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El Cerrito
(510) 233-8400

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Jeremi W.

Usually friendly guys but as of 4/24/20, this business was not enforcing customers to wear a mask or face covering. That bothered me and I don't think I'll come by again until they get more serious about that.

Leel W.

Been to one Safeway you practically been to the mall Safeway prices are just too high. I found plenty of other grocery stores that has just almost the same products with much lower prices so the three stars mainly come from some of the employees who just really act like they don't want to be there and I'll just leave it at that

Mary T.

Shopped all over in many Safeways but this one takes the gold star for unmotivated workers at the deli section. 20 minutes just waiting now for single server to have full scale chat with BFF and then has the nerve to want to apologize for the delay. This is not an unusual occurrence at their deli counter where service is slower than a snail but having a delay because you want to catch up with a coworker who "missed you at work today" and then worker just wants to move on to the four waiting customers with apologies. It is my last time in this store as clearly management is not managing.

Jeremy C.

I've lived in this area for two years and have gone to this Safeway and I've stopped due to how slow it takes to check out. They never have enough Checkers abs their staff is extremely rude. The reason I am making this review is because of their public restrooms for customers that have a code to get in looks like this. It's always been gross and never have seen it actually cleaned but I walked right out. It's so fucking disgusting! I use to work at a grocery store and this comes down to staffing and management. I will be looking into sending these images to Safeway's corporate. This is unacceptable for a store bathroom. This is the last time I shop at Safeway.

daniel blanco

The bathroom has grafitty and super dirty for being safeway it looks like the manager there they don't care about the store that's a shame because the safeway the we have here in davis are super clean bathroom and the store .i hope a district manager goes and inspect the store.

Tiffany P.

They offered the coupons but then the discount didn't show when checkout. I asked them for help, they came, explained some nonsense but performed like they know everything. Since the discount did not show on the receipt as they said, they walked me around the store again, back to at the department, checkout, then customer service to do refund! And told me that I should be happy because they were walking with me and helping me! Oh! So don't you hire to serve customers? That is your job, your duty, and the wrong in your computer system! Ok, I have a mistake that is going to your store!!!

Jennifer C.

I like it...everyone doing there thing. Produce seems to be fine...It gets busy and not enough checkers.

Aiman A.

I've moved here about a year ago and I have to say by far this is one of the worst Safeway I have ever been too in my life... it's weird because this is the most cleanest and organized Safeway I have ever been to but every time I go here no matter what time of the day it is no matter what day of the week it is the lines are always super super long they have 13 checkout lines but only utilize two at most!!!!!!!!! And on top of that if the cashier has some problems they has to wait at least five minutes for a manager to realize they needs help...I'm just saying if I wake up one morning and I find that the Safeway is closed down for good it would be a blessing in my eyes Ps out of six self check out kiosks only two of them work!!!

Vincent L.

This is a larger-format Safeway that is right underneath a BART station. Although it's super busy all day long, at least everything - especially the produce area - has been well-stocked whenever I've stopped by after going to 24 Hour Fitness down the street. It's so busy, in fact, that there's a huge security presence, with at least three officers patrolling both the insides as well as the parking lot outside. Count on them to profile customers arbitrarily and make judgmental comments under their breath, for example, "did you see her? She's got one biiiiiig fat-a** booty." OK... whatever floats your boat. I've never noticed security at most Safeways I've been to, so the fact that there are so many guards here might give one pause. As is the case anywhere in the Bay Area, lock your car and don't leave anything in plain sight.

D S.

Ok this post is very long but worth the read to tell you about what incredible customer service I got from 4 employees of Safeway delivery!!! Which I HUGELY suggest to you for any of your grocery needs. So here goes and this is what I emailed them. I can't thank you enough for everything everyone of your people did for me this time!!! Everybody went WAY out of their way to make sure my delivery went down exactly as I requested along with all my idiosyncrasies and requests. Let me explain. 1. I pretty much only drink Canada Dry Ginger Ale and water so when I order the Ginger Ale I order a bunch at a time. This time I ordered 30 of them. I called late one night at 10:30 pm. I spoke with the replenishment manager (sorry I'm bad with getting names) who was a female in the El Cerrito, Ca location. She took time out of what I could imagine is a VERY hectic job to go out to the isles and in back to check and count how many there were. When she saw you were out of them she told me she was going to place a special order for me and they would be there in 2 days and just as she said, in 2 days they were there. Amazing as so many people say they are going to do special requests at many businesses and drop the ball and forget. 5 stars for that! 2. When the order picker picked all my items they didn't know she had placed them in a special place in the back for me so they did not know to add them to my order. When the day came I called and asked the person in dot com to check for me and she went in back to look for me, found them and called me back to report that she did find them and had to take them to the cash out area and have someone run them thru a register since my order had already been paid for. She did and I got what I requested. 5 stars for that! 3.Then I forgot to ask about my request to have one of my items Tilamook sharp white cheddar 2lb block, unwrapped and have the deli department slice it for me 1/8th" thick so I can use it for sandwiches. This was the only thing in this whole experience that got missed. So I called back and actually was put on hold as the phone kept ringing in customer service and nobody picked up and the call rerouted 3 times. A minor issue but very understandable. But on a side note I know how extremely important phone customers are to any business. If any call is not gotten to, that customer will probably take their business elsewhere. So a little reminder to all employees to answer the phone at anytime if they hear it ring more than 3 times, run and pick it up and put the guest on hold weather it is their job or not. Anyway back to my call. So I called back and chose to speak with the deli department and this time someone picked up. So I got to speak with a young man and asked him to get ahold of dot com for me again. But he didn't just do that he actually took the time to ask me specifically what I was calling about and not just put it on someone else. He truly wanted to take the time to help me himself if he could. Unfortunately he could not this time but he still took the time to thank me for calling and apologized for me having to wait so long on my last call. This young man was fantastic and truly only had in mind to give me outstanding customer service!!! So he put me on hold and got dot com for me. 5 stars for that! The girl that answered was also super. She went outside to the delivery truck as my order had already been pulled and put on a truck. She found my cheese and saw that it wasn't sliced as I requested & took it back inside to the deli and had them slice it just as I asked and took it back outside and added it back to my order. Then took time to call me back to let me know that it had been done. 5 stars for that! 4. The young man that deliverd my groceries had to lug all those bags (about 20 of them) down a flight of stairs to get the my home and did without question. When he was done I begged him to help me put them in my fridge because I am very handicapped with major back issues right now and would have

Sean D.

I left a one star review here months ago and I'm coming back to say it again. This is one of the most understaffed places of business I've ever seen. There are constantly lines spanning multiple aisles and they never have more than 2 ringers

Jacqueline F.

I don't really go to this location, except to pick up packages from Amazon. For that, it's quite swell. I prefer to shop at Trader Joes, Sprouts, Whole Paychex, and so on, so I rarely buy anything here. It seems like a nice enough store, and their organic and gluten free game are on point, but I have favorites and none of my faves can be bought here.

Human R.

The STUPIDEST ever policy. Wouldnt rent me a steam cleaner without California ID. My drivers license is from another state. AND I M PAYING WITH A MAJOR CREDIT CARD This store has NO business sense

Gerald S.

This is a store I will never give business again. I went tonight to buy a Mylar balloon for my granddaughter's birthday tomorrow. I arrived at 8:30pm and was told the floral department was closed and I couldn't get a balloon. One of the clerks offered to call the manager to see if she would blow up a balloon for me. The answer from the manager was, "No, that department is closed." Really, you're the "manager" and you won't walk out and blow up a balloon for a customer? Whoever the manager was on July 23rd at 8:30pm should be fired! If this is the customer service model being set by the manager it makes total sense that this store only has a 2 Star rating. I'm frankly surprised it is that high.

Jose R.

I dont like being ignored, or made to stand while they work but wont look at me n ask if I need help? Why ? Safeway use to have customer service excellence but now at this location that's jus a memory. No hot sandwiches, breakfast burritos n no soup? What happened. Not lazy cause they were workin jus not serving customers. Sprouts is a few miles down n that's where I'll be going. There policy is "we cant say no" to customers. Thank u Safeway, u guys still have great products n service jus not this store.

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