Taco Bell

4718 Green River Rd, Corona
(951) 372-9579

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Jennifer Leyva

Lunch start at 9am great quick service

Abby Reyna

Wonderful place to eat!

Shawn Bartle

Smallest burritos I've ever seen what a RIP off

Mark Stafford

OMG terrible bathrooms we're filthy

Mike Sanchez

Horrible dump. I got 2 bean burritos (how complicated) I got it the beans were almost completely outside the burrito between the wrapper and tortilla (on both) took one bite and threw them away. They had no Pennies and no one dollar Bill's lol just shut this dump down already oh and the lady at the drive thru was welcoming people to Del Taco??????

Tim Connell

Great lunch. $1 burritos are way better and tasty than I expected and good sized too. Crunchy taco was good as ever also.

Tony del Rosario

You know what you're getting. American style Mexican food.

Emily Schmuff

Food,ok,arrived at a time when empty,everyone at Starbuck's

jessica ford

Took 18 min in the drive thru... And ONLY 4 cars ahead of us..... And they put my sons Mexican pizza sideways in a small bag. I thought it was the bag with the tacos... I should have known.... SHOULD HAVE CHECKED IT. .. When we got home, my sons meal was all to the side and my son didn't want to eat it....ALL BAD.. GONNA CALL CORPORATE to let them know how horrible this taco bell is..... And it's on the side of the road , they probaby do alot of business... But it won't stay that way like this..... I wish I could give them a ZERO star πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

David Smith

Friendly servive, but typical fast food.


Late night drive thru line is insane waited 30 mins

Francis Gillies

25 minutes to serve 4 cars in drive thru at 5:30pm inability of manager to schedule correctly. Totally incompetent management. if you don't want to be late dont stop here. this place has been slow for a very long time.

Chely Pearl

Friendly service food was good

Firelane Faulty

Takes way too long to receive your order ...I went for lunch at work , I waited for my food untill my lunchtime was basically over. It's was more sauce on my burrito than anything else smh ..0 outta 10 rating

Stephen Kaposy

Most of my order was wrong. 4 out of 7 items. Went back to get it fixed obviously after I got home. Waited 17 minutes to have it fixed and stared at a disgusting messy floor inside.

Edina Adore

My enchirito was HUGE. Very generous portions here!

Eric Plunk

Place took FOREVER! plus the entire staff has an collective I.q. of a moth.

Chris Edmonds

Perfect pit stop for my 91-year-old Mom on our drive out to Riverside.

Jay Davis

Don't forget the free drink if they don't offer you anything to drink. ;-)

Grant Tingley

One of the best taco bells period... epically consistant and always bigger portions

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

4718 Green River Rd, Corona, CA 92880