WaBa Grill

1953 Durfee Ave S, El Monte
(626) 582-8212

Recent Reviews

Giovanni Mendoza

I am not one to write reviews, but I am so disappointed with todays food 3/23. I got a waba bowl with extra meat just to pay almost $6 extra for meat on top of that halfway into the food the meat had lots of fat and the worst part is it started to taste like salmon and had some chicken pieces. This is the first time I have ever had a bad experience with waba grill I also never gotten charged for sauces this is a first and a last time at this location.

Leo McCloud

I love this !!! I get this food every week it’s always great !! The chicken bowl is the best !

Antonio Valencia


Wendy Lovers

Great taste. Fast service

Sayuri Avalos

Mad me please for me touching my face boyfriend my. l love him.

Bethany c

I dine in this great restaurant quite a bit! This is my favorite restaurant to have a bite. I go to this spot at least once a month. The cooking is very good, the staff is welcoming and the rates are reasonable. I enjoy being in this restaurant over a tasty supper.

Rainportal 202

Good food for kids.

Rain_Portal 202

Good food for kids.

Samantha Gonzalez

Awesome, I'm going to try the white ? and side order of ? and ?. But, everything else I have had here is super delicious.

Ayea Hi

Why do you guys offer “curbside pick up? “ if the phone is always busy and the workers looks so miserable that they don’t even wanna do curbside pick up.

Yandere V

They didn’t answer the phone when I had a curbside up

Zachary Ross

They didn’t answer the phone when I had a curbside up

Douglas Gray

Would certainly recommend eating here. Excellent character, tasty food, great customer service. Fantastic work.

Maria Benavides

Good food

Robert Keil

We enjoy eating out. Yesterday we went to this magnificent place which friends recommended to us. We enjoyed a lovely evening there with fine food and a well-trained stuff and an impressive cook. We added this place in our phone list and we will certainly come back soon. We warmly recommend.

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