Alexander's Patisserie

19379 Stevens Creek Blvd #100, Cupertino
(408) 886-3333

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Caeles Marie

I came here for the afternoon tea with a small group of fellow tea lovers. Normally the Patisserie is outside seating only but since it was quite cold and rainy they moved us to a room in the steakhouse.I feel like the afternoon tea has potential to be great but they need to work on their service. I have been to many tea rooms and tea services and there are certain things you expect.1) Condiments (jam/lemon curd, whipped cream or Devonshire) already at the table.2) Milk and sweetener enough for everyone provided early or already at the table.3) Plenty of hot water for refills. The server should come by and check to make sure you have enough.The food overall was very good. The scones were so buttery and they brought us premium French butter on the side. Homemade jam was delicious. The desserts were amazing gorgeous. I particularly liked the chocolate mousse. I couldn’t finish them all and needed a box.The sandwiches were mostly meh. We each got 4. A Turkey melt (divine), a mini lobster roll(fishy), egg salad (pungent -maybe truffled? My table mates liked it) and crab salad(my favorite).We had to ask for milk 3 times. They didn’t bring enough for everyone at first. The tiny pots of jam were not enough so we had to ask for more (3 people to a tablespoon is not much).After we got all our items they kind of forgot about us… one person got up to hunt down a server so we could ge more hot water (it was really dead inside at lunch) They only gave us two smallish tea pots. I thought the service at Alexander’s was supposed to be legendary.I feel like I would give them another chance but if you have a group definitely contact them in advance and let them know your expectations. Especially at this price point. It’s a premium tea.

Obi Singh

A good array of sweets at display but the service is extremely poor. I guess it might not be their fault, goes back to the employer and training they were offered!

Ibby Su

I came here to buy a specific cake. At first they told me it was sold out, but after another clerk came in and whispered to the first clerk, they kept changing their minds and swapping answers between the cake being sold out and available, which really confused me! In the end, the clerks decided to sell me the cake, but no more than 30 minutes after I bought it, the cake started to disintegrate as if it wasn’t properly made or cooled……

Sandee L.

We wanted some desserts that were a little fancier than the usual to celebrate my bf's dad's 80th. They all looked like pieces of fine art! It was hard to decide! We finally settled on the earl grey chocolate mousse, little Tahiti, ispahan and opera cake. The only one the four of us unanimously liked was the little Tahiti. Light as a cloud, but packed with vanilla flavor. I'd consider the bigger cake for future family gatherings. The other three fell flat for me. Particularly the ispahan, which had the taste and texture of a fruitcake. Yes, the ones that people notoriously regift because they don't like them... Lots of attention to detail when it came to packaging. Each one was taped to the bottom of the box so it wouldn't move in transit. Appreciate that. Check in on Yelp for a free hot or iced coffee!

Genevieve B.

The service was awful. We literally had to go in several times to ask them for help. The food was only mediocre. And then they mixed up our trays so they had an equal amounts on them. And it was $65 per person plus a required 20% service fee. Absolutely no way this tea is worth $80. Oh and we sat outside as there's literally no indoor seating. I feel like we got scammed.

Betty C.

We came here for afternoon tea and it was a strange and rainy weekend (atypical) so they moved us indoors into a private dining area where they set up the afternoon tea spots. Although we prepaid on tock and didn't have an opportunity to tell us we were celebrating a bday, when we told the server they still gave us a little bday dessert. Also we asked for cotton candy for our daughter and they were nice enough to make it happen even though that is not part of the tea experience. Didn't feel hurried or rushed. Very spacious for our daughter (age 3) to be at, thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Arthur Tiv

Management response is above and beyondWe have called and checked for cake in stock. We also let know that we are coming to buy and pick it up. 10 min after in the store the seller claim led that another order got in and picked it what we have been coming after. It is amazing how one person can change the business service perception.As we have spoke to the restaurant manager he went above and beyond to fix the perception and actually addressed the issue right away.It is always about to have the right people !

Ashley C.

I came here to get dessert for my dad for Father's Day. I remember going into the Mountain View location and I've always wanted to try their desserts because they look so pretty and delicious. I decided to get the Empress (chocolate hazelnut mousse), Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse), and Little Hana (ube). They were all delicious. Next time I'd probably buy a full size one. I never knew there's a Cupertino location. It's hidden next to Alexander's Steak House to the right of the restaurant. There's some tables right outside the bakery. If you actually want a nice indoor sit down area, I'd go to the Mountain View location.

Sarina C.

I did their afternoon tea service with a group of 4. It was good, but service, ambience, and food combined were definitely not worth price of ~$85 with tax included. The food was decent but not great. Some notable bites were the Lobster Club Sandwich and the King Crab Salad Sandwich. I also have a sweet tooth and liked the desserts, although I didn't finish all of it. Dessert was half the meal. The tea felt pretty cheap. The service wasn't great because the place seemed understaffed. I only saw one person working at the dessert shop AND serving all the afternoon tea services. She forgot our tea order and cream request a few times.

Heather S.

Meh. Matcha croissant had way too much filling so all you could taste was matcha. While I appreciate a substantial filling it was just way too much, I want to taste the croissant too. Also got the carrot cake cupcake in a cup and it was mediocre at best. For the money spent it was subpar.

Stephen Lund

Not sure where to start on this review, overall it was a disappointing experience. We were super excited to have afternoon tea, my daughter wants to go to England on our next trip. Let's start with the tea: we chose earl gray, black with peach and peppermint. The best was the earl gray however they refill your tea (add water to the pot) and none of the teas even got half the flavor as the first round.One thing I am going to disagree with on most other reviews is the luxury upgrade was worth it, the sliders were amazing. The rest of the snacks were overall a let down. The sandwiches were smoked salmon and ham/cheese and the bread was quite dry especially towards the edges. It would have been great to start with a lighter, fresher sandwich (cucumber for example) as overall the food was heavy. The scones were good but nothing special. The pastries were the best of the experience but none that I would make a trip over for.Lots of potential but not worth the cost.

Lekha Z.

Cute and dainty teas and treats! Perfect for afternoon reading.

Krislyn C.

We had a pleasant time here for afternoon tea. It was easy to make a reservation and easy to update the reservation by emailing directly. I'm glad we got the wagyu slider luxury upgrade because it would have felt like a lot of sweets otherwise. The slider was absolutely delicious. You get a lot of different mini desserts which is fun, and the scones were really buttery. We were really missing a classic lemon curd or clotted cream for the scones. Instead they have jams and a French butter. The finger sandwiches were okay. Nothing spectacular but not bad either. I do wish we could have also order the crab sandwich upgrade. It only let you pick one online, and we didn't think about adding it once all the food came out. The tea had good flavor, but I do think the plating was a bit boring. It'd be fun to have more colorful dishes and utensils to use. The napkins were also extremely linty/dusty although clean. I could see pieces of lint fly up in the air and land on our shiny glazed desserts. Overall great service from the staff and a fun experience.

Ann P.

It's not the best macarons I've had. But to be fair I eat a lot of them throughout my travels. I do have to give them credit for a beautiful gift ready presentation and boxing/packaging. I all want to give them credit for beautiful and creative flavors. They have so many unique flavors to explore. That was my favorite part of this bakery. The flavor options are super creative and fun. And the flavors are very spot on!

chanchoy p.

First time here, service was average. We did the tasting menu it was about $86 a person. The tasting menu was different pastry's, desserts and hot tea. Overall the tasting menu was 6/10 nothing stood out to me and it was a bit disappointing for the price. The food looked good, but was average. The tea smelled fantastic, but tasted nothing special. The biggest downside for us was the outdoor seating. There were tons of flies that bothered us during our meal nonstop, so we weren't able to enjoy it.

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