SeaQuake Brewing

400 Front St, Crescent City
(707) 465-4444

Recent Reviews

Heather F.

Service was fast, serving sizes were appropriate. Hipster boujee feel which I found refreshing for the location Kids enjoyed their meals, the fries were perfect. Beer was everything we hoped for!

Ana M.

It wasn't bad but it was nothing special; however compared to other restaurants in the area, it was one of the better ones. We were hungry in Crescent City and this place had something for every body in our family, plus dog friendly out doors seating. Service was friendly but a little slow. Some of the food was very bland and we had to ask for salt, and we are not an "add more salt" kind of family, it was just that bland. Calamari Strips: good Fish and chips: fish was very bland Clam chowder: bland Pastrami by the Sea: Ok Kid's menu chicken strips: bland

Natalie T.

This was one of the first dining outings my family and I felt racially discriminated. We understood that we had to wait to get in even though we did make sure to call ahead and ask about reservations, which they assured us they didn't do & ran on a "first come, first served" basis. We waited OVER an hour. The kicker is while we were waiting (as I'm checking our spots on the online wait list not moving up at all: which means these groups/couples weren't checked in and being seated), multiple groups (at least 5 different times) of predominantly white families and groups were being seated before us. We even overheard a couple saying "We didn't check in online yet but can you just squeeze us in?" and another group asking if they could be seated because they knew an employee. It was honestly ridiculous but I can't blame the entire corporation because of the two hostesses working Friday July 29, 2022 around 7/8 but it was difficult to enjoy the rest of our experience there after that. We finally get seated about 1.5hr later, our server got triple sat so I can't blame her but it took another 10 mins before we got a server and at that point we just put our entire order in. We did get a lot of food because we were all starving. So here are the honest ratings on the food. - The Bairdo's Curds: 8/10 They were a hit for the kids and would be enjoyable for anybody that fancies cheese. My personal opinion is quite biased because I'm lactose. It wasn't spectacular but definitely a must order for the family. - The SeaQuake Wings: 9.5/10 My standards for wings are pretty high and I don't know if it was because I hadn't ate all day but they were delicious. We got the mango habanero and it was fantastic. My favorite thing on the entire menu MUST ORDER! -0.5 points because it wasn't spicy - Mac n Cheese: 3/10 None of us really liked it and my sister was really excited about it but was disappointed. It was more like pasta and butter. The additional pulled pork definitely carried the dish. Not Recommended - The California Burger: 8.8/10 I love a good burger and this one definitely hit the spot. The only flaw was how it easily it fell apart but the bun was too die for and the meat was cooked exceptionally. - Galaxy Pulled Pork: 7/10 I had the Galaxy Pork SLIDERS back in 2017 I believe and the sandwich just doesn't hit the same. I definitely think that it was way more appealing and overall better as an appetizer. Nonetheless, it wasn't bad just a small letdown because the sliders were the reason I was compelled to return - Chicken Bowl and Drunken Tacos: 1.5/10 They were just both very dry and bland. Nobody really wanted to finish it either of the dishes. Waste of money. Not Recommended - Sweet Potato Fries were amazing definitely sub for those 9/10. Overall Averages: 4.7/10 - Food: 6.3 - Server: 8 Shoutout Taylor, I know she was very busy but she did a great job - Hostess/External Service: 0/10

Tatyana B.

This is a fun, huge space convenient to the main attractions/sights in Crescent City. We opted to eat at the bar rather than wait for a table. It seemed everyone was eating the cheese curds so we got those as well as the fish tacos. The food was good, I love the use of local, fresh ingredients. I had the apricot wheat beer, it was ok, and my husband was happy with his IPAs. The bartender was friendly and the food came out very quickly. Would certainly go back.

dylan murphy

Wow! Just like everyone said, this is the spot. Some of the best food my family has had after traveling all over North America. Definitely want to make reservations but even without it only took maybe thirty minutes at 6:15. You also can get drinks while you wait.Alex, our server, was fantastic!My family and I couldn't have been more impressed with the food at this brewery. We spent way more last night in Newport Beach, and it was good but not as good as this.The nachos with blacked shrimp was the best nachos any of us had had. And we eat nachos a lot."Snapper is amazing" my mom and everyone. This was the clear winner entree."Best prepared breaded fried fish I've ever had" from my dad who orders fish and chips everywhere.Jalapeno soup was great, carrot soup was even better, but the clam chowder was pretty amazing, and we get that like every meal.Liked the beer as well, but the food was outstanding.

Angelina M.

We visit the Redwoods frequently, and we ALWAYS make sure to stop here! They usually have 10 taps. My favorite is Chocolate Porter!!! This time, I also had a seasonal rotating apricot wheat--both are fabulous!! I'm vegetarian, so I get the crispy avocado tacos and my wife gets the pulled pork sandwich. Amazing food!! I wouldn't be able to coax my wife (a non drinker) to come to a brewery unless the food is superb. LOL. Fun fact: Seaquake also brews kombucha, and it is AMAZING!! Today, I got a six pack with pineapple and strawberry lemonade for camping.

Dfly C.

Great delicious beer, yummy pizza and a well dressed Caesar salad made for a pleasant lunch stop. Sat at noon and single at the bar, I got seated right away but it was a 30m wait for a table, many diners got a beer and sat in an improvised beer garden waiting area.

Rachel K.

After a few hours at the Tree of Mysteries, we were starving for some lunch. I had happened to see this place on TikTok (lol I know!) and decided to try it out. Beer was on point! Our apps especially the Nachos were sooo good!! A must place to try! Sadly, I took no ice but trust me, so worth a stop! Great service too

Lisa L.

This is a great spot to stop and enjoy a beer in Crescent city. They have real good quality food and I love the selection of brews. The views are great too you don't want to miss the spot.

Bonnie S.

If you want to sit at the bar, apparently trying to do the right thing and asking will result in a longer wait. At least that's our experience. We waited 30 min to sit at the bar...while some other patrons literally just walked in and sat down. Got served all the same...the staff just said they aren't supposed to do that but didn't do anything about it. The food was really good and once we sat down the bar tender was very friendly and helpful. We got cheese curds appetizer - garlic and mango jalapeño. They were so good with the sweet chili dipping sauce! For mains we got the battery point snapper and fish and chips. Both were good and fresh - the snapper could use a little more spice and salt. We really enjoyed our meals. They also had a really solid beer selection and seems like a great brewery.

Elise Cade

We absolutely loved it here! We had 2 flights and liked almost everything, and even the things we didn't prefer weren't bad by any means. We ordered the snapper and 9.2 burger. The snapper was out of this world! And the burger had amazing flavors, but the patty itself was a little drier than we prefer (ordered medium). The fries were good as well. They even asked if we wanted to split the plates, no extra charge! We had great service and such a fantastic experience.

Daniel K.

Nice brewpub. Friendly service. Nice outdoor seating area. Kid friendly. Good beer and food. Reservation logistics are efficient. A place worth checking out.

Jazzmin S.

Good beer and cider, Medium food. Nicest atmosphere restaurant in town. Honey rose cider was great, chicken wings ok


Good, lively place and decent food and service. Kinda the only game in town though. And they're capitalizing on it.


We waited over an hour but the handy app was easy to use (maybe get your name on the list before you go) and get notified once our table was ready. Spent the time at the great park across the street. Our server was super helpful and brought a sample of the mac n cheese before our son ordered it (good thing because it’s not really “kid” mac so he got something different). Chicken nachos were soooo good as an appetizer. My cob salad was enormous and fresh, the only complaint here being that the blue cheese dressing was actually ranch with some blue cheese crumbles on top (cheap move for a decent restaurant). Pizza dough and sauce were awesome, the cheese was overdone and greasy. And the signature burger was delish.

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