Sasa Kitchen

10350 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito
(510) 292-2388

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Manny N.

Sasa is located extremely close to our place so we visit them about once a month or so. The staff team members are extremely friendly. Some dishes are better than the other but most of their signature dishes are yummy and prices are great. Portion is huge too. The lobster braised e-noodles is our all time favorite dish there.

Sutter B.

Ordered sweet and sour pork during the shelter in place period. A plate is soggy mess. The pineapples tasted like they went bad. I don't know canned pineapples go bad...unless they are really old??? Maybe in person dining is better? Will not be back to find out due to poor quality of food.

I M.

We like the food here. I find it a bit more expensive. On the other hand the portions are large and you take home almost another meal. So the price is irrelevant. Service is attentive and friendly. Food was served fairly quickly. When it was new, it was really clean, but it's slipping a bit in that regards.

Carson T.

Not good. We ordered through uber eats for delivery. Ordered a whole peking duck - they gave us half a duck, not crispy, so oily, no buns, the meat was kind of mushy and the flavor was just not there. Also ordered honey walnut shrimp - instead they gave us 5 potstickers that were so weird. The wrapper was thick and chewy, more like an undercooked bread dough than a wrapper, and the inside was mushy and cold and tasted like nothing. We were still charged for the shrimp, luckily Uber Eats refunded us for that. Also ordered wonton soup - just not good. The broth was okay but I think the wontons had the same filling as the weird potstickers so the flavor and texture were just strange. Anyway just don't eat here.

James K.

I was out getting groceries during shelter in place and thought I'd get some take out too. It was a weekend a week ago and Sasa was open, and I've been curious to try. They were out of frogs in medicine broth, and yes I would've really eaten that. I ended up ordering a beef clay pot and some greens. The portions were good and food was tasty. I'd try more dishes from them. I hope they're able to last through the covid-19 situation.

Thomas Prince

Tried this spot already with a friend and I am hooked since then. I love the good vibes and yummy food and beverages. Highly recommended.

Jean K.

Sasa doesn't do everything well, but a number of dishes are unique and excellent. Their tofu/tamago dishes are very fine and our favorites. This review combines several visits to list dishes we liked. Also good is the Shanghai Rice Cake stir-fry. We normally prefer the true "no soya" version of this dish, but Sasa makes an unusually good version of the soya-added rice cake stir-fry. Lean char siu benefits from good wok hay, and in a brilliant variant, the usual bok choy/nappa/spinach greens are replaced by wedge-cut green cabbage. In a good hot wok, green cabbage is GREAT in a stir-fry but you hardly ever see Chinese cooks do this. Definitely worth ordering and leftovers are yummy. Gai lan with fishcake. The fishcake patties were small and panfried. The gai lan was almost all leafy tips, few stems. Wonderful dish, we'd order it again. Tamago Tofu, Mixed Mushrooms, Pea Sprouts. Veggie version, a little bland but notable for good quality wood ear mushrooms, generous amount. Rib-eye in XO sauce and Rib-eye Steak with Honey. Similar but NOT identical dishes, both were very good and equally pleasing. Steak w/honey a little sweeter but not obnoxiously so. Braised Scallops, Snap Peas. Scallops were halved, a little chewy but tasty. Snap peas were sweet; sauce light (as it should be). Portions are very very generous here, so count on leftovers. Small parking lot attached but street parking also usually easy. Service is better than average.

David Tong

Tasty food with lots of wok aroma...friendly service, great experience.

Pandkee Chang

A notch above. A busy, yet courteous work staff. The food is authentic Chinese and if you stop by, you won't be sorry...

D Barajas

I told my friends about this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The the food there is fantastic and the stuff is welcoming and cooperative. Every time we visit this place we have a pleasant evening. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Deanna Yick

Delicious food and hearty portions, esp the fried chicken wings

Sylvia Wong

Authentic Chinese food in local neighborhood. Good seafood selection too

Alias A.

Delicious Chinese. I recommend the roasted duck with buns and honey walnut prawns. Fried rice with salted fish is also so good. I hadn't had fried rice in a long time, and it was fluffy and fragrant with fresh green onions. Parking makes this place easy to come to also. Order the crispy chicken stuffed with sweet rice in advance. It's my favorite.

Christine Doan

Family joint serving old school chinese food. Their menu offers a variety including meat, seafood, & vegetarian options. Great lunch deals at $8-9 a plate. Generous portions so one plate can easily be shared between 2 ppl. Bonus: they have a mid-sized parking lot.

Invisible W.

This place has the worse customer service. BEWARE!!! When my family came to the restaurant, the place was not even busy. The waitress definitely saw us waiting for a table. However, she didn't say a word or greet to us. After standing for 10 minutes, she just pointed us to an available table. After another 5 minutes, one of the waitress walked over and said to us that we should move to another table. Her tone was rude and unprofessional. At the end, we got up and left the restaurant. Please be aware that customer service in this restaurant is unacceptable. There are other Chinese restaurants in the area and I can guarantee you that there are many other good places to eat and no need to come to their restaurant to be treated with unprofessional service. When visiting a restaurant especially with family, we all want to be happy and enjoy the atmosphere. This place makes people upset! Life is short. I would convince you to try another place.

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