19501 Stevens Creek Blvd #102, Cupertino
(408) 343-1213

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Munish Sharma

The lady over there wasn’t helpful at all and we ended up buying 2 scoops (hot fudge is a joke) for 10$Ice-creams are decent.

Katie N.

What's better than a freshly baked cookie with creamy delicious ice cream?...not much! I love these ice cream sand who he's because they taste so fresh. If cookies aren't your thing, you can also get just the ice cream which is great too. My favorite ice cream if you are a vanilla base fan is the churro ice cream. I recommend getting a combo of 2 different types of cookies. There is so much ice cream in between the two that you can eat them separately if that's your thing. Great management here. Staff is friendly. Store is clean. They also have cute seating outside if you are looking to sit. However, very little to no seating inside.

Pranay Surana

Not a great place to get ice cream.Portion size was small for a 2 scoop ice cream, compared to cold stone or others.Asked for roasted almonds, but the owner put in peanuts. I'd have given her the benefit of doubt, but she did it twice to both our orders.The spoons were not meant for ice cream. Kept bending.There are other places nearby worth the money.

Anthony N.

If you're looking for some good ice cream, then look no further. More expensive than Baskin Robbins or DQ, but so worth it. No sure I'd bring small children only because they'll not appreciate how great this place is. Save the $1.00 soft serve for them. The staff at Cream are friendly too. Might I suggest the double chocolate. It's fantastic.

Leonard S.

I bought a box of cookies for my co-workers to celebrate one of my co-workers' one-year work anniversary. I ordered online late at night and it was ready for pickup within minutes. The owner even offered four additional free cookies for me, talking about excellent customer service. The cookies, although quite pricy, were amazing. One of the best tasting cookies I ever had. I will return in the future.

Erich L.

Bay Area ice cream shop I haven't had before. They have some vegan options which is always a plus. They are known for ice cream cookie sandwiches and we got one vegan. It was very good and couldn't even tell there's no dairy. Also had a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough on a waffle cone that has chocolate and fruity pebble's on it. Good tasty quality ice cream.

Google Account

You definitely should compare the picture here to the pictures that this restaurant is posting in their listing before you consider placing an order. This is 3 “scoops”.

Aravind R

Nice place for a good variety of ice creams . Reasonable price, good quantity of scoops. Located right next to Steven creek and optometry near main Street Cupertino.

Harini Jagadeesan

Their icecreams are good AND they are open late - well suited for the late night icecream cravings!

Daniel G.

Good ice cream shop with very friendly staff. Parking is just around the corner and pricing is comparable with other ice cream shops.

Kristal S.

Not only do they sell delicious ice cream sandwiches, they also have GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Komal Patil

We tried their blueberry cheesecake and green tea ice cream. Both were really good.You can also taste the flavors before getting.They have lots of options with ice creams and ice cream sandwiches. Also multiple options with cones and scoops.

Abresha T.

This place sucks first try here got a custom cookie milkshake that tasted like they put a teaspoon of ice cream and all milk. I should have just bought a carton of milk and the cookie was rock hard. Try #2 got two mediocre at best Sundaes the brownie wasn't good and the sugar cookie in the other one again was hard as a rock. The ice cream is just ok and the put only a drizzle of caramel wanted a caramel sundae... will not be going here again save your money and go get a McDonald's sundae or something! Only one sundae picture because the other was in the trash already

Roma F.

Very bad ice cream. Don't even try. Got a chocolate flavor and it tasted like water. Plus u get charged a $ for every topping.

Amey Naik

Serving fudge in a large cup is bad idea. Better to serve in a bowl

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