KoJa Kitchen

19700 Vallco Pkwy Suite 130, Cupertino
(408) 217-8608

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Ariel C.

Good value and I like that they give a good amount of veggies (spring mix). It's a balanced meal. Short ribs are on the sweeter side.Don't really recommend the taco, only because the tortilla is too thick.


Fast service and decent portion size.

D Pak

It's good fusion but it just doesn't fly with me. I ordered the pork koja and the short rib bowl. The pork koja is made like a portable rice bowl which is delicious but the rice buns are not cooked enough for me. I was hoping for a slightly crispier texture as the buns did not hold up while I was biting into my meal. The short rib bowl was standard in my opinion and didn't "wow" me enough to think something of it.

Joe Williams

An absolute pleasure every time. The koja original sandwich + the umami fries are perfection. Such a cool restaurant. I really wish something like this existed in Atlanta. I can’t come into San Jose without coming!

Michelle L.

Tasty food for a reasonable price. We ordered a side of fries and two Original KoJa burgers which had well seasoned meet and a crispy rice bun. The portions were on the smaller size for me and my friend, but definitely recommend for a light lunch and meet up.

Annie Y.

I love Koja Kitchen! They have street parking or you can park for free in their parking garage. I tried their braised pork Koja and their wings. The braised pork koja comes with rice, salad, and braised pork. It was pretty good and had enough flavor. Their wings were also good, I got the non-spicy ones, so I don't recall which flavor their wings were (definitely not the buffalo wings). They have limited seating inside, but when I went, it wasn't packed. Recommendation(s): - Braised Pork Koja - Wings Service: 5/5 Tip(s): - They accept Apple Pay - Street parking or parking in their garage

Linda M.

I first had KoJa kitchen at their Berkeley location almost a decade ago. It was good then and good now! The quality has continued to hold up as they expand. I opted for the beef taco and of course, the classic kamikaze fries. There were two other parties waiting for their food when I came in. A good amount of tables were cordoned off for COVID reasons. They seemed kind of short staffed. The guy running the register was also making all the food. Easy enough to order, after ordering I noticed that there was a contactless order kiosk near the window. Oops. Stood around waiting for my order for a few minutes. It was piping hot and fresh when I got it. They packed it up well enough that the food didn't shift during the drive home. Kamikaze fries are of course, super good! The taco was also surprisingly good. I just wanted to try something besides their baos to switch it up. Would return and continue to sample the menu!

Connor M

Good Korean-Japanese food, prices are fair for the area, and the setting is nice imo.

Edna C.

Fun fact: KoJa is named after its Korean-Japanese fusion concept. I remember there was a lot of hype when KoJa first opened, then it dialed down a bit when they expanded locations. Now it's become something of a fast-casual and mall food staple--we are so spoiled in the Bay Area! The Cupertino location is a cute sit-down place. The vibes are really nice, with trendy lighting, a hip backdrop of brick and naked light bulbs, and lots of plants. The menu is the same as the other locations. I usually get a KoJa, their signature. That garlic rice buns are to die for! The texture reminds me the crispy goodness of onigiri, and the patty shape has optimized the surface area for maximal crispiness P: It has a great flavor too, subtly garlicky. To be honest I would be perfectly satisfied with just eating the garlic rice buns so I don't care too much for the filling, but that is well crafted too. The hearty marinated meats contrast well with the tangy and crisp sesame vinaigrette lettuce. If I'm dining with a friend, I'll usually also get one of their waffle fries to share. You can't go wrong with waffle fries that has bunch of toppings and sauce, though you should try to eat it quickly before the fries get soggy. Other notes: - The staff were efficient and the food was ready promptly - Space was well-kept and clean - Plenty of street parking nearby - Pricing is very reasonable. Expect to spend $15 - Not too busy on a weekend; it's a good option if you are looking for somewhere to eat out that's delicious and quick - For better or for worse, a bunch of dessert places (Meet Fresh, Sul & Beans, Somi Somi, 85c) are conveniently located around the corner

Shirin B.

Came here for the first time after seeing all the hype around these KoJa's and honestly... I hate to say it but they were quite average. Maybe the valley fair location is better or the food trucks have better food, but KoJa Kitchen sadly wasn't the best I've had. Small and pretty basic sandwhiches that lacked texture and satisfaction, I'd much rather have a classic burger or just a tofu rice bowl or a chicken rice bowl. If I end up here again maybe I'll try that or their fries!

Kevin B.

I really like this place. We've been here quite a few times since it opened. The service is always quick, and they've never made a mistake. I always get three tacos: beef, chicken, and pork. My family gets other stuff. I think the tacos are a really nice alternative to Mexican. My daughter likes the kamikaze fries. I need to try the wings sometime, but I really like the tacos!

Karen S.

Was just okay. Had the original kola, bbq short rib. I liked the concept with the fried crispy rice "bun". But the meat was kind of hard little pieces and some gristle on a few pieces as well. The sauce was ok, just a little sweet for my taste. Was curious to try.

Alex K.

Koja Kitchen is a nice place a the back of Main Street Cupertino. Lots of room to sit and enjoy your food, plus the line is usually not long. The cooks were decently quick to make the food and get it out to us. We ordered the chicken koja and the spam musubi. The portions are a bit on the smaller size, so I would suggest getting a little more to have a good sized meal. The food itself was delicious. The chicken in the koja was cooked really well and had a lot of flavor. The rice bun had a nice crunch to it. The spam musubi had a little modern twist to it with the added egg, bacon and avocado on top of the spam. However, personally it could use a bit more flavor to it, especially the spam. Overall, we did enjoy our food and it was worth the price.

Jo S.

First time here. Order and pay using the IPad at front entrance. Easy parking in ga We ordered the Chicken Koja sandwich with rice bun; Bulgogi Bun Burger; 2 chicken tacos; and Kamikaze fries. Everything was very good and we will definitely go back again!

Michel Jiang

Got the short rib bowl and umami fries, the bowl was pretty good, but umami fries are just normal fries?

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