TOGO'S Sandwiches

1411 W E Covell Blvd #105, Davis
(530) 750-2625

Recent Reviews

Kailee E.

Togos has always been my favorite sandwich place. They have great vegetarian options and I personally really like the tuna sandwich. The associates at this one are very friendly. :)

Korinne L.

I used to go to this location often enough as I worked near by but haven't been in a while. I went in the other day and I have to say it has gone way downhill. I noticed when I fist walked in how the customer service was non existent. I ordered a turkey and avocado which is what I usually ordered in the past. When I started to eat the sandwich I noticed large pieces of avocado, not normal sizes. I took the avocado out and it was very very hard, not ripe AT ALL and to top it off, pieces of it still had the peel on it and other pierces had the outer layer of the pit. Needless to say, probably won't return. Nugget has great sandwiches so I'll probably just continue going there. They have changed owners in the last 6 months (I inquired when I noticed the customer service and they said yes) and from what I can tell, have not kept up the Togo's reputation. Sad to see.

Kevin Littelman

Loved getting a freshly made wrap for lunch. Nice clean environment.

leenora Duel

Best place in Davis and next door to Safeway can do grocery shopping and get a fantastic sandwich next door

Sergio Lenkoff

Good sandwitch place close too work better than junk food burger king mcdonalds . OWNER REALLY NICE GUY CAME TALKED TOO ME AT MY TABLE SHOOK MY HAND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Michelle P.

Just moved to Davis and went into this Togo's it was very clean and every one was very nice. We were helped by Priya, Franko, and Esther. What a great group of people. They worked well together and were very helpful with selections. I give this place and staff 2 thumbs up and will be back for sure.

Wes Pierce

First time I've tried to eat there in years. I say tried because it was an extremely poor experience that showed no concern for customers or food safety. The young lady who took my order grabbed a knife from the lettuce to cut my bread and the placed it back into the lettuce. Another customer entered for a pickup and a young man working grabbed same knife, cut a hit meat sandwich in half, gave it a half wipe and tossed the knife right back into the lettuce. I politely told them to cancel my order and explained why. I do t need E. Coli, Salmonella, or any other foodborn diseases due to lack of concern for food safety.

Derek Roediger

The staff was awesome and sandwiches are great! This is my happy place :)

JChenry cleaning co

Cool people great food

M D.

I love Togo's but am annoyed. Paid extra for cheese.... didn't get cheese. All sandwiches should come with cheese.

Sally McKinney

Very friendly staff in a very clean store. The menu is more extensive than I remember. The salads looked good. I love their hummus sandwiches. Subway has many fewer choices for a vegetarian.

Lydia Bell

Great food. Sign up for their emails and get a free birthday sandwich and other offers. Check in on Yelp and get a free drink.

Slough Brewer

We are Monday Special frequent flyers. When we hit the door they know our order. Pastrami is Monday's special sandwich.

Lydia H.

I'm glad I returned to this location. They have really upped their service. My sandwich was delicious. Sign up for their emails and get a free birthday sandwich. Check in on Yelp and get a free drink. Yippee!

Michael Chechelnitsky

I am a high school teacher, showed up to this location during lunch rush to order sandwiches for 30 kids, plus chaperones. Despite being slammed at that time, they knocked out my order in under 45 minutes, with smiles on their faces. When there was one slight error in the order, they remedied it for me immediately, and free of charge. Oh, also, sandwiches were delicious.

Alan Smuda

The gold standard for deli-type sandwiches.

Greg D.

Found this shop on search by looking for a deli and this is obviously not a deli, it's a fast food sandwich shop like Arby's and Jersey Mike's. Parking was easy and they had my takeout order ready on time. Tried a pastrami on pretzel bread which was pretty unique and I do not recall ever seeing one before. Small sandwich for the price but there was a $3 off coupon for signing up for their member card. I do have to remove 2 stars for false advertising. See, this is a Yelp advertiser whom is abusing the Yelp category of "Deli". Here is what a Deli is : This is not a deli. So for this chain to be paying Yelp for advertising as a "Deli" is just plain and simple false advertising. I am surprised Yelp allows this.

Michael L.

I got their Asian chicken salad wrap and it was pretty good. It just seemed like a salad in a wrap but I think that was the purpose. Price isn't too bad too. If you need something quick to grab and want a sub or wrap I would recommend TOGOs

Curtis Gubler

Togo's Sandwiches have been a mainstay in my life since I was a child growing up in northern California. Every Togo's I've been to has had the same high quality and standards as the first one I went to. They use amazing ingredients and have outstanding bread. I love the fact that I can walk in and order a number 3, and it's exactly the same as it was 35 years ago.

Susan Vaziri

The staff is always great here. They keep the line moving! The store is clean and well organized.

sean Murray

Great sandwiches and service.

Teofilo Gonzalez

The whole family liked their sandwiches!

Mark Woo

I always go here for the pastrami

Joshua Hazeghazam

My dad was waiting there for 15 minutes, didn't get acknowledged. My dad heard people laughing in the back so my dad asked if anyone could help him. Instead, one of the employees told my dad that he could "leave if he wanted". Which is incredibly disrespectful to him. So we left without getting anything.

Shirle R.

Togos good for sandwiches. They give you ample servings. Fresh bread and condiments make a great sandwich. Love #16, the Italian. Recommend for fast lunch. Not a real friendly place, most seem unhappy, a drudgery to help you.....robots. Recommend food.

Hannah D.

I am such a sandwich person and sometimes Togo's just hits the spot. I love to load up on veggies and getting any sandwich "Togo's style" allows me to do just that. Can be a little pricey but the daily special cuts down on the price and that helps a lot. I'll definitely keep coming back here when I'm in the mood for a big, cold sandwich (in my experience, I like their cold sandwiches rather than their toasted ones). My personal favorite is the turkey, ham & cheese.

Jen K.

This place isn't that good, especially for the price. It's like Subway but slightly, just slight better but double the cost. Not worth it. Try it once if you're curious and then don't come back honestly. Nice workers though!!

Nico M.

The staff is very helpful, polite, and nice. The food quality is good too. The pastrami sandwich is delicious. My only dislike about this place is that it is very expensive for a sandwich. I do enjoy this place occasionally as a treat.

Rolland C.

Great selection and quality. Just don't expect subway prices


Whats to say, its a good Togos. Love that #9! Nice folks, quick service. Gotta tr something differ ed nt one day. They seem to have new things on the menu.

Larry Yee

Good sandwiches, good wifi, helpful employee s

Cindy Graybill

Always fast service and great sandwiches!

Michael A.

Horrible! Manager reached out to me after a bad experience and the comp chicken salad had very little chicken salad! No Thanks!

Anstiss E.

Really impressed with the service here today, I've been to this location tons of times and service has always been decent but today they went above and beyond. I was in a hurry and got my sandwich and when I looked in my purse I realized I had left my wallet at home. I asked if they would take a check instead and the manager kindly said that my meal would be on them today. I was really blown away with his kindness and how he offered to take care of my meal so I wouldn't be hungry. That kind of service will bring me back again.

Gavin Lynch

Some of the best sandwichs I have ever had, highly recommend!

Jaime G.

I would like to thank Chris the catering manager at Togo's. We ordered food today for a lecture and had to abruptly cancel at the last minute. Instead of me stressing out about canceling our order, he told me not to worry about. He was very understanding. I will be bringing my catering business to him from now on. That is an example of great customer service!


The thing I like most about Togos is their consistency to providing fresh bread and quality deli meats. Togos is my first pick in Davis when I want a sub sandwich. Nugget is nice, but I think Togo's has them beat on quality deli meats and price. I've also found the customer service to be top notch and the speed with which they move customers through the line to be encouraging. There's nice seating outside on the patio - inside feels a little too cramped for me. You can get a sandwich and drink for $10 which is a bargain for Davis, and still have half a sandwich left over for later. I only wish they had a second location on the south side of town so I didn't have to drive so far from my office!

David B.

Perhaps my last review was a little chilly, but it is brutal honesty. There is still nothing horribly special about this Togo's, but that is also not saying that it isn't satisfying. Because it is. Today I ordered the "Boom boom pastrami" sandwich. The "Boom boom" part means a spicy sauce. It was tasty enough, but not really what I'd qualify "spicy" to be. This has nothing to do with Togo's as a business, but a flood of high school kids came in, luckily after I'd ordered and was seated and eating. Thanks for being consistently tasty and thanks for honoring the Yelp check-in free drink thing.

Ben Lerch

Good sandwich place with excellent customer service. The daily deals are good values.


Fillings and bread were fresh and tasty. Tastier than the other chain sandwich shops. With other snacks there was plenty of leftovers.