Taco Bell

4718 Green River Rd, Corona
(951) 372-9579

Recent Reviews

Serenity Minucci

Quick and easy for nights where I dont want to cook.

Blaine K.

Honestly I don't understand why this Taco Bell has so few stars! I'm not giving it five stars because it's amazing compared to other food, but compared to other Taco Bells, it is totally normal! Like sometimes it's a littttttle bit slow, but the employees have always been super friendly, and the food has been perfectly typical Taco Bell food. Anyway, yea...definitely better than like 1.5 stars. Not worthy of five stars, but they deserve their average to be boosted for sure.

Michael Potter

If you want service use drive thru because that is all they care about service suck inside

Melissa L.

Why did I stop here? Why!?!? Because I was desperate & hungry. However, we got home to find stale food in our bag. The Doritos taco shells were terrible, the nacho chips stale, and the chalupa shells crisp, stale, and disgusting. Never again!

Ste V.

Most people roast fast food places , but I have to say Natalia was , patient with us and awesome .

Daniel Almazan

It's Sep, 19 .2019 around 7pm. This crew hit the mark on everything. From excellent tasting Pepsi,to all of my items being hot and fresh. Good job guys!

Travis L

Everytime I come here, it is empty. I usually order to bean burritos, which for some reason takes them over 5 mins to make everytime.

Eva H.

This place is a disgrace. The bean and cheese burritos I ordered were filled with old beans, rice grains , lettuce remnants and hardly any cheese. Who the hell was making the food here. The establishment-was empty and yet I went and took a chance. Holy of the holiest shit. I'll never go back again. I was so sick to my stomach afterwards. I didn't even eat more than two bites and had to throw the rest away. Shame on the workers and manager who give two shits about this place.

Alyssa Phillips

This Taco Bell is perfect it's right off of the Green River exit perfect for a quick bite the drive-thru was very fast even went inside to use the restroom and it was clean if you want a quick bite and you're stuck in traffic this is the perfect spot

Cornelious Mayor

Love me a crunch wrap supreme

Darren Ramsey

Didn't acknowledge me when I walked in. They clearly wanted me to use the kiosk to order my food. In addition to the poor service the food was poorly made which is pretty hard to screw up. I won't stop there again. One star is too much.

Johnny Perea

Friendly service good food

Tee Tee

Ordered 2 burrito and 2 quesadillas. Took 15 mins to get our order. No drive thru had to wait. With a 9 mo old baby, cranky and only one person working in back. They were not even apologetic. Just frowned at us. Very sad.

Amber Ruiz

I love their quesoritos

Ed V.

Ordered some food, and the place must have been running out of meat because the chicken burrito had 2 slivers of chicken in the entire burrito, the chalupa had ZERO meat in it, 4 regular tacos, 2 had no meat, 2 with very very little meat. Sad to think you are paying for a meal to feed your kids and you get serviced tortillas and taco shells with a little shredded lettuce in them. Don't know how and why this particular Taco Bell stays in business.

Jenny-Ray Rader

Great food for an amazing price. And friendly service here

Ryann N.

Honestly, every time I come here with orders from my family and not just myself they forget something. First of all, I was the only customer in the drive thru. I paid and they asked me to park while the prepared my food. Now in the past when I've been asked to park, I get home and I'm missing one-two items... so this time I decided to check my order before I left. Of course I was missing something, so I went back in... told them what I was missing and they prepared it and gave it to me no questions. Moral of this story... if you are ordering more than 3 items make sure your order is correct before you leave... apparently 3 is the highest number they can count to at this location.

Silvia Sanchez

I bought a party pack. I got some tacos with little to nothing in it and in the rest the tostada was stale.

Bibi R

Fast and friendly staff but at times forget things in your order.. be sure to double check your order.

Rosa Rodriguez

I dont like service plus no soap in restroom

Bob D.

So now Taco Bell is going to self order Kiosk. I prefer not to use those, had to wait for one employee who was working the drive-through and no one at the counter, they are now cutting employees. So when machines replace humans who is going to go into Taco Bell and buy their food?

Rosemary O.

Worst place ever. Only one customer inside and 1 customer in drive through waited 5 min at register nobody acknowledged me kept waiting they just looked at me at stayed in back. This is why they don't have customers.

Kali D.

I ordered a supreme soft taco and was given just a regular soft taco, no tomatoes or sour cream. When I went back, they told me they were out of tomatoes so I told them it still needs sour cream. They said they would re make it. I went to eat it and it STILL had no sour cream. I paid for the better taco I expect the better taco. This is not the first time I have had this type of experience at this location. I was also the only one in the entire lobby, so they were not busy. I was on my lunch break and did not have time to go back AGAIN ago have them re make it.


Today was pretty good, they seems to have improved since the last time I was here. I will be back again to see if they keep it up.

Freddie B.

Bro every time I go they get my order wrong why pay for supreme n get regular tacos like your not even busy n you still fuck up a easy order pathetic get ppl who actually wanna work instead of ppl throwing up a frozen taco

Jennifer Leyva

Lunch start at 9am great quick service

Abby Reyna

Wonderful place to eat!

Haley B.

If I could rate 0 stars I would... This is probably the worst Taco Bell location in all of Corona. Every time I've gone, something goes wrong; either they take forever with their drive thru, the order is completely wrong or the staff is just overall extremely lazy.... The last time we went will be the last time we go to this location... they need better management for sure !!!

Shawn Bartle

Smallest burritos I've ever seen what a RIP off

Tania S.

This is the worst Taco Bell ever , I had to wait for 15 minutes for some fries! They need better management no joke! The girls that are working are only standing talking not caring if the food is ready or not .. I'm shocked .

Mark Stafford

OMG terrible bathrooms we're filthy

Mike Sanchez

Horrible dump. I got 2 bean burritos (how complicated) I got it the beans were almost completely outside the burrito between the wrapper and tortilla (on both) took one bite and threw them away. They had no Pennies and no one dollar Bill's lol just shut this dump down already oh and the lady at the drive thru was welcoming people to Del Taco??????

Nadia S.

I was there this afternoon and a young man took my order very polite and professional and the food was prepared how I asked

Tim Connell

Great lunch. $1 burritos are way better and tasty than I expected and good sized too. Crunchy taco was good as ever also.

Tony del Rosario

You know what you're getting. American style Mexican food.

Emily Schmuff

Food,ok,arrived at a time when empty,everyone at Starbuck's

Dawn M.

Wow!! Says close time 6pm on Christmas eve showed up at 5:30.... sat at the intercom for 5min, nothing went to the window for another 5min (with workers passing the window and seeing us multiple times) finally someone comes and says "We're out of food." We then reply with "we havent even told you our order" their reply "we're out of everything" when we can clearly see food and chips!! Way to go Taco Bell I will not he back to this location, Del taco was open and the food is much better.

jessica ford

Took 18 min in the drive thru... And ONLY 4 cars ahead of us..... And they put my sons Mexican pizza sideways in a small bag. I thought it was the bag with the tacos... I should have known.... SHOULD HAVE CHECKED IT. .. When we got home, my sons meal was all to the side and my son didn't want to eat it....ALL BAD.. GONNA CALL CORPORATE to let them know how horrible this taco bell is..... And it's on the side of the road , they probaby do alot of business... But it won't stay that way like this..... I wish I could give them a ZERO star ð???ð???ð???ð???ð???ð???

David Smith

Friendly servive, but typical fast food.

Sergio Z.

This is my second Review! It is unbelievable the amount of crap this Taco Bell gets away with. I work for s corperate Taco Bell and this is simply is unbelievable & not right. Corperate Taco Bell should really think about taking away there license. I walked in around 10:30 today October 27, 2018 to sit down with my family to have some breakfast. They took the customers order in front of me for breakfast but when it was my turn they said they "ran out of eggs" after I confronted them and told them how is that possible they kept saying no more eggs. Since I know the Mclain or inventory comes in Saturday i told them how could you run out of eggs if your order Just came in? Thats when they said "Oh we dont have any prepped" well then make some. So two points here they closed breakfast too early and lied! Believe ME THIS EMBARRASSING! Very poor customer service!!! Please get some better people. Wish I could give you 0 stars because thats what you deserve.