Burger King

1250 9th St, Crescent City
(707) 464-1714

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Hope Graham

They would get 5 stars but super short handed most of the time. The cook dose the window, the inside cashiering and may have one additional person to assist him. Today I seen the place full of strangers working, it was odd not to see Him. Good food and coffee, ice cream is yummy too.

chalala nok

Terrible Service and nasty foods! The hamburger in Bacon King burger set was raw and stinky old. And how can they sale kids meal without toy in it but still charge for toy??? And they not even notify that they ran out of toy for kid meal when we make an order. You have to think and at least care what the little kids feel when they expect the toy you advertised but found nothing except the hard & dry & old & re-heat chicken nuggets.The lady there was not even say sorry when we asked why don't we get toy in our kids meal order, she just said 'Oh we ran out of it'. Terrible!!!


I have been there many times over last few years. They run out of cups, bags, fries and even chicken for their sandwiches. Last week they messed up two of our burgers. The cheese burger didn't have cheese and the bacon burger didn't have bacon. They lost people orders and then made other orders twice. It always seem that they are short staffed. The staff is trying hard. I don't see an manager out helping or supervising. This is one of the worst Burger Kings I have been to.

Robert Bench

Wait in line for 45 minutes with 2 cars in front of you. Worst service. I would have left but you have no way out of your driveway. Also I have been coming here for 7 years and you continously got worse every year. I will never come back.

Meadow Michelle Schoenleber

Worst service I’ve ever received from a Burger King! It took a solid half hour to get two meals and a few cheeseburgers. Then we get to the window and they are less than friendly. It’s Burger King so I don’t have high expect plus I know no one is willing to work for whatever reason….. but it should be FAST FOOD!

Anna C.

Would do zero stars if I could. Food was inedible and tasted like rubber. Staff was beyond incompetent and took almost 20 minutes to fulfill a standard order. Half of the menu was out of stock and order was not correctly made and items missing. Not sure what the point of being open is to be honest if you're going to be serving straight up garbage.

Jayme Reyes

Used to b best service in town now wait in line for at least 30 min just for them to tell us no ice cre as m tonight three nights in a row won't b coming back to bk rather go to jack in the box much faster and more friendlier

Michael Lawrence

Most poorly managed restaurant I’ve seen in a while. Out of many products, menu screens do not work, soda machine does not work. I stood and watched as 5 employees walked past my order sitting waiting to be bagged. Employees just casually walking around talking to each other. Dirty tables and dining room.Employees are currently yelling at each other about across the restaurant about bathroom keys. There seems to be an over-staffing issue. Lots of people just walking around talking and yelling and joking and laughing. What is this place, a playground for BK employees?I have never seen so many childish employees.Burger King regional managers please attend to these issues or close this store.

Kathy Larsen

I am a traveler from Colorado. We stopped at Burger King for a late lunch. The tables were dirty. It took 15 minutes to get my order, and about as long to give my order. But, they were short staffed and doing the best they could under the circumstances. Supervisor, Brea, acknowledged us waiting several times and apologized for our wait. She, and Zach, moved from front to back, and vise versa, in an attempt to keep things moving. Building maintenance was poorly maintained as well, also not employee error. The inside double glass doors slam shut surprisingly loud. Where are the owners? Kudos to Brea and Zach, and others trying their best in unreasonable circumstances.

Victoria Huerta

Stopped by the other day since I was craving a burger after a long day of hiking. Poor staff seemed frantic and unorganized. The two gentlemen before me and I waited about 10 min for our food. Seemed like they were understaffed and training. Very courteous and apologetic, also got my order right so they get 4 stars!

Iris Smith

Super friendly customer service and the food is all hot and quick. They’re out of a few items, but otherwise I’m happy with this BK.

Davon Cleaver

As always I come here to buy a meal and see if anything has changed with there speed and quality of the food yet again nothings changed, My boss and arrived here to go over business and while we were second in line six other people after us got their meals first note None were door dash. we waited over 35 minutes if not longer for a meal with half of the items missing so no I think $18 for a thin meat Patty with No Bacon, No Tomato onion or even lettuce is worth the the price. the both of us thought we will not come here to spend our money. Try to give the benefit of the doubt but this has gone on for at least 11 years. Don't even ask about the 40 plus minute drive through.

Chandler McGaHuey

Been there 3 times this week. 2/3 times they took 30 minutes to get my order.... the third time I had to back out of the drivethrough, they didn't have medium cups, fries, and the line was the same vehicles we had seen 20 minutes before when we passed it.

Leigha Cochrane

Burger King sucks! Always out of something. Last time, they were out of chicken. This time, the soda machine was broken. Prices are up, and the portions are smaller. Food was cold, and the wait was approximately 30 minutes, with only 2 cars in front of me in the drive-thru and no body in the lobby.

Matt Ewing

Food all over the floor. 5 workers but it took 20 minutes to go through the drive through only for them to tell me to pull aside after waiting 6 minutes at the window. They told me it would be 5 more minutes. 15 later they wouldn’t give me an update and acted like I didn’t exist. Never even got my food because In the 40 minutes I was there they never even started on it.

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