Banh Mi Che Cali

11840 Valley Blvd, El Monte
(626) 279-5523

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Hector H.

Went in today with my wife and grandson , ordered a chicken pho and a rare beef pho and some egg rolls, walked to my table to find it SUPER DIRTY along with a high chair for my grandson, wife wiped down the table with a lysol wipe and it was black. We were so disgusted that we had to cancel our order and asked for a refund . If the table and high chair were this dirty imagine the kitchen! I never write reviews, but this restaurant was so bad that I had to share our experience.

Deedee T.

Food is spoiled and the restaurant is very dirty... Save your money and avoid coming here...

Magda N.

Their prices have gotten pretty high for mediocre tasting food. They have ready to grab meals too. It's cheaper and quicker, but it's not worse. The cooked food isn't served hot either, so it's same same lah. Asian lady has no-nonsense and will tell you what to do! Don't get offended, just laugh it off, they don't mean any harm. Make sure you check your receipt and your to-go bag before you leave! They didn't put in all of my order so we had to share :(

Burning W.

Today I order their sandwich but it taste so bad. The quality of the bread is not the way it use to be. It soft and stale. This make me second guess if I would ever order the sandwich again. I hope they stop using low quality bread.

Leo T.

Food is really bad and poor service. I have not been so cruel place like this ... 0 star

Irene G.

Worst pho restaurant ever!!! Served with little plastic bowl. The pho tastes so plain and grossed. The meat is not fresh. Had to force myself to eat it since I got to go back to work very soon. I can get better food with cheaper price than here. Will never come back again!!!

Christina C.

Spring rolls were so fresh and egg rolls with the sauce were very good. We had those lunch parties.

Thalia S.

Love coming here with my family. The baguettes are so yummy! And so is #13 and bobba of course!

Willie G.

The food here and customer are bad. Everything just bad. foods not hot. The only one English speaking worker we're gone when i need someone to add on to my order. Got to wait a long time.

Aracely A.

So gross! Almost done with my food and came across a head of a cockroach.. My 6 year old loves the pho here but after this I won't be coming here anymore

Tina V.

Can't go wrong with $6 dollar Vietnamese Phở Gà. Their catering menu is also delish! I've ordered their egg rolls, spring rolls, fried chicken wings & thighs before. Customer service is not the best, but it doesn't matter much as I'm in & out after getting my orders.

Lidiana C.

I'm giving them a 1 because we found a piece of glass on a eggroll that my 3 year was about to bite, but my 15 year old was the one that bit into it. Luckily he spat it out, I haven't called them to let them know because we tried calling and no one answered. I am hoping my son doesn't get I'll in case he are he ate a piece. I just hope this helps the restaurant be more careful on making their food. This was a careless move.

Sasha N.

If I could give this piece of shit zero stars, i would. this place is criminal - they pretend your debit card transaction doesn't go through and ask you to swipe again. they then alter the amount charged. for instance, I got charged $900 fucking dollars for two banh mi. now i have to file a claim and go through 10 days of bullshit to get it resolved. FUCK BMC PHO.

Jennifer W.

Stopped by for a quick bite on a Saturday afternoon. I grew up with a reliable Banh Mi Che Cali down the street, but we were severely disappointed in the French baguette sandwiches here. I wrote that in English like a banana because I can't recall if there's an apostrophe for plural of banh mi... Definitely avoid the thit noung/(BBQ Pork Sandwich) banh mi if you can. Meat seemed to be an abnormal reddish color. I preferred the dac biet (cold cuts and pate) banh mi. Unfortunately the biggest thing missing in both Banh Mi Sandwiches was the pickled carrots and daikon. There was ZERO oomph to the sandwich - very, very sad. Otherwise the Spring Rolls were okay. Not memorable, but that might be a good thing here. I like spring rolls at value price enough to recommend stopping by for them.

Oswaldo Aero

Fresh and delicious food served fast

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