HiroNori Craft Ramen

10815 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino
(408) 982-3820

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Shiqi Nian

HiroNori is hands down one of my favorite ramen restaurants around the area.I ALWAYS order the Tonkotsu ramen with the original thick noodles and less salt in the broth. (When you ask for less salt, the server gives you a small cup of extra unsalted broth on the side). The waiters are always polite and extremely understanding when I ask for the light salted broth.The ramen itself is absolutely delightful. Creamy broth, chewy noodles, tender chashu, and a well made 1/2 egg. What more can you ask for in a bowl of ramen?I’ve been to the HiroNori Santa Clara location before, and I honestly think this new Cupertino location is better in terms of seating, service, and food. Will definitely be back many more time.

Karen Wang

We tried each of their ramen offerings.The tonkatsu broth is really great, very creamy.The shoyu broth is very chickeny. A little bit different.The vegan (sesame miso) broth is slightly spicy.Both the thick noodles and thin noodles were delicious, but I'd probably go with their recommendation of the thick noodles.

Jessica C.

Decided to try a new ramen place in the area and it did not disappoint!! My husband and I both got the Tonkatsu ramen; I got the thick noodle and he got thin. We were both very amazed by how good it was! We also got the tuna crispy rice and I highly recommend it too! So so good!!! I'm sure we'll be back soon!

Elaine Y.

Love love love this place. So happy they are closer to me now. This location has alot more seating than the Santa Clara location. The servers are so friendly and helpful. And their water is so refreshing. They infuse frit and mint. So nice!! I will say I decided I like their thin noodles better. The focus is then on the delicious broth and char sui!! The char sui is perfectly tender with great flavor. I love how they give you little containers of spicy and garlic and you add the amount you want... Love that. And they give just the right amount of ramen and soup. The first time we were there I could only finish 2/3 but I devoured it all my 2nd visit. Just didn't have as so many crispy chicken and we bypassed the crispy rice with tuna. I wasn't a fan of their crispy noodle and tuna. Was hard to eat and was just okay. Will just focus on the crispy chicken! We also tried the crispy chicken. Wow wow wow. So tender and flavorful. It's not crunchy which is fine so the focus is on the tender juicy chicken. The dipping sauce was delicious as well. Am so happy they are close by though parking can be challenging. But worth it?

Ryan B.

HiroNori is definitely one of my top choices for ramen on the West Coast. I've now tried two locations (Irvine and Cupertino) and both locations have been consistent in quality, speed of service and friendliness. You can taste the quality of each ingredient in your bowl, from the 24 hour boiled richness in the broth to the fresh cut noodles and high quality pork. Every bite and slurp is a ramen lovers dream. I love that fresh chopped garlic and the house spicy sauce come free with every bowl upon request. I also love that they aren't cheap about the amount of black garlic oil they provide. Some places have really small portions of black garlic oil but this place hooks it up! If you're a ramen lover in SoCal or the Bay Area, you need to drop by HiroNori and give them a try!

Gesant Classen

One of the best Tonkotsu ramen I ever eaten

Jason M.

HiroNori ramen is very underrated. I went on a Saturday around 12pm and was seated immediately. Although this plaza is pretty popular so finding parking was a little difficult. I got the Tonkotsu ramen with thick noodles and was very happy. The broth is different from other ramen spots I've had, a bit more creamy but not too rich and not too salty which I actually appreciated a lot! The Charsiu that came with it was very tender and cooked perfectly! Additionally, they provide chili sauce/garlic on the side, (I of course poured it all in) and it really enhanced the flavor for me. If you want a spot that is not too expensive, has a shorter wait than other ramen spots, and still has great quality -- HiroNori is your spot! I will definitely come back here again!

Toni C.

If you needed a sign to try HiroNori, look no further. I've been a faithful customer since 2019 so this review truly is overdue. Let's cover the basics: Food: 11/10 - Yes, you read that correctly. HiroNori deserves all the hype. I've ordered the Shoyu Ramen fairly religiously and have had friends try their Tonkatsu Ramen and both dishes are superb. In my experience, the differentiator between good ramen and great ramen is contingent upon the broth; HiroNori has managed to perfect this and whether you opt for the thin noodle or thick noodle, it's hard to go wrong! Wait time: 7.5/10 - The wait is to be expected... and in my opinion, warranted, considering the amount of people they serve on any given day. I've been at all times of the day and have come to expect a wait but trust, it's *ALWAYS* been worth it. Service: 10/10 - Over the 15+ times I've been to HiroNori (Santa Clara, Cupertino and San Mateo locations), I've never been met with less than great service! They're very busy so I try and grant extra grace but the waitstaff is always kind and attentive! Like I said, this was your sign to try HiroNori! Thank me later :)

Yen-Ju Chen

The broth was good. The egg was good. The meat was okay but the thick noodle was not good. It’s not chewy as Japanese style Ramen. Maybe I’m setting a wrong expectation.

Farhana M.

My third time ordering from this restaurant. This location is definitely much bigger than the Santa Clara one and you don't need a reservation. Got the crispy chicken, which was tasty, and the sauce that comes with this side is great. Ordered the vegan ramen with black garlic oil which is now vegan as well. This was meh, glad i tried it but not needed. The beau was very skeptical about this restaurant. He also ordered the vegan ramen and was amazed at the creaminess and tastiness. He says this may be the best ramen he's ever had.

Elaine Wang

Came here around 2 years ago, but it was good. Nice flavorful tonkotsu broth. The karaage was good. The baked rice and guabao were okay.

Kelli K.

The vegan ramen tasted so different from regular ramen but in a good way! This ramen was sesame- miso flavored and the sesame was the predominant flavor. The broccolini was a delicious and unique topping. The salad mix was also an interesting topping in the ramen. Both veggies were good! I ordered my ramen with chashu since I'm not vegan and one can never go wrong with chashu. The noodles were great. I got the thick noodles and they were chewy and delicious. Overall, I might get this ramen again. 8/10

Noob Saibot

Got the tonkatsu ramen, the broth was super thick and good, the pork was soft and flavorful but the best part was the hot sauce that you could add to the broth. Ups the game, I swear I could drink that for days. Would come again

Nicee Sevilla

Great service and the ramen is delicious

Grace T.

Thought the food here was decent. I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen with thick noodles and the garlic/spicy paste. My only issue with the ramen was that it was really salty and left me feeling super dehydrated. I did really like the texture of the noodles and the soft boiled egg! I went around 1 on a weekday so there was no wait, which was nice! We were also served the food super quickly. Might come back to try a lighter broth ramen next time!

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