Juice It Up!

350 N McKinley St #103, Corona
(951) 734-1341

Recent Reviews

Scarlett E.

The girls who helped me out today on New Year's Eve were super sweet and my Mango Mania tasted delicious. It was my first time trying this drink and I definitely recommend it! Juice It Up never let's me down *dramatically tears up*

Sharon P.

I can't believe how rotten the bananas were. They had no problem serving them to customers. Makes me wonder if all the fruit is rotten as well. Poor customer service. I will NEVER go back!

Justin Hightower

Sophie helped me out!!! Bubbly personality!!! And really makes you feel welcomed!!!!

Sophie N.

Well , they were able to make me a juice with the ingredients that I asked for. My juice was delicious, healthy and cold even they didn't add ice into it.

Kevin Avalos

Girls working on 9/5 @2:30pm were extremely rude. Never greeted us or made eye contact while entering, they were on there phones. Acai bowels were nothing to rave about and are overpriced. If I could give no stars I would. The customer service is non existence at this location. Save your money. I don't recommend this location.

Karam Alkhatib

everything is frozen nothing organic taste like ice don't wast your money

Natnicha N.

I found piece of plastic in the drink when I almost finish it. I understand that it could be a mistake but it considered physical contamination. I also want to confirm about bad customer service at this location. They don't even say hi to you just take an order and go back to talk with their colleague. The phone at this location also not working. And the drink is not fully blended. It still got lots of big chunks of fruits.

David Naranjo

Delicious and good location

Garcia Estrada

I asked for bathroom to wash my hands and they said it wasn’t working, also the AC wasn’t working and it was really hot , the services really bad !

Mary L.

Absolutely sickening customer service. Older Indian lady rude as hell. Apparently if you're a member & it's your bday she doesn't care about your free drink. NEVER RETURNING !!!!!!!!!!!

Braya M.

I had the best raspberry drink here today. The lady that took my order was very kind and made me a great drink in no time at all, great experience

adrian ballesteros

This is what $11 buys you...

Eddie F

Satisfying and healthy smoothies that hit the spot!

Bea R.

Don't know what happened, this location use to be clean and service was fast. Now, this location is unkempt and service is very slow now.

Ah_Farhad Habibi

The workers not treat costumer properly

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