Islands Restaurant Corona

1295 Magnolia Ave, Corona
(951) 279-7724

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The worst service and food ever experienced at Islands. The food tasted like it was bad, all of it. We couldn't even finish it. The service did not exist. We were there for over an hour waiting for our food and we were not checked on once. We were provided no refills either. Completely terrible. Even the staff was complaining of fatigue to eachother. What happened to this restaurant?

Rachel s

Rude rude rude answering of the order line. I just hung up when no one came back***EDIT*** 7/30/2022The manager reached out to me to listen. So I tried Islands again. Curbside is huge for disabled people, it made so many choices open for me. There Curbside has been much better of late.I tried 7 times. 2x I did not get ti order, was placed on indefinite holds. 5- 10 minutes later I just hung up. 5 times it was amazing.My food cooked perfectly, and Gluten-free French fries are the best thing ever...and so simple. LOW FODMAP life is hard, so Just a dedicated fryer is so great to know. Not rocket science. Thanks Kayla for reached out, I'll keep coming when I'm nearby the Corona location.


Good service. Good food! Price should be a bit more affordable.

Amber Rivera

The food was absolutely delicious but what I want to give the most credit to is the kids cheeseburger. Most food places just make the child's cheeseburger with thin questionable meat. But My son's cheeseburger that he ordered was made with quality burger meat and he enjoyed devouring the whole thing!

Judith Montoya

Loved the food ❤️So good l loved the watermelon margarita Only problem no military discount ?This is especially important these days with prices skyrocketing . Show how much you care for our veterans and the men and women who risk there lives for our country , America ??♥️??.

Rosemary Artechi

enjoyed it very much, highly recommend

Bre K.

My experience was so amazing thanks to the lovely worker Ava. She brought out my food with a smile, and was very engaging and helpful! Will be coming back soon!

Jamie W.

Disgusting and bad service, stay away from this location as their management is either bad or non-existent. My wife and I came here with our two year old to eat. We hardly go out to eat ( as in once a year ), we love the riverside location so we decided to eat at the local one by the house. We came in a little after 12 on a Saturday, the place wasn't really busy but wasn't slow either so there wasn't a legitimate or even poor reason for the food we received. We ordered burgers and our daughter a hotdog, as I was cutting up the hotdog it was cold and rubbery and had a reddish tint to it. I've seen better hotdogs at the gas station but figured it wasn't a huge deal as they're already processed "meat", once I started tasting my food I immediately was disgusted. The burger was cold, the bun stale and burned, the patty was dry and crumbling, the fries stale and cold, even the ranch was like water and tasted bad. The waiter came around and asked if I wanted a box after noticing we didn't eat the food, he didn't inquire as to why and didn't seem to care. I paid the bill for food we didn't eat because I don't believe in asking for free things, this place is garbage and I wasted 60$ on trash that's worse than carnival food. Ever since Covid, customer service and quality control seems to be absent all over, management needs to get it together, if you can't handle cooking a hotdog and some burgers just close your doors.

Bobby Miller

Great service always great food always great drinks always management out does themselves.


Best fries.Cold brew.Delightful burger…Husband is a loyal tortilla soup fan.Coming back very soon.

Louise Seanez

The food was great. Service not so. Our table had no silverware, so we had to ask for it several times. Because we were sharing appetizers we had to ask for additional silverware to use as serving utensils. Were never asked about drink refills.But at least when the food did arrive the server asked if everything was okay...which is something these days when most places the servers drop and disappear until it's time to give us the bill.

Deborah Hall

my friend and I meet here at least once a month, or we try, we are in our 60s. we love food drinks and bar. I was very disappointed last week when we were in the bar and three kids were running through playing it was difficult to hear each other, we sit in the bar because its not supposed to have kids and we can catch up. we will continue to go because we love it.

Britney M.

Well it's been years since I've been to this Islands Restaurant. I honestly avoided it for so long because I didn't think they had many vegan or vegetarian friendly options. I came here tonight with a friend who likes this place. We ordered drinks to get the party started haha I ordered a rum and coke and daaaang man they made it STRONG. I gave it to my friend because it tasted like pure rum. That's too much for me. I like it to taste sweet and not really taste the rum at all. So I ordered another one and my friend drank my extra strong rum with his beer. He didn't drink them together lol Just he handled my strong drink for me since I'm a pu$$y with the taste of alcohol lol I ordered a "beach bowl" without chicken. And my friend ordered the same thing because he was trying to be polite and not eat meat in front of me since I'm a vegetarian. How nice is that? We both enjoyed the veggies beach bowls. Honestly it was really tasty with teriyaki sauce! My friend is a carnivore and he enjoyed it too. So win for everyone!

Jerry A.

Ordered cheese fries with bacon.. burned it ... went very light on the cheese and scallions .. and a little light on the bacon. Hula burger was good ! As usual ( mushroom burger ) ordered side salad instead of fries ... ranch was runny and the salad was over chopped and wet .. so the dressing didn't coat very well .. had enough of it and pushed aside ! Ordered the north shore tacos !! Meh way to much lettuce !!!! ( we asked for light lettuce) But ok I guess ... very average meal . 2 1/2 stars more like than three! Our server was very good !! So that was a plus ! Can't remember her name


First time to try islands restaurants in Corona, the place is so nice and clean, we were welcomed by the attendant staff and were seated right away, we ordered strawberry mojitos and pina colada, the drinks were awesome, the nachos and burger took like less than 15 minutes to be served, food was “okay” the flavors was not that bold but regular, the truffle fries was surprisingly very good and delicious, probably the best thing we ordered that day, the food was somehow not hot as we expected, our waiter was helpful but the other waiter who brought the food was extremely nice and was smiling all the time which was nice of him.

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