In-N-Out Burger

450 Auto Center Dr, Corona
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Carolyn Hoagland

Burger was hot and fresh just as I ordered it. Staff was great.

Michael Vinsant

It's in and out what can I say some of the best burgers but there dam fries can almost ruin the whole meal, but check out there secret menu on there web site it's pretty cool

Evie Lister

Very good. Food good. Workers were super nice. Took my friend from Florida to in n out for her first time and she loved it.

Ed Noriega

Greatest burgers on the planet!

Nick Manriquez

Animal style burger with a chocolate shake hit the spot

John Olson

In N Out is CONSISTENTLY GREAT no.matter which restaurant I dine at ! GREAT JOB IN N OUT !

christina grafius

Great low prices as always. Took 30 mins to get my walk in order. Staff was extremely friendly n polite as usual. Wished that had better refreshment selection. All in all the flavor is still worth it.

Iggy Gallard

Came for a burger and got a taste of humanity at it's finest.Left my key's in my car. People coming out after they are saw me In distress and came to my aid. Some giving me tips. Other goin got of there way to find something I can use to get in. You guys are the real that the world needs more of.Shout out to the guy that was buying his aunt a new couch.3x3 was good as usual

Valerie Baruch

Burgers are good but for me their fries are always over cooked and hard

Shayla Campbell

Busy but the service was fast and the food was good!

Jeffrey Selwa

It's In-N-Out. What do you expect? It's bomb, if you dislike it well I'm sorry we just can't be friends. The consistency of their food is amazing. If you are trying to be a fat kid, grab a 4x4, milkshake and animal style fries. Or ditch the milkshake and head over to storytellers brewery and bring your food from here and have a cold beer. \m/ -_- \m/

Rosie Payne

There burgers and other foods are so delicious !! This is why they are so popular, lol !! Thank you for proving us with excellent customer service !! ?♥️????

Fernando Islas

i went through the drive thru on this visit as it was a very short line. i've always noticed that this location has a quick drive thru for the most part when compared to other locations. they had my food prepared and everything i ordered was hot and fresh. i drove home and everything still tasted great after the short drive. i hope to return to this location again as it's easily accessible from the freeway exit.

Henry Sanchez

This is my local in n out and I tell you they do amazing work getting rid of the long lines. Very hard working and friendly staff. Always my go to.

Luis Gonzalez

Burger quality still at the top. Ordered, paid, picked up quick. Tastee as always.

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