Burger King

535 S Atlantic Blvd, Los Angeles
(323) 786-6504

Recent Reviews

Dora InAExpo

Went through drive thru today to pick up something quick and they just all had a bad attitude the cashier on drive thru was asking the young lady whose a (shift something) couldn't see her name tag very well something about my order and she just walked away my whopper was cold but I just took it as a loss

Kaveman James

Very clean food was fresh.

Lupita Vazquez

Very salty fries, new del sol salsa Tasted nasty, 2 napkins for two people very bad service. I also notice that drive tru was very very slow. I don’t recomed this place it’s no the same as 10 years ago. Bring back the bk original salsa ok

Luscious Candler

Fries were cold. New chicken not a fan.

Ulysses Rincon

Great service and clean, the only why a gave 3 stars is the building needs major repairs. Looks so shabby looking. Also I tried to use the restroom and asked for a token and was told that they only give out one token and if I had .25 cents Wow !

Kevz Sandoval

With the app you GREAT DEALS

Ricardo Quezada

Employee by the name of Julia was completely Rude and was very demanding.. terrible

Kenneth Mapes

We had a great experience in this restaurant. We loved the awesome atmosphere and the food. The waiters are very welcoming. I am glad we ultimately managed to visit this place.

Esme Lopez

Better than the one on Whittier and spence ?

Your Reviewer

Got my fries with a lot of salt.No napkinsLady never change her gloves to put wipes cream on my shake.No a good place to go.It was better before not now

Grace E.

I'm not a Burger King fan but okay they have on this one they had the food ready very nice employee

Maria Altamirano

every time I've been there the employees are nice the pretty quick at getting my order I'm in and out.

MaryAnn P.

I normally do not write reviews but today I am the person at the drive thru was rude when she took the order I said large and when I get to the window she hands me the drinks and I say one was a large and proceeded to fling my card in the tray and says I asked you and I sayto her I told you large. In the mean time I am trying to ask her something and she just rolled her eyes  at me

Daniel Marin

Food was good, I didn't like the service. I had to order food before using the restroom or pay 25 cents.

Steven Guerra

Gave the wrong order to me at the drive thru.They didn't hand me my recipe and felt rushed because big the line.

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