Pelicana Chicken

19540 Vallco Pkwy Ste #110, Cupertino
(408) 899-2758

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Monica G.

We got a half order of the boneless wings with hot chili sauce (2 chili peppers on the menu). It was the perfect level of heat for us, spicy enough that it made your lips tingle but not so spicy that it was hard to eat. The chicken was suuuper crispy and well coated in sauce, much more so than other Korean chicken places I've tried. I took some leftover chicken home (only leftover bc we also got Korean corn dogs next door) and it still tasted great the next day! Not as crispy for sure but still delicious. It was also super easy to order on the kiosk and wait outside until food was ready. They even have the QR code posted outside if you want to order from your phone instead. I definitely want to come back and try other flavors.

Rachel G.

We finally decided to give Pelicana a try since they are supposedly one of the OG KFCs. We ordered the crispy fried chicken and the original fried chicken with hot chili sauce, as well as the cheese buldak. The chicken is overall very crispy and juicy. Even though the hot chili had two chilies next to it, I think it wasn't spicy at all. I also ordered the buldak thinking it would be similar to the buldak ramen's deathly spicy flavor but instead it tasted more like a soy sauce flavor with barely much spiciness, still delicious, just not what I was looking for. I see many reviews mentioning the price being high but I think the price is comparable to other KFC places nearby (Vons/bbq chicken etc). We would come back and try other flavors since the portion is good and the meat was cooked well.

Kendra D.

Note: I've only tried one item so far so I will update when I try more ~~ I've been to this plaza so many times but didn't notice this place??? My friend suggested this place because they said it was one of the best Korean fried chicken places in the area so I had to try it. They also have a TV and they were playing Love Alarm!! We ordered the premium fried wings with hot spicy sauce. The chicken itself was super meaty and juicy, and the skin was super crispy!! Honestly, the spice was a litttleee to spicy for me. If I ate too much at once it would've been a bit unbearable LOL. I still thought it was good but I would probably opt for a different flavor next time!! It's great if you love spice tho! The radish was an additional $2 but we got 2 pretty big containers filled with it. Overall, I was lowkey shocked that it only has about 3 stars because I thought this place was so good, especially compared to the other Korean fried chicken places I've tried recently.

Elizabeth L.

My friend and I were walking towards Myungrang Hot Dog to get lunch when we spotted Pelicana Chicken, we were debating if we should eat here or stick with our original place. We decided to try something new and try them out. We tried their original fried chicken with soy, we ordered half (9 pieces) and it was about $20 - it was filling, but a bit pricey what it was. The skin was eh, but the chicken itself was juicy. The sauce decent, but I would had prefer it on the side.

YooBin K.

This was my first time trying Pelicana chicken. We ordered their crispy yangnyum chicken, bone-in, half size with the pelicana fries as an appetizer. The crispy chicken was SUPER CRISPY. Loved it. The fries were sprinkled with the honey butter powder. It also came with a side of ketchup and a creamy dipping sauce. Looked like ranch(?) but it didn't really taste like anything. Maybe because the powder on the fries was really strong. We came at around 7:30pm on a Friday night but it wasn't very busy, and there was no wait. Next time, I want to try their gangjung chicken. Based on the picture, it looks like it also comes with rice cakes.

Shannen R.

I'm surprised Pelicana only has 3 stars on Yelp because the chicken was really good! Pelicana is located in the busy plaza of Cupertino. Finding parking can be a hit or miss unless you park at the garage which is about a 5 minute walk! The interior is small and likely accommodates 20 people dining in. You'll hear kpop in the background if you're into that haha. We ordered the full order of the half crispy fried chicken (original). The chicken was glazed so pretty, not oily, and enough for you to drool over. The full order is enough for 4 people... trust me, cause all three of us can eat and there was still enough to spare lmao. We also got a side of fries (not regular but I forgot what they're called). It had such great seasoning and honestly if it weren't for the other two being there, I'd probably be a fatty and eat it all myself haha. All in all great dining experience. I'll have to try take-out next time using their awesome touch-pad right by the door. Thank you!

Rachel Y.

I love this crunchy fried chicken! As you bite onto your first bite, the crunch feels like it is going to be on the commercial! I love to get whole fried chicken with the signature sauce on the side so I can dip! (The signature sauce tastes similar to spicy korean fried chicken!) I heard that people get mixed up with the hot spicy one so here is my tip! Also, you have to try the crispy fried chicken instead of the original fried chicken if you want the crunchy sound!

Yvonne L.

They should have mentioned that the soy flavor was spicy, it wasn't super spicy but definitely enough that burned my tongue and not good for kids. Other Korean chicken places serve soy flavor and it's sweet. The sauce drenched all over the chicken and was dripping sauce as you are eating it.

Wendy Z.

AMAZING JUICY SUCCULENT MEAT THIS PLACE HAS AMAZING CHICKEN For real though, I'm so happy Pelicana opened in Cupertino. Every time, I order the L2 spicy chicken and rice cakes and it NEVER disappoints. The chicken is so tender and juicy and the flavor and texture, the crunchiness and white meat, goes so great together. The rice cakes' sauce is spot on and they're soooo chewy. It's a great jaw workout and it tastes delicious. Best friend chicken in the Bay Area in my opinion. Love this place and their takeout food quality is just as good as dining in

Billy P

Bloody chicken! Worst fried chicken ever! Ridiculously slow service!Saw this place a while back when at Philz and thought we’d try it for lunch. Ordered boneless crispy with signature sauce, original without sauce, and fries, 45 minutes later the fries arrived, another 10 for the bone in chicken to arrive. Also given pickled radishes.The fries were flavorless and overly greasy. Came with Ketchup and ranch? We ate some of them as we were fairly hungry at this point.The original chicken extremely greasy yet still undercooked as noted by the blood, see also appears the “original” flavor is salt plus grease. The pieces were a mixture of white and dark with oddly hacked up thigh pieces.The crispy with “signature sauce”, by that I mean “sweet sesame oil”, was so over sauced all you could taste was the grease and sesame oil. Yes I can see chicken but you won’t taste it!If I would have been alone I would have told the waiter how bad the food was and left to find something better for lunch.The thoughts on the chicken were universal bad, the afore mentioned pickled radishes were said to be good but I’m not a radish fan.I almost forgot, I ordered a pineapple soda which was flat and clearly stored someplace hot before being slightly chilled and served.$51 later we left, still hungry and feeling sick from all the grease…. On the way out the waitress asked me if I wanted a to-go container, given more then half our food was still on the table, I sad “no, the food wasn’t that good”. I was being polite, the truth being the food was truly horrible.

Elena H.

Didn't try this place for the longest time because of the low Yelp rating, but we were pleasantly surprised by the chicken! XD We got the cheese balls and crispy fried chicken with signature sauce. The cheese balls were good and kind of sweet, which we weren't expecting. The wings were really crispy and not dry at all. I also liked the sauce!

Nhung M.

Omg, juicy chicken Sauce: it is sweeter than other place then personally I prefer putting sauce on the side. Chicken: I love their fried chicken so much. It was super juicy inside and crunchy outside. That perfect to order crispy chicken and sauce on the side. Cheese ball: sweet cheese ball, taste like taro (!?!) ball. I'm not pretty sure how to describe but it was sweet.

Jenny L.

I've walked by this spot so many times and every time, it smells soo good!! I'm glad I finally decided to try it When you walk in, there's a kiosk you can order on FOR TO GO ORDERS ONLY. For dine in, we headed to the register to be seated and then we ordered. My friend and I split the 18 piece crispy wings in the soy flavor and also a pelicana fries -- we ended up with 6 pieces left over. I wish they had other size options because we could only choose between 9 which wouldn't have been enough and 18 was too much. But overall, the wings were the perfect flavor (for someone who enjoys soy garlic at bonchon and other kfc places), and it had a great texture too! The soy flavor did have a subtle hint of spice in it, which was nice :) As for the pelicana shaken fries, we were kinda disappointed. They weren't just okay, not really crispy and honestly just very powdery. I would probably just order the regular fries next time I come. It was about $27 each for us to split the total. The service did take a while in terms of bringing out our food, so be prepared to wait.

Sarah C.

Walk around on a Tuesday afternoon - actually to get a Korean hot dog when we see that this place is finally open. Actually surprised it was Korean Fried Chicken. My husband wanted a snack so we ordered for take out. We received a call about 15-20 minutes later. Cute carry out box. Half portion of the boneless garlic sauce - Crispy and each piece is decently sized. The sauce was kind of just drenched over it after it was done frying. The garlic sauce was sweet and I didn't really enjoy it. The daikon was chopped into these small and not uniform cubes/triangles. We get Korean Fried Chicken often enough and we definitely like some of the other joints more. May give this place another chance with a different sauce flavoring.

Alvin M.

I finally made the trek to Cupertino - and to check out the newest Korean Fried Chicken establishment, which is the only location in NorCal! They are located in the hustlin' and bustlin' vibrant Main Street Cupertino, where its prominent location shares a plaza with ramen shop Ippudo Ramen, Myungrang Hot Dog, and Korean soft-served ice cream shop, SomiSomi. Parking can be tough during the peak periods, as the parking along the plaza are always taken, however, it is much easier to park in one of the garages & take a pleasantly stroll!! You'll understand after you eat, as you'll be definitely wanting to walk off the pounds you've just put yourself on with some delectable crispy Korean fried chicken!! They have a pretty standard menu - with easy to read descriptions of what kind of chicken you can get, and the rest is how you'll savor that with their many side dishes and drinks to get your full grub on! They offer a simple menu of Korean fried chicken, chicken wings, boneless tenders, and chicken sandwiches with 6 sauce options, as well as side dishes like chicken gizzards, fries, onion rings, sausage cheese bacon roll, and sea snail spicy salad. The service was very attentive, courteous, and friendly - as a first timer, I wasn't sure if you order at the counter & grab a seat; however, it is indeed a sit-down dining establishment, with the option of being able to order for take out and/or using third-party food delivery services! It is a small restaurant with limited seating, so don't be surprised if you'll have to wait for a table/booth! There's a sign up sheet to list your name down, should the restaurant be in full capacity for dine-in guests! Highly recommended to check this place out if you're into Korean Fried Chicken, and exploring that there's more to Bonchon, Ttobongee, and Vons! (just sayin' lol) - and after getting some fried chicken, you will not miss out on getting some sweets after - as Main Street Cupertino boasts so many places (from boba, coffee, ice cream, pastries, shaved ice, etc.) - you take your pick!!

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