300 N McKinley St #102, Corona
(951) 736-7827

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Mandie Hamilton

This is by far the best Subway I've been too. I frequent this particular store at least 1-2 times a week. It's always different times and the employees are always really nice and helpful. Even when it's busy. One of them even remembers my order.Food: 4/5

TJ Egbert

Sam is always very kinda and helpful , she even helps my wife out en español when we order. We swing be here often and have never been let down.

World of beauties /Miss Persia

Good customer service!


Good customer service!

i C.

The sandwich was good but they seem to rin out of the popular herb bread at all the locations and seems like the people in charge of these businesses should rectify this. Just saying. It happens alot.

Antonella M.

5 stars is because of the customer service. I've came in at different times of the day and regardless of the time, every employee has exceeded my expectations as far as customer service.

Shane W.

Just to let you know that the lobby at this Subway closes at 10pm. But they close at midnight. I got my App order at 10:30pm and was not able to eat in the lobby at 10:30pm and had to eat in the car. There's no sign at the door saying the lobby closes at 10.


It's a subway, clean, good fruity drinks, polite staff.

Katherine P.

This location is supposed to be open at 7 am according to their hours. It is 8:40 am and their location is still closed. Completely unacceptable!

Ojeda J.

Busy when we came and they took care of everything and everyone well. Quick and in a respectful manner. All the gentlemen work well together. This review is for Tim the location and all the clientele are luck to have him. This guys has just got it going when it comes to client service and doing the job with a joy. This is the small things that go a long way. Thanks for the help man your help should be acknowledged.


Excellent service. Such a nice attitude that I even forgot about the taste. Sam is excellent, she knows how to retain new customers. She will take this business to a new level, if she stays here longer. She knows how to make a customer "a repeating customer", and we all know that 80% of revenue comes from repeating customers.The other staff might be great but I just happened to be dealt by Sam, the excellent girl.


Be careful with the tuna here its super bad

Hamed Ajan

Worst subway branch , unprofessional staff with an attitude, especially the ones who work at night

Shay A.

I always order Subway online and it's always's my first time ordering from this location....ordered 2 footlong tunas and neither one was as requested....they basically said "screw u I'm toasting your bread and putting everything on it thats included!".....never coming here again....I like to order online and don't have time to come in and supervise them making a sandwich!

Marie Vieyra Favorite

When asked about their juice drinks, they responded they we’re to busy to fill them up. We are inside, we noticed they had time to refill, but the employees never tried to refill.

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