TOGO'S Sandwiches

1411 W E Covell Blvd #105, Davis
(530) 750-2625

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Davina L.

The sandwiches and salads are excellent. The workers are always so nice and polite. I am giving it 3 starts because the manager in the black shirt micromanages her team, it is quite obnoxious. I have been going to Togo's for awhile and she constantly does this. Have faith in your team!

Christina T.

I have tried this location three times and all three times this place gave us terrible food. I just bought this chicken sandwich and got home and see this brown and slimy lettuce. The five sandwiches we ordered have wilted lettuce as well. You cannot see how they are making the food or the ingredients they are making it with so you don't have the opportunity to see what they're putting on your sandwiches there's a barrier in front of you. I just realized this today. I asked for no mustard on all of the sandwiches I ordered and every one of them is slathered in mustard. Do yourself a favor and walk across the parking lot and go to Safeway and grab a sandwich there.

Helen S.

We have been going to the Davis location for four or five years now. Within the last year they have changed owners or management and we've seen the regular staff that we enjoyed so much and that always did such a great job disappear and the new workers/owner/management has gradually diminished each and every time we are there. The final straw was today when I ordered sandwiches online and received a call a few minutes later saying they were out of pastrami. The most popular Togo's sandwich on the menu and they ran out of pastrami. I realize that COVID-19 could possibly play into this however this has been happening prior to COVID19. So I try to order egg salad they were out. Then I tried to order turkey and they were all out. Friday at 6:00 PM they are out of pastrami egg salad and turkey. Not acceptable. We will not be returning.

Von M.

Togo's is my favorite sandwich shop of all; however, I am a little disappointed with the store is Davis, CA on Covell Boulevard. They advertise as being open until 8:00 pm, but when I approached the door on 05/15/2020 at 7:45 pm the employee was just locking the place up and closing to the public. If you're going to close at 7:45 pm, then state that on your store hours, unless of course you're just doing it without the franchise owner's knowledge, thereby stealing (time) from him, in essence...


Great sandwiches, good price, quick and usually no line whenever I go in.

Kailee E.

Togos has always been my favorite sandwich place. They have great vegetarian options and I personally really like the tuna sandwich. The associates at this one are very friendly. :)

Korinne L.

I used to go to this location often enough as I worked near by but haven't been in a while. I went in the other day and I have to say it has gone way downhill. I noticed when I fist walked in how the customer service was non existent. I ordered a turkey and avocado which is what I usually ordered in the past. When I started to eat the sandwich I noticed large pieces of avocado, not normal sizes. I took the avocado out and it was very very hard, not ripe AT ALL and to top it off, pieces of it still had the peel on it and other pierces had the outer layer of the pit. Needless to say, probably won't return. Nugget has great sandwiches so I'll probably just continue going there. They have changed owners in the last 6 months (I inquired when I noticed the customer service and they said yes) and from what I can tell, have not kept up the Togo's reputation. Sad to see.

Kevin Littelman

Loved getting a freshly made wrap for lunch. Nice clean environment.

leenora Duel

Best place in Davis and next door to Safeway can do grocery shopping and get a fantastic sandwich next door

Sergio Lenkoff

Good sandwitch place close too work better than junk food burger king mcdonalds . OWNER REALLY NICE GUY CAME TALKED TOO ME AT MY TABLE SHOOK MY HAND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Michelle P.

Just moved to Davis and went into this Togo's it was very clean and every one was very nice. We were helped by Priya, Franko, and Esther. What a great group of people. They worked well together and were very helpful with selections. I give this place and staff 2 thumbs up and will be back for sure.

Wes Pierce

First time I've tried to eat there in years. I say tried because it was an extremely poor experience that showed no concern for customers or food safety. The young lady who took my order grabbed a knife from the lettuce to cut my bread and the placed it back into the lettuce. Another customer entered for a pickup and a young man working grabbed same knife, cut a hit meat sandwich in half, gave it a half wipe and tossed the knife right back into the lettuce. I politely told them to cancel my order and explained why. I do t need E. Coli, Salmonella, or any other foodborn diseases due to lack of concern for food safety.

Derek Roediger

The staff was awesome and sandwiches are great! This is my happy place :)

JChenry cleaning co

Cool people great food

M D.

I love Togo's but am annoyed. Paid extra for cheese.... didn't get cheese. All sandwiches should come with cheese.

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