Izakaya Hachi

3033 Bristol St D, Costa Mesa
(657) 231-6566

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Matt Taylor

They trying to be great, but not there yet!! When you know the difference in Sushi its obvious. They not bad though.

leaguea alain

Last Saturday we tried to go to there Food is amazing but hostess Is the worst. We are feel so bad she not a professional for customize she need a training.I don’t want to go to anymore.?

Theodore Le

Beef tongue has the thickest cut you'd ever imagineUni kobe sashimi is just so fancy and affordable at the same time

Catherine Oswald

So delicious. Fresh. Lots of outdoor seating for pandemic situation. They have great sushi and beautiful sake selection.

Rosie Adams

Great service and the food was hot even as we got home to eat.

Yiran Xu

Amazing food and service!! Feel like in Japan !

Ryan G.

I'm giving it a 5 star review because my second time there the menu was better and everything was fresher than before. And it was really good before! Wow they amazed me. The pricing was not bad at all for the uni Kobe sashimi. 15 bucks? Not bad considering it's really just as good as nobu. The service was really great too! I've never tasted anything as sweet and texturally soothing as this dish. Would honestly have like 3 orders of this and be good. The other stuff on the menu is great too tbh. Great variety and uniqueness to this place.

Vy Dinh

This is the dinner spot I show my love ones to because this place is amazing!! It is best my all it means from the food, the service, the location, and the vibe. Located in Costa Mesa, the restaurant looks normal (not too big not too small) but has the best dishes in the area. It serves fresh Japanese Izakaya dishes with liquor, it is a good spot for a dinner after work to the weekend spot where you can drink. If you go in the weekend, make sure to reserve the table or you can easily wait in line up to 2 hours. I basically come here often and eat everything on the menu but the below are my favorites.Highlights of the menu:1. Uni (sea urchin) Rolled with Raw Wagyu Beef with Sweet Soy Sauce and Caviar on top - the best!2. Beef Tongue3. Raw Oysters4. Whole Squid5. Sashimi - they offer Omakase too!6. Charcoal Grill dishes7. Pork Cheek8. Motsu Nabe or Miso Motsu Nabe - the hotpot9. Desserts: Honey Crème Brulee10. Drinks: draft beers or sakeDon't try the oyster shot. This is the only not good item on the menu.A little downturn is they don't accept reservation by phone or in Yelp and the parking lot is limited. Should get the complimentary Valet to save your time. There's additional parking lot for the restaurant but it's not very convenient.

Britney T.

Izakaya Hachi is a must-try! Food: The chicken thigh skewers were grilled fresh and tasted like authentic street-style skewers. Definitely recommend getting it because it is also one of their most popular sides. Additionally, the shabu broth was also very flavorful and the pork absolutely melted in my mouth. Price: A bit on the pricier side for a casual night out, but nonetheless still reasonable and affordable. Getting the Tonkotsu Pork Shabu shabu there wasn't much pork for a portion for 2 people for the price, but a lot of veggies and noodles to compensate. Environment: We made reservations in advance so we did not have to wait. Definitely recommend getting in a day or two early because it fills up fast! But the outdoor seating area was very lively and had a warm feeling to it! The chef is also also grilling all sorts of skewers so it smells amazing!Service: It was quite busy on a Friday night, but the staff was very friendly and accommodating. However, they were a bit slow and hard to find when we needed to ask for spoons.

KayvyCrafts N

One of my favorite places to eat. The food and service is always good.

Annika Y.

When I went on 6pm on Sunday 9/13, outside dining was on the sidewalk and parking lot. I would recommend getting a reservation on weekends since it seemed that almost all the parties had a reservation. Our group of 3 walked in and they let us know the only table that was open currently had a reservation at 8pm. We knew we would be finished by then so we took it. I have read reviews that had bad service, but we actually had good service. All the waitresses were nice and polite to us. The plaza it is in gets busy due to multiple popular stores. Parking may be slightly difficult at night and there is valet parking as an option at night too but not in the morning/afternoon.Foodwise...I wish the menu was created in a way that people could order for themselves. It seems like most of the menu is to be shared. I got Blue Fin Toro Sashimi (5 pieces, sushi is 2 pieces), Agedashi Tofu, and an Eel & Cucumber Hand Roll. I asked and surprisingly the hand roll is the only choice that had eel, they did not offer it as a sushi or anything. One of my friends got the Uni & Kobe Beef Sashimi and Yakisoba Noodle and the other one got Inaniwa Cold Udon and a hand roll (forgot which one but picture is included if you can tell what it is, maybe Yellowtail and Scallion Hand Roll?).Everything was too pricey for me, and I have eaten sushi I would say at quite a lot of places. I just do not feel like the quality or serving size matched the price point. The toro was meh for me. The hand roll lacked as well (too much rice, not enough fish). I only went since my friends wanted sushi, I would not have chosen to go here. Next time I'm sticking with my gut and getting Halal Guys next door.

Mike D.

I am giving a bonus star because it's Covid-19, you're welcome. I own a business and there's simply no excuse regardless of the pandemic . This was our first visit (party of 2 with nobody else waiting) . The seating is in the parking lot.. so we walked to the front door area and waited over 10 mins until we were lucky enough to flag down a girl working.. who simply yells " did you call?".. and continues walking away from us. About 10 mins after that we flagged her down again and asked her if we could be seated and she said in about 10-20 mins ... and walks away again (2 tables were empty) . Long story short. - The GM/Manager was nice but barely speaks English and completely got our order wrong ...so from the start to finish I had a total of 4 pieces of sushi in approx 75 mins of total waiting. 75 Mins for 4 pieces of sushi!!! - The only female working was completely rude and walks away while you are speaking. - This is the most expensive sushi I have ever paid for, so if you're hungry it's gonna run you well over $100 a person. I went home starving and ate more. The sushi is so-so. I would love to give this place another chance, but I think this was our first and last visit due to several factors.


A tad bit overpriced for the options that are available for small grilled meats. The normal priced chicken dishes are about $3 while pork and beef can be from $10 to $17. This seems a bit too high for small grilled appetizers. I've been to a few izakayas that have equal amount of flavor, taste and quality with items ranging from $3 to $6. The menu is also very small, so choices are limited in meat options. Overall, I would probably have only ordered the chicken meatballs and thighs which had great flavor

James L.

My intention was to get Halal Guys for takeout (right next door) but I simply could not resist the smells coming from the izakaya grill next door. They've set up outdoor dining and we spontaneously decided to treat ourselves that night and boy, we we're so happy that we did. Reservations recommended, we were the last of walk-ins to get seated.SO GOOD- Grilled whole squid - served with a side of mayo, green, onion, and grated radish... was the best thing with our beer- Santa Barbara sea urchin and raw beef - presentation was beautiful, loved the texture, and so much flavor in that small bite- Chicken and green onion skewers (marinated) - so good in the sauce it marinated in- Beef tongue - so delicious!- Crab cream croquette - surprisingly could taste the crab in here, subtle but still thereJUST OK- Salmon and ikura handroll - maybe a bit more ikura would helpPASS- Got a chicken skin dish thinking it would come from the grill but it was a cold dish and wasn't particularly a fan of the preparation of thisService was good, though they were slammed. We got charged for an extra pitcher of beer but waitress corrected it for us. Will be back here again!

Catherine C.

I am happy that Hachi is opening up during Covid 19 period, and I do understand that it's hard for everyone to keep the standard service quality up. I have been dining in this place for many times, but unfortunately the take out service during the lock down is very terrible. I had ordered the to go service for more than couple times. The hostess gives out attitude, every single time as impatient doesn't want to explain the to go options on the phone; told me to go to the website to see. The only reason made me to give out one star is because this time I arrived early, and I asked her if my order is ready, she tells me to go watch the time by myself, without asking my name and which order I ordered. This makes me so disappointed at Hachi and lose my passion to looking forward to dine in.

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