Domino's Pizza

2038 Lyndell Terrace Ste 103, Davis
(530) 756-5161

Recent Reviews


Broken card reader, super cold inside, took more than half an hour for my dine in order. Will not come again.

Jeannie Lund

Gluten free crust is ok. People friendly.

Mark Morlaes

They always make your food quick!

vladislav .karets

Fast and easy , always make order properly and have great customer service

Debbi Reinecke

Great pizza quick service incredible price! Always look forward to pizza Sunday!

James byrd

Great service and fast


Usually quick and gets my order right. Cant complain.

Abdullah Rayes

They never delivered the order and never cancelled my order

Tess Hietbrink

Always super fast, and everyone is always very nice. Particularly the driver, Andrew, goes above and beyond in making sure the customer has a good experience.

Mother Earth's Family

Best light and fluffy garlicky crust the ð??ð??¯!!

Double AA Family

Best light and fluffy garlicky crust the ð??ð??¯!!

Brett B

Awesome pizza, good price, fast delivery and service. Amazing deals too that make it even cheaper

Duane Amonson

I went there for lunch I felt it was cheaper to buy the large pizza than it was the personal one but it was good

Armando G.

This location has been a lot better after my prior review. Maybe it was a fluke that one time but they are back on track.

Bhushan B.

The best pizza ever. I was in Davis for almost 1 year and I miss their pizza so much. I am writing the review today coz I just had pizza from dominos San Jose and it's not at all near to the test of this store. You guys were the best.

Moozhan T.

I ordered Domino's for the very first time in my life, last night. The reason I had never done it before, was that I hadn't done it before. The reason I finally did it, well, I was hungry, it was 11:30 PM, I wanted pizza, and it was the only pizza place open on weeknight that also delivered (it was raining pretty badly, so I didn't want to actually go out haha) I thought it was awesome that they are open till one am, and I actually liked the way the website tells us what's going on. It's not super accurate, since it was on "double checking" stage for like half an hour, but still it was nice to know when it's on its way. I got a medium pizza, with white garlic sauce, philly steak and onions and it was actually delicious, I also ordered cheesy bread, and the cookie brownie thing they have. The pizza, as I said before, was actually really good. so feel free to copy me haha. The cheesy bread is way too cheesy, salty, and just overall it's just too much. The cookie brownie thing, is not good. don't get it. The thing that puzzled me most, was that I got heart burn after eating just one slice, and that NEVER happens to me. So I did some googling, and turns out overly processed foods can cause hearburn. Who knew? Not me, since I hardly ever eat overly processed food, and also, this tells me that however they make their dough, is probably not the most natural/best way to do it. On the other hand, pizza isn't always the best thing for your body anyways, so maybe you might not care about it. Anyways, I totally would do it again if it's another late rainy night, and I crave pizza.

Colleen Burkhart

Go here alot but really good pizza!

Armando Garcia

Worst pizza I've ever got from this place. Rip off. I drove from Winters to get a pizza here and it was all bubbly of dough. And I guess if you dont order extra cheese they dont give you any cheese at all. SCAM!

Ginger E.

This is the best Domino's location. Deliveries are always super quick and hot, and the pizzas are never sloppily made or cooked badly. Super friendly employees too! Best location for sure.

Evelyn C.

Pretty good deals for a lot of food! Their delivery system is quick too. I got the stuffed bread with regular wings. The wings were smaller than I anticipated but were still fulfilling.

Gloria V.

It's one of the better dominos that has speedy service. Never had issues with my orders and it met my expectations. Just watch out for the speeding dominos card on the road haaaa they zoom by.

Alex Cowgill

I'm a huge Domino's fan. I love everything about this Domino's store. I order from them at least twice a week. The food is always cooked to perfection, and the delivery drivers are very fast and kind. Couldn't say a bad comment about the place.

David Esparza

Fast and tasty, I've been ordering from this location for four years now and it's always been dank (in a good way). 10/10 would recommend.

Scott Begneski

I saw one of their drivers hit a dog and drive off. I called them and tried to report it and blamed Woodstocks.

Xiaoying S.

I don't remember how many times we ordered delivery from Domino's. Never really been to this place physically. I remember the delivery car with a cute logo at the top.

kelly M

The past two times we've ordered from them, there was minimal cheese. I'm surprised by this. There was so little cheese that we felt like we were just eating dough and sauce. I'm not sure we'll order from them again.


This review is for the Starbucks near the Domino's. Good amount of seating, outdoor patio is nice. Everything you would expect from a Starbucks.

Aliyah W.

Their pizza is fine. I enjoy it. They're alfredo pasta bread bowl is surprisingly delicious. I recomend it! I will be back for it and it is reasonably priced and filling. The delivery person was friendly and overall I am a very satisfied customer!

Nayeli R.

I ordered online to pick up my pizza at the store and when I got there, the person helping me seemed really rude. Secondly when I got home and checked my items. And one of them was literally burnt. BURNT! How do you give this item to me knowing damn well it's burnt? Third, the pizza was fine, but definitely seems like they just threw everything together and didn't care about the placement and form of it. There was cheese on top of the toppings and it just looked like they dumped everything on it and didn't care. Definitely not a good experience

Craig Eden

Never stepped into a Dominoes but the way our life has been lately we seem to be ordering out a lot and the food is always adequate and tasty. The delivery has always been prompt and the drivers very personable.

Angela Villanueva

The food always arrives quick, hot and delicious. I love being able to build my own pizza or pasta! And I've never had a bad experience with any of the delivery drivers. They have always been courteous and personable. Definitely recommend this Domino's!

TJ McAvoy-Jensen

The best pizza place in California. The service is quick and they are nice. The food tastes delicious. It's the GOAT.

Chris T

Pizza isn't one of our go to's but it was late and we were hungry. The Domino's is located right next door to the Days Inn where we stayed and we walked over for take out. The thin crust pizzas were hot, fresh and really reasonably priced. They were hot and crispy!


Pizza isn't one of our go to's but it was late and we were hungry. The Domino's is located right next door to the Days Inn where we stayed and we walked over for take out. The thin crust pizzas were hot, fresh and really reasonably priced. They were hot and crispy!

Stanley Y.

The speed at which your order gets done is amazing. The best part is watching their online progress bar. It's a bit like watching your baby pizza grow into a full pizza. It definitely tastes better if you order for carry out and pick it up right as it gets done. The one time I got delivery, it was slower than expected and the pizza just didn't taste as fresh. The one thing I look for at every pizza place is a crispy underside to the pizza. Domino's gets close but isn't quite there yet. It always tastes like it used to be crispy, then died. If they could just get the crispiness factor to go up a bit and last longer, it would be great. The crust comes garlic flavored by default which is great! I don't even like garlic, but their garlic salt seasoning makes eating the crust just that much more enjoyable. The toppings and cheese taste generic, but there's nothing that really sets it apart from other places. Overall, the only thing that keeps me going back is their $6 pizza deals. Nothing beats eating a whole medium by yourself.

Sameer Z.

Really rude staff. I just called to ask if they were open and they shouted back and hung up. I would expect basic human courtesy from their staff. A simple "No sorry we are closed" would have sufficed but such rude behavior was really unexpected from such a reputed restaurant. I was really disappointed with this experience, I hope Domino's gets their staff training right. -Adi

Tessa T.

Domino's is Domino's. Great take-out pizza. My housemate and I loved customizing the medium 2 topping pizzas for 5.99. Then we'd get a slice of cake from Safeway and bring it all back to the apartment, where we'd pig out as we watched House of Cards on Netflix! Good times. I recommend the white sauce on the pizza instead of red sauce, it's super delicious!

Gabriel R.

I mean, if you want "quality" pizza in Davis, obviously go for either Woodstock or Village Bakery (more emphasis on Village Bakery because it's BOMB). But if you want delivery pizza late at night, I'd say you can't complain too much about Domino's here. They deliver pretty much anywhere (they delivered to a Safeway I was at once!), and they're not bad people. Every delivery person I've had was nice, and hasn't given me any issues. As far as the actual pizza's Domino's. It hasn't given me any problems, or gotten me sick. Pizza is one of those things that will generally just be a good thing to eat even if it's "mediocre for pizza," and Domino's isn't an exception in this regard. You can't go wrong with getting this for delivery!

Chelsea R.

Who'd have thought that tucked away right next to Starbucks was Dominos! You're fooling no one if you try to argue that Dominos is the best pizza around. In terms of quality, probably not the best. In terms of freshest ingredients, maybe not the freshest. But will you be full and satisfied? Absolutely! I ordered online and had a quick and painless ordering and pickup experience. There was no line and my pizza was ready when I got there. They were offering a deal for a large 3 topping pizza for $7.99. For taste and price, it's hard to beat!

Jennifer G.

The pizza is ok. Not my main pizza place, but when I need to order pizza to arrive at a particular time, my go to is Dominos because of their nifty online ordering & tracking system. I had a birthday party today for my 6 year old and placing the order online was a breeze! They called to let me know when it was on its way and everything went perfectly! The online system also lets you check for coupon deals so I was able to get some bread bites along with three large pizzas for less than getting just 3 large pizzas! Great value, great customer service, and decent pizza with a super easy way to order-just can't go wrong with using this system! I'll be using them again for my next easy order.