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Mark Guerrero

I ordered two tall pumpkin lattes. The girl at the window handed me the cups ( one- by-one) and the first cup caved in and the cap fell off as soon as I grabbed it. Hot latte spilled all over my hand and car. The girl at the window apologized on behalf of the company and said the cups are very flimsy. She immediately gave me a second cup to reinforce the cups and ensure it didn't happen again. My question is: is corporate that cheap that they can't afford stronger cups for their loyal customers and to avoid such accidents?

Kathleen Dietz

Usually go thru drive thru. But they are very nice and pretty quickFood: 5/5

Mylen Roberson

Ok my experience today was just totally rude . Like it’s early in the morning, the last thing I want when picking up my coffee is an employee’s BAD attitude rubbing off on me. 9:45 am.

Enjoy Life

Bad attitude lady who took our order! Never coming back here again. And they forgot the scone.?

Robert Gill

Was Delish like always. Had a Grilled Cheese ? on Sourdough. If u haven't ever had one ur missing out

Aurora Gonzales

They close and they forget to put online and I drove all the way to buy just one item

Raul P.

They are very generous And respectful and as for the bad reviews there just people who don't show respect at all so for all those doing 1 star know to order you stuff so you don't get it wrong

Vanessa H.

Those workers don't do their job right. I ordered a drink and it wasn't even the one I wanted. Plus the guy that took my order did not even ask for my name and when the drink was ready they didn't even acknowledge me or try and telling me my drink was ready. They just left it in the counter and just continued talking amongst themselves and just stared at me. I threw the drink away it was nasty.

Tania T.

Refreshing samples, and ordered our morning coffee here today. 1 java chip frap., and 1 sweet vanilla cold brew. What a treat to wake up and start our Sunday morning. Plenty of parking space and drive thru is also on site. The staffs are efficient and professional.

Expose Y.

The boys here definitely are much more friendly than the girls . They greet you , they're fast , unlike the girls they won't greet they won't acknowledge sometimes , and will have you waiting without saying one word .

Naira B.

I came in today and I was having a pretty rough day, my car had just broken down and some friendly people helped move my car. I went into the Starbucks and got myself a cold drink until the tow truck arrived. I also purchased some gift cards for the good Samaritans that helped me. The girl at the counter absolutely made my day. I paid with my card and I didn't have any cash with me to tip her unfortunately. I came to the store around 2:30. To the woman who took my order gave me a huge cup of water and a treat on top of my order, I just wanted to say you absolutely made my day brighter. Thank you so much!!! This was my first experience here at this location and it was quite frankly the best experience I've ever had. I hope that the kindness and compassion that was shown to me today ripples 10 fold into that employees life! Not sure what her name was but if the store owner could tell me I would like to come back to this location with a tip for her!!!!


Refills on hot coffee ☕️ are confusing. Not free but $.50 or was it $.80? Was it free because I brought my mug, or was it free because I bought a mug? I did both but ended up with paper cup’s anyway ? the coffee was great, as was the company!

Susan Hutchison

We always stop at this Starbucks when we are so close to Costco and Walmart. Great drive thru and they are pleasant and rarely run out of the items we like the most.

Julie W.

The worst Starbucks location ever!! I wouldn't complain but since it's the third time then I think people needed to know. Employees here seems like they hate their job or doesn't get a proper training but hey the issues require a common sense. First, the strawberry they add in your pink drinks are old! It tasted dry and moldy so I thought I'll let it go because it's a first. Second, when I got matcha latte it tasted weird like it was mixed with something else so I noticed that they don't rinse of the cup mixer they use here esp if there is no customer inside the store so beware of buying it drive tru! For that one I got a refund. Last one, I purchased a 24oz Starbucks Cold Cup for pick up because it shows that it's the only that have available cups but no!! They do not update and they will waste your time and gas!! They do not know how to refund too!! So you'll have to contact the corporate and refund takes a week. It sucks that Starbucks price went up, I think customer deserve and expected to get a good product and service for what they pay for. Do not buy here, save your time/gas. Employees doesn't give a damn care and Drinks are gross!!

Dana Twyman

I don't get to stop into this location as often as I would like but when I do, it's always great/friendly service and drive thru love for our pups!

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