Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

19600 Vallco Pkwy Suite 160, Cupertino
(408) 861-0155

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Julie W.

A sushi bar that has a revolving conveyor belt, electronic ordering tablet, robot, and employees. This place was too crowded for me in the past. Today, on a weekday, I added two of us to the waitlist and there was no wait at noon. People were coming and going so it was perfect. There was a variety of sushi on the conveyor belt that was in covered plastic containers. We ordered potstickers, rolls, and deep fried crab, my new favorite from the tablet. The dishes came directly to our table/booth. I like how it's just a few pieces so you can order a bigger variety and share. As you throw your plates in the slot, after so many you get a cute cartoon. My kids loved this place when they were little.

Ampaporn K.

I came to pick up my order as Kura-Cupertino email me to pick it up at 6:10 pm. on Wednesday 11th, January. I came about 6:33 pm. My order was not ready yet. The waitress told me to waiting 5 more minutes and told me to wait outside after rained and the weather was too cold. Outside of the restaurant had only a couple (1 line) waiting, for my opinion they should flexible to let me stand inside for only 5 minutes. It not too busy at that moment and I waited it a little corner so not distracted any people walked in and out. I'm working in the hospital standing, and walking all day long. Then yes, I'm not in a good mood to got treated like this.

Stephen C.

This was our third time at Kura. We kind of knew what to expect. We came here because it was gonna be fun for the kids to try sushi on a conveyor belt. We knew the sushi would be lower quality and that stayed at par and more or less met our expectations. The wait for this place is still longer than what one would expect. The service was decent. It is funny how they still need so many waiters with the automated system. The waiters brought water and wasabi. The water cups had several that were worn out and chipped plastic. A little unsafe for use and should just be disposed of. The prices were a little high for the quality. The tables and seating areas were still a little dirty. There was leftover food scraps in the plate counting machine. Kind of grossed out about that. But in the end you know what to expect. We will probably not come again for another year.

Lani M.

I recently visited Kura Revolving Sushi Bar and was pleasantly surprised by the fast service and fun atmosphere. While the sushi may not be the freshest or highest quality, it is still a solid choice for a quick fix. My personal favorites were the negitoro, masago, and eel. It was also cool to see the robot bring over the water and wasabi. One unique feature of Kura is the option to either grab sushi off the revolving bar or order directly from the screen. I found it convenient to just order from the screen since I knew what I wanted, but the revolving bar adds to the overall fun experience. In addition to sushi, Kura also offers other dishes such as ramen and udon. I tried the tantan men and tonkotsu ramen, but they didn't measure up to ramen restaurant quality in my opinion. On the other hand, the ice cream at the end of the meal was a nice touch. Overall, Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is a good option for a quick and enjoyable sushi fix with a fun atmosphere.

Joshua L.

I have to lower the rating for a couple reasons. First, while the quality is still high, the increased prices have turned the place from one to visit reasonably often into a place only for special occasions. Second, the fact that the app no longer allows for joining the waitlist at this location (when the app still works for OTHER locations' waitlists) is frustrating.

Allie G.

Such a fun and unique experience! We visited Kura on a Thursday afternoon and didn't have to wait at all for a table - probably because it was a weird time of day and we were a party of 2. I hadn't had conveyor belt sushi in years, so this was very exciting. You just grab the items off the conveyor belt and they get added onto your bill once you deposit the empty plates into the slot in the wall. You're also able to order items through the kiosk screen and they get delivered to you on a little bullet train. The menu was larger than I expected and featured nigiri, rolls, hand rolls, gunkan, hot and cold sides, udon, ramen, and desserts. I mostly stuck to sushi and tried a little bit of everything - the Umami Oil Seared Beef, Aburi Salmon with Miso Cream Cheese, Shrimp Avocado Roll (great sauce), Salmon Yukhoe (my favorite!), Premium American Beef, Tamago, Toro, etc. While the sushi here is potentially not the freshest, it mostly tasted great. For every 5 empty plates you deposit, you're supposed to get a fun animation on your screen, but unfortunately our kiosk wouldn't play them. You're also supposed to get a toy/prize after 15 plates, but we didn't make it that far. My other favorite part was the robot that delivered our beverages. We ordered Green Tea through the kiosk and the robot politely delivered it, along with some wasabi - SO cute! I also ended up trying the Plum Wine Shot, which was sweet and surprisingly strong. I do wish they had a larger drink menu, but it's mostly limited to beer and sake. We shared a Hokkaido Milk Creamy Tart for dessert, which I loved. Will totally return!

Quoc H.

No wait when we came for Sunday dinner. Parking on the street was surprising easy. The place was packed though. Inside was a bit messy. They definitely can clean it up a lot more as our table was a little sticky and the soy sauce bottle was leaking. Service doesn't really exist because the experience is ordering through the revolving sushi line. Food overall was great! Everything we had was made well and fresh! Highlight were the salmon nigiri dishes. Came out to around ~$75 for 20 dishes that had 2-3pc ea. value wise that's absolute garbage. You're paying for the revolving experience which was just meh. Will not fill you up unless you're going to drop $50+/person

Alicia L.

I like this location better than Pleasanton's location as far as food quality goes, but the wait time for this spot especially on the weekends can be incredibly ridiculous. They don't have a whole lot of tables there. If you're ordering tea or water or anything, there's a robot that serves you, which is cute. Given that the bay area doesn't have many revolving sushi bars in general, I like that Kura fills that void. Just be careful ordering because those plates add up quickly towards a ball prize every 15 plates. Usually the prize isn't even really worth it anyway. One thing I like is that they have a bunch of different salmon nigiri options, which is really all I eat lol.

David N.

Minimal social interaction needed. Personal screens for when you want to order more on-top of a running conveyor makes for a great excluded experience for introverts.

Mia B.

Wait was about ~25 minutes on a Sunday afternoon (2:30 ish). You have to show up to put your name in and then have 15 minutes to return when you are called. The food is good, the sashimi doesn't always look or taste the most fresh though but the rolls are tasty. The ramen was surpassingly delicious but not a huge portion for the price. Each plate is about 3.40 and it doesn't take too long when you order it for it to get there if you can't seem to snag it on the conveyor belt. Overall it was a good experience but as usual you have to set a decent amount of time aside for it

Kris G.

Ok the sushi is alright. The service is alright. The environment is decent. The line sucks, but that speaks to people wanting to go. The experience is why people go. Once you're in you cant beat the speed. My sons hate waiting for food. But I got lucky when we went there and they were patient. And I've never seen them eat so much. Because they could get it as soon as they were ready it super helped. We will be back but they really need to get their online waitlist working again.

Claire H.

I have not been back to Kura in over 4 years and was in the area craving sushi. We decided to come here on our day off and figured the lines would be shorter for an early afternoon on a random weekday. We ended up still waiting around 30 minutes, which I guess compared to the normal wait time to get in wasn't so bad. The good: most of the items we tried were surprisingly pretty good. I really enjoyed their fresh salmon, the beef wagyu, the eel and soft shell crab hand rolls, shishito peppers with fried salmon skin, and some of the other random rolls they had in rotation. We collectively ate about 24 plates between the two of us and were stuffed. It's also great that all the plates, unless noted otherwise, are the same price ($3.75 each) and is tracked on their interactive menu. The cons: I felt like the entire restaurant could step up their cleanliness. I know with the busyness and high customer turnover it can be hard to maintain, but a good wipe down of the counter and seats is essential. The bar where we were seated felt sticky and the soy sauce container was dripping all over but empty when we actually wanted to use it. The robot that delivers your hot tea and wasabi was really wet and needed a good clean up in between deliveries. Also, the conveyer belt itself just looked a bit messy and the plastic containers housing the sushi plates looked like they haven't been cleaned in a while. It was sticky and most of them had to pried open to get your dish. I guess there's a reason why I haven't been back to Kura in a while beyond just their extra long wait times. I can see myself returning every once in a while since they do have some good menu items or to bring a friend who had never had this type of sushi experience.

Nicholas Pun

Pretty fun experience! Yummy food and several unique dishes. The cost of the meal racks up pretty fast though as each plate is fairly small. Everything is pretty automated, but our special prize machine didn't work. Once you've eaten 15 plates, just make sure a tiny ball rolls down at your table or ask a server for your prize.Food: 4/5

Bao N.

Not the best tasting Sushi in the whole world, but it wasn't bad either. The experience with my girls makes it worth the visit every time. There are a lot of options that go around the conveyor belt and if there's something else you want that doesn't come to you quickly enough, you can order it directly on the touchpad screen and when its ready, you will be alerted and it will shoot down to you with a quickness. I've eaten here a few times and my favorite thing is the Spicy Crunchy Taco. I literally order about 5 every time I visit. The Spicy Crunchy Taco is rice, tempura shrimp, avocado, and imitation crab topped on a squared nori sheet with some delicious saucy and crunchy things going on the top. I also love the hand roll options as well. It's all so good! Plan your visits accordingly as there's no reservation and you will have to waitlist yourself. I usually show up at around 5pm on Friday nights and wait about 15-20 minutes. You probably will wait longer if you arrive later.

Andrew Tran

Download the app and get ahead of the line! Long love the conveyor belt sushi. Outside of the misleading opening time, the overall experience was good. My daughter enjoyed entering the empty plates into the discard slot and was entertained by the short video clip for every 5 plates inserted. Food quality was good for what it is and the service(including the robot) were great.

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