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aq xin

Came in on a Sunday for lunch and it was fairly busy. Ordered the Akamaru Modern, was slightly spicy and egg was cooked perfectly. Just wish the noodles were more chewy. My group enjoyed this place!

Shirley C

I came here with 2 other people on a Sunday at around 11am. Since they just opened for the day, there weren't too many people, and there were plenty of tables. However, when we got there, there wasn't anyone to greet at the door, so we added our party to the Yelp waitlist.. which we were unable to see our reservation on the waitlist after we joined it. Not sure if they even actually utilize it for seating..? We waited another 5 mins before going in and just telling them our party and getting seated.Menus are available by scanning a QR code with your phone, which is standard these days during the pandemic. Do note that they require everyone in the party to order something as a minimum. "1 order minimum per guest" So, no sharing between two people if you don't eat that much? It looks like they also note that you cannot add people to your party once you're seated. 18% automatic gratuity for parties of 6+.Our server took our order quickly, without utilizing anything to remember our order. The food came out quickly, but our appetizers and additional toppings for the ramen were nowhere to be seen. Turns out that our server completely forgot about those items, and only put in the orders for the ramen itself. You see... taking orders without any notepad or tablet is only impressive when you take the order correctly..The ramen itself is just okay, nothing to be impressed about. I ordered the Karaka Spicy with soft thin noodles.. and unfortunately I tasted more of the "hot spices," which seems like chili oil of some sort, than I did of the tonkatsu broth..I wanted to like Ippudo, but sadly I wasn't too impressed. Needless to say, I won't be returning, since there's plenty of other restaurants in the area.

Andrea Tai

The most unimpressed I’ve been by a ramen place… I’ve never seen a ramen place serve up a soft-boiled egg looking like this……..

yomi matsuoka

Not bad but the broth should be a bit hotter and saltier

P Nguyen

Okay ramen, okay noodles, okay broth. Good service. It did not take too long to get the food, but it was not fast either

Jung Lee

This is the Cupertino outlet of this chain ramen shop out of Japan. I had the SHIROMARU CLASSIC and the GOMA Q and the TAKOYAKI. All were quite good. Noodles were al dente in the beginning and as you ate they would soften and absorb this pork flavor, seasonings and picked vegetable flavors. This was a good set of dishes for Japanese ramen.

Aishwarya Sabane

We ordered the vegetarian ramen and buns. The broth was delicious and the veggie buns were scrumptious. They are definitely my new favorite!

Ray M.

My favorite ramen place in the Bay Area. To me, their broth, especially that in the Akamaru Modern, is the best. The chashu pork is so tasty too that you just have to add an extra slice of it. Can't leave without having their pork buns too. The special mayo in it makes it so good and so addicting. Service is fast. These days (could be COVID times), wait for a table is not bad even on Friday and Saturday nights.

Mike L.

I'm so sad because my visit was not how my expectation was. I came during an off time when it was not too crowded. Ippudo was at about 40% capacity so service should've been great. This was the complete opposite - I waited about 15 minutes after being seated and had to flag the staff down just for water or ordering. The waitress didn't seem to have experience as my order wasn't placed after 10 minutes (the order screen was within reading distance). I tried the shiromaru classic as well as the karaage (3 piece). The class was okay. The broth was creamy, full bodied, and fatty as you could see little globules of fat floating around. The chashu was very thin but melt in your mouth. If I came back, I would suggest getting the miso instead of the classic as the miso had even more flavor. I also didn't like how some toppings were add ons considering that these should be included in the price. The karaage came about 15 minutes after I had finished the ramen which was odd since it's an appetizer. The karaage was not my favorite - it was bland and hard to eat. The pieces are big but looks as if different parts of the chicken thigh are glued together. Overall, I was pretty bummed with the experience. The staff needs more training as service was horrible (1 of 5 stars) since no one took care of us during the visit. The food is okay but expensive if you add on sides like eggs (3 of 5 stars). Also the POS is kind of a POS. I had many issues paying the bill - there were many errors with the POS and would fail when I tapped my card or inserted it.

Vivian C.

~~ F O O D {+} Miso Tonkotsu This came with a pat of BUTTER on it. I'm not kidding. A STRAIGHT UP THICK PAT OF BUTTER. The pork chashu was tender and fatty. It melted in my mouth. DELICIOUS. I couldn't really taste the miso. It didn't seem that different from a standard tonkotsu, the toppings are a little different with corn, cabbage, and half an egg instead of the kikurage mushrooms. Maybe it was a little creamier and a little richer. But it was hard to tell. ~~ S E R V I C E When I arrived around 6:30, I signed up on the Yelp Waitlist and we were number one on the list with a less than 5 minute wait. We waited outside for them to call us. BUT... they never called us. Then we saw another couple enter and NOT use the Yelp waitlist and they got seated immediately. Then, I went in to check our table and we got seated. What??? Hey Ippudo....don't offer the Yelp waitlist, if you aren't actually going to use it to call parties. It is such a misleading feature!! So frustrating! We ordered our food and we waited until 7:45 PM to get our food. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I didn't want to complain because my friend and I were having a good conversation. But, we waited a LONG time. People who ordered AFTER us got their food before us. NOT COOL. And we received NO APOLOGY. When we got the check, they just left their handheld device on our table and when we got up, I had to go find a server to give it back. What is this? I didn't see anyone else have to do this. What the heck? How do you even know I paid? I know this place is popular, but that does not excuse the poor service. It wasn't even that busy, it was a Tuesday night! Again...Not cool. Also...this place does NOT take reservations! ~~ A M B I A N C E I like that this place has high ceilings. It makes it spacious. There is high top/bar counter height seating in the middle. The tables for two are SMALL. Probably less than 2 feet on the shorter side.

Lisa W.

I think I just found my new ramen spot that I will crave here and there from now. I've always wanted to try this since they originated in Japan. I finally came on a cold night to savor a bowl of noodles. We got seated right away, the restaurant can probably hold up to a max 45-50 people if fully packed. I ordered the kakara ramen and my friend ordered the shiromaru. The noodles are the hakata thin type noodles and let me just say, are the best! I asked for firm because I don't like soggy noodles. The broth is super rich and it was well balanced with everything that comes in the bowl; 2 huge pieces of tender chashu, green onions, mushroom, black garlic oil, and add on tamago(+$2.5). The second time around, I ordered the Akumaru modern with tokyo wavy noodles(the thicker noodles). I felt like the Akumaru was lacking something, not sure if the broth just didn't taste right that night, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the first time I came. Nonetheless, i still finished my bowl because Ippudo is actually different from all the other ramen spots I've had. Their tonkotsu broth is out of this world, so creamy and rich in flavor. If you want some bomb ramen, come check this place out.

Emily P.

This is a great ramen place! I came by yesterday for lunch with my boyfriend and was a bit intimidated by the 30-45 minute wait but still put down my name on the waitlist. We only waited less than 5 minutes before we got a text that our table was ready. We ordered the akamaru classic, takoyaki, chicken karaage bowl and karaka spicy. Our ramen actually came out faster than our appetizers. I really liked the akamaru classic - the broth was flavorful and it wasn't super spicy. There's a decent amount of chashu (which is the best, because it's the worst when there's barely enough chashu in ramen). The takoyaki was good and piping hot. The karaage bowl had way more rice than karaage so it might be more worth it to order a karaage starter instead. Yelp says that there's a waitlist but you can't actually sign up until you get to Ippudo. Parking can be tough since it can get really crowded during peak meal times.

Elisabeth Lee

Akamaru modern taste was great. Highly recommend adding the special combination that comes with egg, nori and chashu for $5. Total 21+ tax for lunch time.Service was efficient.Ambiance was clean and nice.


Okay ramen but have had better experiences at other Ippudos.

Emmie L.

I started off with the pork buns and YUM! The buns were nice and fluffy and the pork was tasty. I think what would have made it even better is if they had added pickled cucumber slices or daikon. 4 stars. The ramen was really good but not the best I've had. I got the classic and it had a clean taste that's not fatty/ full bodied (which I would have preferred). I added the soft boiled egg but when I took a bite, it was really cold and over cooked- I was hoping for more of a slightly runny egg. 3.5 stars

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