19540 Vallco Pkwy #160, Cupertino
(408) 255-2114

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Angelica King

A deliciously cute (even the name) and photogenic Korean (I honestly thought it was Japanese but fact checked myself) soft serve and taiyaki treat (fish shaped sweet chewy waffle like cake with or without filling). Lots of customizable options from the soft serve to toppings. There are also seasonal flavors and a rotating menu of choices. Beware if you're living a lactose free life though. I don't think there are dairy free options (yet). There's always a line out the door since it's popular, so anticipate some sort of wait especially on weekends. The Main Square is getting more popular. Cute for like an after meal dessert or sweet treat. Like all things, consume in moderation and savor the flavor!

Jovelle Iligan

Amazing soft serve ice cream place! We got a pink guava soft serve, vanilla upside-down ah-boong and oreo taiyakis. Only suggestion is to have lactose-free options for the vanilla flavor. Other than that, great destination for desserts!

Shamsun Nahar

Obviously this does not need another review! Hugely popular and rightfully so. Both the waffle and ice-cream was delicious. But service could be better. Feels like they are not prepared to handle their huge demand.

Luke Xu

Somisomi is not bad. The line at this particular Somisomi is insane. I got the ube cookies and cream swirl and it was great. I like the ube more than cookies and cream personally.I really like their waffle and might skip the ice cream and just go for the waffle with fillings. This time I tried cream and I’ll definitely skip it next time and go with ube or Nutella.IMPORTANT NOTE: Some waffles were cold and some just came out. The cold ones are hard and not crispy, a totally different experience. Make sure to ask for a waffle fresh out of the machine.One thing to note: it’s obviously very heavy and I felt a huge sugar crush after


If you order taiyaki, be ready for a long wait. Individual ice cream/taiyaki orders have priority. The store has limited capacity to process taiyaki-only orders. Today one of the machines was broken (but they did not disclose this fact when I placed the order), so the order was not ready after 45 minutes. I asked for a refund, but the store is not prepared to issue you a refund (they cannot process and print a refund ticket). I left the store without being sure if I would get a refund.

Shiqi Nian

Soft-served ice cream in a fish waffle, located in a very popular plaza. There is always a line outside the shop and limited seating outdoors nearby. The ice cream is creamy and the fish waffle is freshly made - crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. My go to is the Ube / milk swirl flavor, however the store offers other pop-up flavors that change every once in a while.

Tara Hashemi

YES!!! Taste is good and the fish is amazing! Fluffy waffle which we usually get filled with Nutella. The ice cream flavors are limited but all good. The line can get long late evenings, sometimes we have to wait 20 minutes to get to order. Getting there close to their 9pm closing time is probably less wait.

Jenelle J.

Pink guava. Must try. Easily one of the best ice cream shops in the area: great flavor variety as well as taiyaki to mix it up, aesthetically pleasing, and not too much of a calorie hit for us petite ladies! Will be back soon!

Danica Z.

It's my second time visit SomiSomi in the Bay Area. Last time I tried sesame flavor which is pretty good. This time I decided to try their another popular flavors which are Ube and matcha. The line was sooooooo long during Saturday afternoon. I waited 20+ minutes to order. If you want to try their ice cream, try to avoid peak hours! The interior: it's not that clean. I saw bread crumbles spread over their Tayaki machine counter... I feel a big uncomfortable seeing that. The ice cream: the matcha flavor was a bit dry. It's sweet but very dry afterwards. I don't know why. Ube: I don't taste any flavor. I don't really like it. Will not order this one anymore. Sesame is still the best flavor in their store.

Carissa B.

Wow! This location is poppppppin! I love the plaza that it's in because there's so many options!! But this location had a pink guava flavor and omg, so yummy! Service is super quick even when the lines are extremely long!

Jonathan L.

Delicious as usual! I've been here before and I remember it being amazing. I think last time I got just the milk flavor and this time I got: 1. Milk and Taro Swirl with Custard Filled Taiyaki: Delicious! The Taiyaki was so perfectly cooked and crunchy on the outside. The custard was also delicious and went so well with the ice cream. I don't know how they always make their soft serve so creamy and rich. The Taro was good but I liked the milk better because it reminded me of the milk ice cream cones I always got in Toyko. 2: Matcha: Very excellent rich matcha flavor but also rich. I like the mild bitterness meaning they use real matcha and not just artificial green tea flavoring. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, worth the wait if there is a line. I love this place and I'm always excited when I'm passing by the SJ area.

Bijal G.

Amazing ice cream loved the fish waffle they give... I had it stuffed with Nutella and sprinkled with coconut flakes ..... it was fire

Carla I.

Fantastic, and we were lucky to get in before the crowds started forming Got the soft serve pink guava which was pretty good with a nutella taiyaki.

Andrew R.

SO YUMMI SO YUMMI!!! This soft serve is AMAZING! I got the matcha and cookies and cream swirl, which was such an amazing combo! Mmmm I can't wait to come back!

Pooja R.

When it's a hot day, this is a great way to cool down and feel refreshed! The custard filling was a great recommendation from the somi somi team to go with the matcha and cookies and cream ice cream.

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