Pizza Hut

835 Northcrest Dr, Crescent City
(707) 464-8308

Recent Reviews

Jennifer J.

stuffed crust....the bomb!! they are always friendly and ready help at the cc pizza hut!! thanks for being the best pizza in town


I was so excited to have some Pizza Hut, because there are none in Eureka, but I was highly disappointed this time. The people were really nice when I went to pick up my call out order, but my pizzas were UGLY. My combination was gathered in the middle with huge bubbles on the outside and it was a not-so-Super Supreme pizza. It tasted pretty good, although I will be ordering regular pan next time because these thin and hand tossed crusts are terrible.


Great stuffed crust pizza! I definately suggest signing up for the rewards program that way you can get lots of free sides.

Julian Steeves

They've really improved their food since I last ate here, and the construction is really improving the entire atmosphere. Long story short, it's my new favorite pizza restaurant in town!

Sheri Lucas

The staff was super friendly when we phoned and the guy behind the counter hilarious-great customer service! The spicy veggie pizza was so tasty J highly recommend it. The kids liked the Hawaiian but missed the spinach we usually add…

Ny L.

Holly spicy lovers PIZZA is so intense it will knock your socks right off. the staff today worked well together and made our pizza flawlessly.

M Knight

Drove 120 miles round trip to take my daughter to have pizza. I had to repeatedly tell them my order literally 10 times. Couldn't dine in and it was freezing cold and windy outside so we had to eat in the car. If I would have known we couldn't sit down to eat I would have ordered on the app. Didn't give us our soda until I asked, then they forgot I ordered it. Messed up on our bread sticks so they had to remake them. No complementary pepper&cheese pack, had to buy them separately and they charged me an 18% fee on the pepper& cheese. What's going on pizza hut?

Matt Straite

The lobby was trashed, in a big way. Broken tables heaped in a corner, the staff had made the only remaining booth some kind of a break area. Yes, the lobby was closed for COVID, but folks still walk in to pick up food. The public still sees that. Food was great though and very quick. Staff was very polite and happy, so overall the experience was good, but that lobby looked scary.

Connie Horn

I love pizza hut but this last time we got the stuffed crust and it had mushrooms. Never again. I had to cut the crust off and try to get all the mushrooms off. Yuck for this visit.

D. Anderson

This location has some hardworking America's risking there lives every day to get me the dankest pasta I ever had that night.Plus they have so many options not just a hut for pizza!!!!

Kathy Jorden

My pizza was slightly under cooked and not cut into individual pieces. It was edible but a bit slimy in texture.

Tim Srite

The number of toppings available was far too small. But what they did offer was of decent quality. Also, for pick-up just a little lobby beautification would go a long way.


Was going order wings but they don't come with dipping sauce. I was like "whhaaa...?" Pizzas cost about twice what they should for the quality. Just got a great wood-fired pizza from Zola's last night for the same price and Pizza Hut Crescent City ain't no Zola's.

Anne Hafen

Hardly any toppings. Order meat lovers and there was Hardly anything on it. We have to travel 30 miles to be able to have pizza hut. It is a special treat for us. I think we will go to our pizza place in our town for awhile.

Clifton Williams

Excellent, as usual! Always happy to get my once a week pizza-pizza fix at one of the most nation wide consistent pizza houses in the country! Where ever I roam in my fulltime RV lifestyle! Wish you guys would extend your business to Brookings and other towns along the Oregon Coast with delivery and take out ONLY Xpress Pizza Huts to include pasta!

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