Round Table Pizza Corona

1180 El Camino Ave Suite 116 116, Corona
(951) 898-2000

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Shayla J.

Great pizza and salad bar when they actually stay open. Came here shortly after 6:30 and the cashier said Togo only because they are closing. What pizza place closes during rush hour? So confused.

Robin R.

We have eaten and lined round tables pizza many times, but we won't be going back to this one again. We ordered for takeout like always because the delivery takes so long. So they tell us 20 minutes and we have been there often enough to know it's a good 30 minutes (and that's no big deal) today we ordered extra large and cheese bread. Get there and they had made a large, but didn't even say anything, just leave us standing there while they get everything one else taken care of then finally say they are waiting on the cheese bread. 45 minutes later the manager hands us the boxes and says they accidentally made a large so we made a personal pizza to make up the difference. No sorry, no we made a mistake would you like the large or we can make a extra large like you requested. No apology at all. Just hands it to us. No price adjustment Nothing. The personal pizza wasn't even cooked, the large was cold. The manager there is awful

Leslie G.

This place looks like a good atmosphere when you drive by but once you're inside, it's a total dud. The pizza is bland, beet isn't cold, and the place smelled like the cleaning products. Not What I'm trying to smell when I'm eating. The tiny arcade was shut off when we went 2 weeks ago. Nothing was functioning. It's so expensive and not worth the quality of the food. The wings 100% tasted like Costco wings thrown in an oven . Salad bar had frozen lettuce and you can't even get a second serving of dressing. Every thing about the place is real stingy and for the price i paid, i would have been better off going to Lampost. Can't say I'll be returning here.

Ely Schaffer

The last honest pizza? More like the least honest pricing model. I was charged $100 for 2 pizzas, 2 orders of garlic cheese twists and 4 drinks. They asked me if I wanted ranch or marinara and I specified ranch. For my order they brought me a total of 4 - 1 ounce paper condiment cups of ranch. I asked for 2 more and they said I would have to pay extra. There is a reason why the place is always empty, because they charge twice the price of everywhere else for a lesser quality product.Won't be coming here again.

Kameron F.

10$ for 6 wings that were taken out of the freezer and thrown in the oven. I've been to many round tables, and this one definitely has the smallest twists. The customer service was fantastic, but the management is probably penny pinching every corner they can.

Saul G.

Grew up in Corona, all my life loved Round Table pizza. But this new restaurant has to supervise the management. Staff Great A+. Food great. Spend lots of money on the arcades and beer. Children are happy, but manager refused to turn on the AC. It's 105* outside, imagine inside w customers. WTF does he care about AC on or Off. I love to tip n more if you work hard, but the manager at this store really has to learn customers first. Will be trying out new round table pizza in Murrieta.

Jose P.

Came to watch a few games today w some friends and family. MANNY WAS AMAZING!!! He took the time to check on us frequently and did it w a smile. Customer service was 10000% from him. I honestly would go back just bc of how he treated me and my group. Can't brag enough about my experience today! Keep up the good work guys! Thank you Manny! A++++++++

Ashwin G.

Always a great pizza never had issues, they are pricey but I feel like the quality of the ingredients are worth it. The staff has always been nice and friendly. We will come here every few months.

brenda williams

The customer service representative was so super nice! Pizza and chicken wings were the best!

YaYa Beltran Noriega

I loved the environment… family style restaurant and salad bar was fresh and delicious

B3Bricks B.

Love everything about this place! Great service, amazing food, and overall just a nice place to spend time with family and friends! Amazing place... 100% recommend.

Jonah G.

Really a special place. The food was incredible and the service was better. I had a few different appetizers plus a pizza and they were all very delicious. I will be coming back very often

David Sanchez

Came to enjoy a beer & a pizza to treat myself after I get off work. Welcomed with negative energy. It came to the last slice & it had about two inches of what I can only describe of a fishing line. I was giving another pizza so I gave it to the man next to me at the bar & left.

David L. (Mr. D Reviews)

Good food and pretty fast for completing order. I have had round table few other spots and always is good. Healthier ingredients used and its noticeable in the taste of pizza ? .Kid-friendliness: Games for kids Parking: Good amount of parking spots

David Lopez

Good food and pretty fast for completing order. I have had round table few other spots and always is good. Healthier ingredients used and its noticeable in the taste of pizza ? .

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