380 M St, Crescent City
(707) 464-1913

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Valerie M (Valerie)

Food was cold. Fries were inedible! Other than being cold they looked like they were put through the fryer twice, not a single fry was crisp. The crispy, chicken sandwich was burned making the edges way too crispy! There was way too much mayonnaise on half the sandwich so that when I bit into it the mayo oozed out of the sandwich & about a teaspoon worth fell onto my shirt leaving a greasy mess that left a permanent stain. The one thing that I did like was the chicken, it was real chicken albeit dry & overcooked.The service was alright though, nothing special but compared to the meal they were the best part of our visit.I am so disappointed! I had a craving for the McDonalds fries I used to get from your company, but not sure if this is the new normal or just how they do things in Crescent City, but my last 2 visits were very disappointing, though last time at least my food was warmer.


Excellence service all around those crew members of this particular McDonalds really have exceptional teamwork and work very good together when times get busy. I would give them a AAA+. Way to go.???Food: 5/5

Hope Graham

I normally get a senior coffee, but large on discounted promotional price, also the sausage bisquit. The coffee was amazing good and rich blend, bisquit was fluffy and hot... Sausage was well cooked and yummy too. Great Day, I ate by the sea shore on Front Street at Howe Park.

Jeremy Creed

Stop ignoring the curbside order screen! Curbside was quick when first available, but now the drive-through is prioritized and we watch 10 or 15 cars go through after we order before our order comes out. Not okay... I shouldn't have to come inside to let you know there is a curbside order waiting.

Jennifer Hall

Was given the wrong order was waiting for 20min for my order in pickup. While i watched 20 people go through the drive threw. As i finally was done waiting for someone to come outside to give me the order i went through the drive threw and asked them what was going on and the situation. As they explaind they were waiting for coffee to brew. Well yeah if you just gave the 20 people all coffee that would make since even if i was there before they were in the long line of drive threw. I recommend them just getting rid of the parking area as its winter now and it seems those customers aren't a priority to this company and location.Kid-friendliness: Sadly no play for them to play at this location.

Corbin Holmquist

Took forever to get small simple order. Scary homeless dude in the dining room yelling at someone that wasn't there and staff said "don't worry, he's a regular "

Shari LaForce

Usually hate stopping at McDonalds bc the food has become so disgusting in the last few years. However, THIS McDonald’s tasted like the old McDonald’s- perfect and delicious. It was hot, fresh, and the customer service was excellent! Great job folks!!

Nat Burke

Nice McDonald’s. Classy inside. Good fries. Fast service.Order was incorrect and Nick gave excellent customer service to make sure we were taken care of.


This place is definitely hit-or-miss. Sometimes, the crew really prepares everything well and punctually. This morning was one of those occasions where you sit outside waiting for 15+ minutes at curbside pickup, watching the drive-thru empty while you still wait for your food. This isn't the first time this has happened, but it's definitely the longest and most inconvenient. I had to call and was told they were waiting on one sandwich...5 minutes later, still no foodAdd to that the irregularities in preparation - some days, it's great. Others...soggy fries, clearly rushed into an overfilled fryer. It's very disappointing given McDonald's reputation of quality and consistency. You can do better, Crescent City

Nate Salisbury

The place is a bit understaffed but it was very clean, the food came out quickly, and was hot and fresh. I don't do much fast food but they're doing a good job at this one. A lot better than our local Burger King anyhow.

Michael Teran

The burger here was great. I know that it's McDonald's but I ve had terrible burgers from a Mickey D's many a times all dried out or scorched but the double quarter pounder was super tasty and juicy. Perfectly salted! And the fries too. Wish I was in Crescent City now to get one.

Keelly Pierce

We stopped through to get a quick breakfast, Nelson took our order, he was very friendly! It's not often you experience that kind of service in fast food.

Sue Conner

Very slow! Waited for iced tea at the ## sign. Had to go Inside to get it finally! Hardly any tarter sauce on fish sandwiches, very dry! Thanks for nothing!

Brandon King

Super slow service. Everyone was confused triple checked our orders thank goodness. Weren't given our drinks, sauces, and ball blah blah. Its McDonalads ran by a bunch of kids so what's really to be said. Food was good though.

Warren Wood

Had breakfast, used the self service kiosk. Put in a table tent #. Food never came to the table. Finally another customer told us that our food was just sitting on the counter. They were not all that busy. Next time we will just have to go through the drive up I guess. Hopefully they will be able to get the food to us that way.

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