WaBa Grill

1953 Durfee Ave S, El Monte
(626) 582-8212

Recent Reviews

Seila O.

Terrible service. She didn't even bother noticing us and we were only there for pick up order. She only focus one of the customers and have not said anything to us.

Sayuri Avalos

Mad me please for me touching my face boyfriend my. l love him.

Bethany c

I dine in this great restaurant quite a bit! This is my favorite restaurant to have a bite. I go to this spot at least once a month. The cooking is very good, the staff is welcoming and the rates are reasonable. I enjoy being in this restaurant over a tasty supper.

Rainportal 202

Good food for kids.

Rain_Portal 202

Good food for kids.

Samantha Gonzalez

Awesome, I'm going to try the white ? and side order of ? and ?. But, everything else I have had here is super delicious.

Jorge R.

There is ridiculous. Not much more needs to be said and this isn't the first time I have been given a bowl with this pathetic sad excuse amount of protein. Don't go here!!

Jie D.

Getting a quick bite for my wife and I

Thus neighborhood Waba grill is very convenient to my house

I enjoy the sauce lots I always ask for extra sauce to so I can use it for my chicken own chicken recipe when I get home

I recommend this place for anyone who likes something light and somewhat healthy this be a good choice

Also price is reasonable and portion is good enough to fill me up

Ayea Hi

Why do you guys offer “curbside pick up? “ if the phone is always busy and the workers looks so miserable that they don’t even wanna do curbside pick up.

Natalie G.

This Waba is the worst!!!! We come at least twice a week and every time we come to this store they are either out of something or get the order wrong! Last week they didn't have dressing and they got my brother in laws order wrong and today they said they have no white rice and no chicken!! I have given this store way too many chances and done. I have made complaints online and called corporate, and now giving them a bad yelp review. It's so sad because this Waba is new and close. We now have to travel to the Industry one where they never get anything wrong here- but is an inconvenience for me. AVOID THIS WABA!

Yandere V

They didn’t answer the phone when I had a curbside up

Zachary Ross

They didn’t answer the phone when I had a curbside up

Lucia S.

I would drive by WaBa Grill from the day they moved in by my neighborhood and when the quarantine started we, my husband and I, that were use to going out to eat all of a sudden reality hit 'oh shoot everyplace we like is closed.... I remembered WaBa Grill just around the corner so I checked out their menu and I ordered what we like. It was delivered on time and the packaging was excellent sealed well and the food was great.

Douglas Gray

Would certainly recommend eating here. Excellent character, tasty food, great customer service. Fantastic work.

Maria Benavides

Good food

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