Dos Coyotes Border Cafe

1411 W Covell Blvd, Davis
(530) 753-0922

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Kim Neal

I love the fresh food & the restaurant on Covell. Today a new girl forgot to put in napkins & utensils on my to go order. I was not happy having to search my car for utensils. More training is needed...

Cynthia Xiong

I ordered take out and it was delicious! Moist chicken, perfect salsas. Only thing that was eh was the rice, it wasn't fully cooked (nothing a damp paper towel and a microwave won't fix). Overall, splendid!

Todd B.

Sat outside and had a salad yesterday. Outstanding finished it at lunch today. Staff was great ill be back

William Hendren

Best tex mex in the west

Udirno C.

I was craving some mexican food and found this chain in the Davis area. I tried their classic chicken burrito and was surprised by how big it was for the price. There was a good balance of beans, rice and chicken with every bite. What was a little disappointing was the plating and how the burrito was served. They only gave some tortilla chips on the sides whereas I was expecting some salsa or pico de Gallo to go with it. I understand because of covid guidelines an open salsa bar is not an option, however I feel that they should've better prepared for that because it was weird to eat a burrito with some dry chips on the side. That said, I would come back here only if I really craved Mexican food and nothing else was in the area.

Wilson Gonzalez

Quick and friendly service . Also tasty food

Kathy L.

I love the food at Dos Coyotes, however (and it's a BIG however) we have routinely received wrong orders, salads missing ingredients, etc. I would say it happens 75-80% of the time. Last time I made the order over the phone, asked for the clerk to read it back to me, and he had already made mistakes on the order. I think they all try to work really fast - even when no one's in the dining room - and they end up sloppy. They've also stopped giving 2 containers of salad dressing (for huge salads) so I have to remember to ask for an extra. Like I said, I believe the food is by far the best Davis has to offer, but it gets discouraging to have this problem occur SO frequently.

Chasity B.

Our family eats here all the time we love the food! We have got food to go once and it was not the same chicken tasted froze and reheated and small amount. We went again tonight the crispy tacos my son ordered were dripping grease down his chin I tried one and it was not good! I understand business need a little grace during Covid but I'm so disappointed in food and service( not sure if it changed owners)

Darlene S.

I have been coming to this location since the week it opened and the service and food has always been excellent. However, not so much today. I ordered a shrimp burrito and after 25 minutes of not getting my order I went to check on it and they had put it in the take out pile and it had been sitting there for awhile instead of bringing it outside to my table. Since it was for takeout I took it home and when I got home the shrimp tasted spoiled and I had to throw the burrito out. I did not want to drive the 10 miles back to Davis to return it I know this is not the kind of service or food Bobby would want served in his restaurant and especially his original site.

Chistor S.

I had a burrito from Chiptole last night, I'm giving that a strong 5 stars. The one I just had from here however was quite mediocre in comparison. Sorry guys but you have some serious competition to catch up with.

Burke F.

Forgot completely about Dos Coyote since the pandemic started. My wife wanted a salad for lunch after church. I was thinking of several other restaurants when my wife reminded me of Dos. I ordered her favorite salad, Adobe with chicken. I ordered a paella burrito. The order was ready for pickup when we got there.Went home and ate our lunch. Now, I remember why we use to go to Dos Coyote after church service. Dos Coyote is her favorite place for a salad and she wasn't disappointed. I love their burritos and I wasn't disappointed either. Great food.

Elise P.

Ordered takeout a few days ago and wasn't pleased with anything we ordered. The salsa was sooo bland. Seriously bland and not worth eating.

Chelsea C.

As far as Mexican food goes, not great. It's on par with Chevy's in being Anericanized-Latin food. I have this four stars on behalf of my parents, who request we eat here whenever they're in town. But if you want some more authentic food, try Cafe Guadalajara, Chuy's, or Davis Taqueria.The atmosphere inside is pretty cute and comfortable.


Totally messed up the order even though it was placed online and it was clear.

Tyghe S.

Your food was awful this august 28th afternoon...tasted like sanitizer or something very strange...check your rinse cycle on your more dos for me !!

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