Taco Bell

370 M St, Crescent City
(707) 465-6512

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Chetar Ruby

Waited for 15 minutes In drive-thru. Never completed one order. Gave up.

Jen S.

I have been to a lot of T'Bell locations in my time. This place's tacos were well done. I was very happy. I know these places usually only get negative comments but this place is turning out quality fast food! Thanks for taking the time to do it right!

nichole palmer

This crew ?! Our truck died literally in the middle of us taking our order in their drive thru. In a time where good help is hard to find and good employees are even harder- this team saved our day. The employees continued to take orders from all the angry customers behind us, and helped us, when the easier thing to do would to let us just deal with it on our own. Eventually, with the help of the Taco Bell team and a Good Samaritan, we were able to be saved by a very sweet employee, that saved our day. I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Thank you again Team at Taco Bell!

Bryan Crabbe

SO MANY PEOPLE WORKING IN THE FOOD PRODUCTION LINE.Quick service.That’s how it was in San Jose, sooooo long ago…… :(

Aaron Clark

Not very fast. Not as clean as other TB's....but it was late....it worked.

Gabe C.

My family and I were coming through Crescent City on a road trip with a rental van and because their lobby was closed and the drive through didn't have a sign to indicate the height we decided that we'd just walk through the drive through. The short line in front of us was taking a while, and even after the car in front of us pulled forward we waited about 3 minutes before anyone said anything saying that we could order. And the first thing they said was "I'm sorry we can't do walk ups". I told them "That's fucking awesome, see ya". And walked away. And it didn't seem to be a Covid policy because there were signs around the building saying that the employees don't have to wear masks anymore. It's more than likely an anti homeless policy so they don't have to deal with people walking up to the window asking for water. I know it's not the employees policy, and I probably shouldn't have reacted like that but I hope the management see this and reconsiders how they operate. Either open your lobby or allow walk ups. 7/8/2022

Alicia A.

So let me tell you today I was in the line for 20 min. W/NO MOVEMENT within the 5 cars ahead of me. I called into the restaurant to let them how I was waiting so long and to see what was going on. While on the phone one car moved up. So I ended the call. I decided to leave bc I was on my hour lunch break. When I got back to my job some one called me on an blocked call I answered an the person said "stupid bitch" then hung up on me. I then called back and asked them if they called me and hung up and they said well if you weren't then we wouldn't have called u ..then hung up. Like WTF where they doing in there. Where they high or drunk??? I just wanted to eat man and they was taken for days just to get threw one car. It's not difficult to make tacos in burritos. Just saying!


Great fast food. Workers are trying to get the orders ready but staffing is an issue

Eric C.

Ok, what to say about the Taco Bell that we visited along our road trip. We were looking for a quick bite and this was our opportunity to get our fill on fast food joints where we hardly ever visit. Apparently there's an app online where you can get your order in early but unfortunately this still required us to pull into the drive through to confirm before they fill the order you already paid for online. Either way, the burrito, chalupa and soft shelled taco really hit the spot after a long day of driving. Service was quick and I'm not sure if I would necessarily be looking for "attitude" when being served at a Taco Bell but I thought service was great. This location is sort of off the main road and does require some navigating to get to.

Ghost Rogue Adventures

5/13 8PM.. Waited a long time just to receive very cold chalupas! Cold to the touch along with the inside. It wasn’t even busy. Disappointing.

Chris Rhoades

Wow, nailed a very complicated order (including a request for three of each sauce packet) and was very courteous at the drive through whilst I was try to figure out what end was up. My friend, you deserve a raise!

Damon Gates

Great service chicken bacon ranch burrito is a must try. Taco bell needs to bring back the Mexican pizza

GlitzyGurl PlayzGamez

I taco bell is awesome I recommend because I always get number 4 and it's delicious, go to taco bell

Donald Roth

It's Taco Bell. With all the crazy experimental millennial focused specials.

lil scary

Great food and good service would go there again&again

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