Del Norte Place Apartment Homes

11720 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito
(510) 237-8300

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Antonia D.

I was a tenant of Del Norte Place from February 2018 until August 2020. The benefits of living here are that you are within walking distance of the BART station and major bus lines as well as Safeway and Walgreens and some decent restaurants in the little retail area below the apartments. It's a decent spot to live if you don't have a car and need to be close to the amenities. However, the disadvantages of living here certainly outweigh the benefits. Similar to the review by Jay M. on 3/7/2020, the management company is unnecessarily difficult to communicate with. Their responsiveness to tenant issues has really gone down hill since the start of the COVID pandemic. Due to accessibility and safety concerns as well as financial impacts of COVID, my roommate and I asked to break our lease early and sent them multiple lease termination notices to the leasing office email inbox letting them know that we would be moving out by the end of August 2020. It seems like they don't have anyone working on-site in the office because they did not respond to our termination notice until we PRINTED OUT A PHYSICAL LETTER AND SENT IT TO THE OFFICE WITH A RETURN SIGNATURE REQUIRED VIA CERTIFIED MAIL. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Under normal circumstances, an early lease termination will cost you the equivalent of two months rent ($5400) + rent through your lease termination date. They don't offer any reasonably priced month to month leasing options even for financially responsible tenants so you will be locked into a year long lease. My roommate and I got out paying less because we consulted a lawyer and threatened to sue them. Other words of caution: - the accessible push button on the lobby door is always broken even after repeated maintenance requests- the elevators are always breaking down for multiple hours. Phone calls to the emergency maintenance line go unanswered. The most recent elevator issue took them 12 days to resolve- your packages will constantly be stolen from the lobby or magically "disappear" from the package room because there are no security cameras anywhere- Fire alarms continually go off during the night and no one ever leaves their units because the pranks are constant. We would all die in actual fire- constant rotation of managers: in my 2.5 years there, we interacted with at least 5 different staff- COCKROACHES: we had an ongoing cockroach issue that they were slow to resolveA two bedroom here will cost you $2900 with don't walk to a better complex!

Jay M.

In addition to the problems before, I was moving out and asked them what I needed to do (roommate was staying). They told me to email them and they would send me the document to sign and send back to them. I emailed them twice. No reply. I left the country and have been out of the country a few months. My roommate stayed past the lease date and they evicted me... while I was out of the country. I just learned about it. My mom received the court summons after it already went to court (I had my mail forwarded there since I left). Edit: they may have corrected the problem most of the way, dealing with it currently

Kash v.

Pros: - next to the del Norte bart station Cons: - washer and dryer doesn't work. Majority of washers leave clothes completely soaked. All dryers take 1.5-2hrs (I've had 3 hrs before) to dry clothes - been here 6 months and still have no gate security code - dishwasher was leaking and was only finally replaced after several work requests were submitted - toilet was leaking for 2 months when we first moved in - heater is broken - front office service is hit or miss - the MG management group that manages this building doesn't seem to care. I've reached out to them about the issues above and they said they will reach out but never did. I really want this place to work out but the experience here has unfortunately been one of the worst. Additionally, every tenant I've talked to is unhappy here and just sticking it out until their lease is up. Do not rent here.

Omar S.

To start, I will mention that Yvonne is nice and tries to help, and the maintenance crew are friendly. Now to the very real issues I've experienced here: Service Requests: - When I moved into my apartment 2 years ago, the first time it rained I realized the rain gutters in my building are completely rusted and deteriorated. My patio isn't completely covered by a roof so the gutters were leaking massive amounts of water right into my patio. All the water that is collected from the building's roof ends up dumping right into my patio, causing flooding that will get into my living room if the water is not collected in buckets and emptied into a sink. I submitted a request 2 years ago and was lied to by management when they said they will fix it within a week - what actually happened is they marked the ticket as "work done" and have ignored my follow up emails and notes since then. This would be unacceptable anywhere else, but it's not even the worse part. The fire alarms: Oh, the fire alarms. They go off literally every.single.week. Sometimes even twice a day. It's awesome when you have work at 7am and the fire alarm goes off at 4am and stay on for 45 minutes. It got so bad that people don't even leave their apartments anymore when it goes off. And the fire truck now takes it's time getting here as they've learned to ignore this building's alarms Does management realize how dangerous that is? What if there's a real fire? They do, and don't care. All they do is keep promising "they've installed new fire alarms" and keep sending extremely inconvenient (and poorly written / rude) notifications that they will be entering our apartment while we're at work to inspect them. I don't like people entering my apartment when I'm not around because I have a dog, and this has happened 3 times in the last couple of months. Security is a joke: Living so close to BART is definitely convenient, but homeless people keep breaking into the building and one of them has started fires in the stairwells in more than 1 building. There was a huge burn mark on the stairs, and the stairs smelled like burnt plastic for over a month, until they changed the carpet. Someone also broke into the laundry room and set off the fire alarms there by smoking. Parking: They had a simple project in the parking lot and kept messing up the scheduling. They asked everyone in all buildings to move their cars for an entire day - do you know what it's like to have to find parking on the street around here, especially when all your neighbors had to do the same thing? They did this to us 3 times in 1 month! Packages: On top of that, if you order alot of items online, the packages are constantly held hostage in the office until someone is there to hand it to you. They sometimes just leave a sign on the door and leave for a few hours 'doing tours'.. Just look for another place. There are many better options and some are even cheaper. I renewed my lease so I wouldn't have to move again and am experiencing instant regret as I woke up to a flood in the patio that I had to clean up before I go to work...

Happy Journey

Very bad customer experience who is sitting office Very rude never help always giving hard time Try to finish my contact and move from this apartment please no one come here

Hari S.

Here's a fun game to play: Sort the Yelp reviews for Del Norte place chronologically, newest first. Then look how the reviews change over time. You'll notice that pre-2017, this looks like a place where human beings might choose to live. From any point then on, it appears that the complex is an absolute nightmare. As a resident for years, I can assure you that the complex is indeed an absolute nightmare. My lease is up in several months, and I'd rather stab my eyes out than renew it. I signed up for Yelp just to write this review: Whatever you do, DO. NOT. LIVE. HERE. You might say "but it's so conveniently located near BART!" This is the only reason why it may be tempting, but it is absolutely not worth it. Here's the other side of the ledger: 1) The management staff. These are some of the most awful, toxic people I have ever dealt with in a professional capacity. There are maybe one or two permanent staff members, both of whom make it repeatedly clear that they are only interested in starting fights with their tenants. Yvonne in particular is incredibly rude, and uses every single request, no matter how minor, as an excuse to start a defensive, hostile fight. I honestly think she has a mental illness. Other than them, there are approximately 3,892 temporary workers that MG Properties hires because they are too cheap to actually train permanent workers. These people are nice enough, but have absolutely no idea what they are doing, because they are usually here for two weeks or less. Half of the time, no one is actually in the office, because they don't hire enough office workers to maintain the property. 2) Security. Over several years of living here, we have had homeless people break in, pulling fire alarms, and setting fire to the stairwell. One day, someone actually just took a dump at the bottom of the stairwell, and it took almost 2 days for someone to clean it up. The cars in the parking lot often have their windows broken. Despite the absolute fury of the tenants over these incidents, the management staff made no effort whatsoever to apologize to their tenants. Doors to buildings fail to lock fully when they close. Solution? Rather than simply get someone to fix the door, they put up signs telling everyone it's their duty to make sure the door fully locks behind them. Right. That's going to solve the problem. They have hired some security staff to patrol the building at night, but on multiple occasions I have seen them just sitting on the first floor smoking pot. Expect to have your car broken into. Expect to wake up in the middle of the night repeatedly to pulled fire alarms. Expect management to blame you for all of this. 3) Packages. Like normal human beings, the office staff used to receive packages, then put notices in your mailbox so that you might, you know, be aware that someone tried to send you something. When you went to the office, they'd happily take the time to get your package for you. Now, no such system exists. You have to now guess whether or not you think a package may have arrived for you. If you go to the office to retrieve it, someone is there to help you maybe half of the time at best. If they're there, they are usually visibly annoyed and sometimes actually rude about having to get up and grab the package for you. Several times, they have simply lost my package, then "found it" at a later date. If you receive a lot of packages, and are stupid enough to move in here at this point, I'd recommend just getting yourself a PO Box. 4) Fleas and ants. The buildings are regularly infested with them. They don't care. This problem never goes away. 5) Management staff. Yes, it's here twice. I cannot highlight enough how incompetent and rude these people are. The rest of this complex could be a paradise, and I'd still give it one star and recommend everyone against living here, simply on the weakness of the management staff. They make you feel like you are inconveniencing them by paying them nearly $3000

Tom B.

I was a resident at Del Norte Place for a year and a half. The location is great, but the management company leaves much to be desired. THEFT: Within 1 month, an arsonist set fire to the laundry room twice, someone broke into my car (and 6 other cars in the apartment complex's parking lot), and my bike was stolen from inside the locked courtyard. The only response from the front office was "sorry to hear that." There is a courtesy patrol in the evenings, but it seems far from effective. POOR MAINTENANCE: The response to maintenance issues was generally quick (within 2 days), but I often had to re-submit issues 2-3 times before maintenance would truly fix the issue. As one example, my ceiling was leaking when it rained, and the repairman supposedly fixed it twice before a third (actually effective) repair weeks after the initial problem. POOR MANAGEMENT: When attempting to negotiate my lease renewal with the regional manager, he failed to return several phone calls and voicemails I left him. I had no choice but to sign before my renewal deadline. After I signed, the manager was then suddenly available to speak with me. In another case, the building's fire alarms were malfunctioning and would go off many times in a row. Sometimes, this happened for more than an hour at a time. Other times, it happened at 3 or 4 am. The issue was not fixed for at least 2 months. Management clearly fails to respond to such issues within a reasonable time frame.

Toni M.

This review is for the shopping center itself, not for the housing, and it's a weak 3, more like 2.51. I have eaten at several restaurants in the complex over the years and what I most dislike is the bathroom setup. In general you have to leave the restaurant to find them and even in dry weather I find that unpleasant. In the rain it would be dreadful. So I often avoid eating at the restaurants here because of that, although I'm currently curious about Taste of Ethiopia and will probably try it eventually, even knowing about the bathroom situation.


Somebody constantly breaks into cars, at least three times on last week. Del Norse place does nothing about it.

Eunice L.

BE AWARE. DO NOT GO HERE. The staff used to be nice but they are now very rude, unprofessional, and drive you crazy every time. I lived there for more than two years. 1. Do not even think about getting your deposit back if you are moving here 2. Packages get stolen all the time, so you are forced to send to the leasing office.... but they are never there. When you finally catch them, you have to wait every single time. 3. Bikes within the complex (behind locked doors) get stolen all the time, this happened twice for me 4. Some staff are ok, but some are extremely rude and impossible to work with, to a degree that you won't care anymore & eventually move out 5. Your rent will go up crazy every year. I lived there for little over two years and i was the second oldest tenant on the entire floor. I suspect it was due to increasing rent. 6. Dogs get noisy and some are aggressive. My dog got bit within the complex. 7. FLEAS. My unit was professionally treated four times, and I did DE treatment multiple times. On top of all this, I vacuumed and washed everything every day. Flea issues remained. I eventually had to live somewhere else for couple months as I am not too keen on getting eaten alive. Fyi- I never had flea issues before moving here or after moving out. I suspect that the fleas were coming from another unit. 8. And ants. This was gone after professional treatment but I wonder if it came back to that unit by now. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT MOVE HERE. YOU WILL THANK ME FOR IT.

Roxy F.

This place is horrendous. DO NOT MOVE HERE. It didn't start off that way as you can see in my past reviews. The office staff is absolutely atrocious. They are rude, dimwitted and have some of the worst customer service I have ever witnessed. Rude, arrogant, defensive and trashy. The office staff come off as Jerry Springer guests in every possible interaction. I can't count the number of temps they have had running things. It's constant turn around. There is no point in complaining- I have contacted their corporate office several times and nothing was offered to be done. Yvonne has some serious mental issues. The apartment is severely overpriced for the area. I cannot wait to leave. The water basically does not work in the kitchen and yet the maintenance guy has come by 3 separate times to 'fix' it. At this point I can't cook since it's impossible to clean the dishes thanks to the low water pressure. My partner and I had to purchase a UPS post office box because I can't count the number of times we haven't been able to get our packages from the office (the postman drops them off there no matter what if they don't fit in the tiny mail slot unless its Amazon). Their hours are unpredictable and rarely anyone is there. They lost a package of mine that was randomly found 6 months later when I pushed them to find a new one. One time they gave me another guy's package. Most of the time they claim a package is not there until you push them to look harder and physically follow them into the mailroom. It's completely unacceptable. The security is a joke- the lights around the building and in the back parking area are routinely out and it's not a safe area after dark. The last and most ridicules thing they did was post flyers all over telling all residents to move their cars and find somewhere else to park for 2 days while they repaint the parking spaces. There is basically no street parking- never mind for 500+ residents! It was cancelled the day of- after everyonw had to move their cars to who knows where- thanks to rain- so apparently they will make us do it again! The last time this sort of thing was asked of us was years ago and they provided the lot across the street for everyone in the meantime. This is how little they care. Do not move here- you will deeply regret it. There are so many other options.

Maria K.

Somebody constantly breaks windows on parking, and community does nothing about it. Also packages are being stolen and some freaks burn stairs.

Klent S.

I'm just going to say that this apartments suck hella ass, full of section 8 people as well. If your ghetto, and you like to get rob, seeing fights, drug dealing well this is your type of place if u hella ghetto.

Lovebug A.

Will this ever reopen? I've been craving this place for the past 3months. There was no notice about it shutting down. One day I came with my daughter and it was closed, we are seriously so heart broken about this.

Rida R.

I live here and Its horrible DO NOT MOVE HERE. I plan on moving out asap because there's always a fire in the staircase and that someone always pulls the fire alarm when there's no fire so it's hard to know if there's a real fire or if someone pulled the fire alarm for fun ! DO NOT MOVE IN they don't seem to care at all! I coughed so much because of all all the smoke that came from a staircase fire yesterday! Did management apologize ? NO And there's no security or cameras so anyone can get it. Also here's been times when random homeless people knock on my door.

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