A K's Food Corner

6402 Cutting Blvd, El Cerrito
(510) 236-2598

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the setting is relaxing and pleasing. service is excellent. Very extensive menu. Food interesting and tasty. We would certainly return for more meals.

F T.

The hot dog I bought here seemed like a ripoff, I paid with a ten and barely got a couple dollars back, I did but a drink too but anyways it was a delicious ripoff and way better and cheaper than an Oakland Coliseum or PacBell Park ripoff if you know what I mean.

Steve Q.

Whenever I'm starving and at El Ceritto Del Norte I find myself getting a dog here. At $2.50 they're a bargain and you can't beat it. The dogs and buns are steamed and I prefer grilled but hey you're at a bart station. I usually go for a dog with mustard and onions but some times I'll get everything without ketchup which includes sauerkraut, onions, relish, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and hot sauce. They have a bit of everything, hot dogs, microwave burittos, sodas, cup of noodles etc. Sometimes they even sell tickets for baseball and foot ball games. The only thing worth getting though are the dogs and the sodas.

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