this place. You can get better service and quality of food elsewhere.

Brent G.

Lysandra was super helpful and very quick, even though it was super busy. Food was real good.

L Shadow

We were seated immediately, hostess was nice and polite. The waitress however was a different story. There wasn’t that many customers there and they seemed to have a lot of staff there that day but even then we didn’t know if someone was gonna be serving us til almost 20min after we were seated. Finally the waitress came, she was already in the worst attitude. I didn’t catch her name but she had these huge ridiculous lashes and what looked like ketchup or hot sauce under her acrylic nails and she had bleached blonde hair in different tones. She only asked what we wanted and we didn’t see her for another 20min when she brought our drinks. We didn’t get the food til 50mins after that. Food was burned, we tried to tell our waitress but no one could find her and when we asked to speak to a manager apparently there was none there?? We immediately left. First and last time I’ll be going to this ihop. Worst one I’ve ever visited.

Cynthia H.

This is a great environment of hospitality and you can feel the presence of welcoming and love!

Tis True

Food and service are filthy. Containers filthy. Lots of health code violations. Food is stacked on top of each other and served to guests. Fingers in food. So Disgusting this place has not changed!!! Very watery subpar coffee. Horrible!!! They know their clientele and believe that we don’t deserve good clean food.IHop Respect customers serve customers with dignity. This chain does not care. It’s a place for pigs. This fingers in food and extremely week coffee in America is ridiculous. I could not and did not eat. I spared my stomach the potential food poisoning. Acting manager needs training he does not care. Went between 10-11 Am. . Not good at all.

Tess Grider

The sirloin steak tips & eggs are so delicious, juicy and tender.


Our family went here yesterday for my annual birthday breakfast of all-you-can-eat pancakes. The restaurant was clean, pleasant atmosphere, the service was great and of course, the pancakes were really good! Our server Penelope was kind and polite - she seemed genuinely happy to serve our table (she didn't know it was my birthday). She was enthusiastic about the food, and she checked on us just enough to be sure that we were satisfied with our food choices, and to ask if we wanted more pancakes (which they brought very quickly). A gentleman, Gerarado, brought our drinks and took away our empty plates. He also provided excellent service. The pancakes, of course, didn't disappoint - they are SO good! The only negative COVID impact was that the pancake syrups were served in small lidded plastic containers instead of the regular jars to pour the syrup. It wasn't a problem - we were given enough of all of the syrup choices, it was just a little inconvenient to open and pour syrup out of those little containers. However, I was happy to see that they were taking precautions to keep everyone safe. One of us ordered an appetizer sampler: chicken fingers, mozza sticks, and onion rings which she subbed for fries. I have to say, the food was very good. The chicken strips were NOT long, compressed-chicken nuggets; they were real, favorable chicken breast strips. That was a nice surprise. The fries also tasted fresh, not frozen, although I am sure they were. Overall, we were impressed with the food and the service. Made me wonder why we don't come here more often. Looking forward to trying their HoppyHour soon!

liz mtz

Everything is perfect in this place #1Penelope is a great person that greats all the time, she is always asking around if Everything is ok, she has a great attitude great personality and best customer service love this place .#2nd thing Ihope prices are awesome and huge platters and not least but last food is delicious and the time for food is less then your eyes can't blink thank you for a great service, food and employee thank you. See you soon.PenelopeThank you very much my kids had a great evening..

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