VN Dish

127 N McKinley St #103, Corona
(951) 340-0342

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Karrie D.

My boyfriend and I decide to get pho here since we finish errands at Costco. We have been trying to find good pho in Riverside and the rating seem pretty good from what I read on Yelp. There is no one here on Sunday afternoon beside me and my boyfriend. It is definitely suspicious. The prices jump from $8 to $11 for pho, very expensive. Keep in mind don't look at the menu from the previous years. When it came to the pho, the meat taste spoiled and sour. Portion is still small for a size of a large, don't even bother it. I didn't end up finishing my pho including my boyfriend who order the large. My boyfriend is complaining about the meat not tasting so good and the soup is very salty. Indeed I felt the same way about the overall pho I had. You know what is the worst part when the food arrives? The owner shut off the fan while I was trying to eat my pho. I get if the owner want to save money but not on 108 degree weather. He is hardly around and always in the back talking with his workers. Customer service does not exist here in this restaurant. The owner didn't refill our waters or ask if our food is good. Shouting or raising my hand to ask for another glass of water is like talking the wall. The owner doesn't even care about his establishment. It is the simple thing that makes it horrible when the food is bad, the fan is turned off on a hot day, and no one is there to give us water. Staying dehydrate and hot while eating pho is just not a good feeling. I'm never coming back here again for pho at this restaurant. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST!!!

Vincent G.

Pho was okay. But there was no AC. Also the ceiling fan was turned off. It was 100+ degrees outside. Do they not care for customers?

glory flores

It's the greatest pho soup on corona great service and good flavor 100% recommended

Eva Acosta

Really good flavors ...

Holli Molly

First time customers but we are eager to return! We ordered the grilled chicken bánh mì. Everything about our sandwiches were amazing! The chicken was flavorful and there was the perfect amount of veggies. We also tried the Thai iced tea and the freshly squeezed lemonade; both exceeded our expectations. I was told the lemonade would pair nicely with rum, so I definitely plan to order that next time!Besides the delicious food, we also received exceptional customer service while ordering over the phone and when paying. I can only imagine the superb service any guest will receive if they decide to dine in. I am eager to share this place with friends!

Leif Schmit-Kallas

The food was delicious.

Sonny F.

Very good service and raeally good Pho. Had to leave a good tip since it was soooo gooood!!!

Magally E.

My family loves VN Dish, we've been loyal customers since they had their restaurant in Gardena. We love their bahn mi sandwiches, pho, rice and #55 on the menu (filet mignon with onions). We live in LA so we go to VN Dish every time we're in the area. Larry-the owner, always provides friendly customer service and treats us like family. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone craving quality Vietnamese food!

Del L.

I have been to so many pho places, and this is by far MY FAVORITE!! The food is amazing, and prepared fresh! The owners are very friendly, and I love how they share insight about the food and how to prepare the spices to give it a different, delicious taste.

Steven B.

I've actually been coming to this place since I was little. I'm 26 now and I'm glad to see it's still here. The place still looks more or less the same since however many years ago but don't let the appearance fool you. It's in a strip mall you're likely to pass by without visiting but please give this place a look. Their Pho is still some of the best and stacks up next to lots of places in OC. People are nice, food is good, and not badly sized or priced.

Von V.

The bahn mi here is everything! This is my new bahn mi spot in Corona! Ordered 3 sandwiches. All for myself yes lol

Shaheen N.

One of my favorite Vietnamese food places. It's a little hole in the wall, not the best in terms of interior but the food excellent. I'm a big fan of the Bun Bo Hue Pho which has some extra flavor and spice to it. The steak & chicken Bahn mí are great: a little fusion between a French baguette and Vietnamese grilled food. tIf you're new to pho, the proper way to eat pho is half a spoonful of hoisin, lemon juice, some Sriracha,, 2 fresh basil leaves (crumple them first), all the bean sprouts and a jalapeño slice.

Linda M.

I wanted to take the kids to get something to eat after a teeth cleaning. We entered an empty restaurant with two people insides. We ordered our food and after a few mins my 3 year old kept crying for the toy/candy machine they had inside. He was crying and got my 1 year old upset. Not even after a few mins we were told to leave because the kids are crying too much. It was probably because he had a student there doing some kind of work on a laptop with headphones on. Yes, I have to admit, my 3 year is not easy. He is speech delay so he may have problems understanding things. But if I just had a few mins to calm them down, so we all could eat, would've been nice. They usually stop after getting some food. There was no other customers inside, thought we were in the clear. Myself personally will not be returning here. All said and done, I'm not trying to bash this establishment. I hope they do well during this difficult time. If only they could've been a little more understanding is all.

Pamela K.

My husband and I just moved to Corona and we were craving banh mi and decided we would stop at Lee's Sandwich, my husband isn't such a fan so we decided to look up another place and so happened to come across VN dish and decided to give this spot a try, and I can't tell you enough how thrilled and pleased we are with the service and best of all the delicious grilled pork banh mi, pork sausage spring rolls, and egg rolls. The owner is very kind and generous and we are so happy to live close by! MUST TRY

Jaimmie E.

Pho broth is very clean and flavorful. Even our picky eater kids loved their pho. You can also ask for uncooked noodles and meat. Their Bahn mi, egg rolls and springs are also very delicious. Their customer service is on point, always very friendly.

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