Cam Hong Deli

4068 San Pablo Dam Rd, El Sobrante
(510) 222-2700

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David K.

One of my favorite spot to eat pho, big portions, good tasting broth, small mom and pops spot. Bun bo hue is good too. My kids always get the pork chop.

Leme K.

I have to say, I think this is so far my favorite place for Bun Bo Hue within the Richmond vicinity. It's a bit of a hole in the wall in a very suburban town where I bet a lot of natives haven't even heard of; el sobronte.

Every time Ives ordered Bun Bo Hue it's really close to what I get to Oakland. There's always a good piece of trotter, pork blood, the pork steamed ham, slices of miscellaneous beef and pork and of course the right type of noodles. The soup is flavorful but tastes even better when you add their saté sauce they give you on the side. Overall, it's not very spicy and you can set the spicy level based on how much saté sauce you put in. Also a good amount of herbs and veggies for the hot soup.

I've started ordering the pho too and it's good. Great flavor of broth with plenty of noodles and topping.

Looks like everyone also orders the rice plates. So I have to try that soon and give an update.

If you're in the area, I highly recommend it. It's also very close to A regional park. Great plate to eat after a long hike.

Pat F.

I love the food at Cam Hong but I'll never pay with a card again. They wrote down the CCV number from the back (if you don't know the entire purpose of this number is to prove you have physical possession of the card). When I objected they blamed it repeatedly on the card machine that required it's entry and clearly intend to keep on doing this. Not only this, but when I demanded the slip of paper with my CCV number, they dug it out of the pile where IT WAS STAPLED TO MY RECEIPT!!!! I don't think they're stealing identities but they are definitely making it easy for someone else to!

Yasmin A.

This place is really good. A bit pricy but almost worth it.  Little restaurant in el Sobrante , with amazing taste . Ok portions and nice customer service.

Amy Y.

I was in the area and was hoping to get some viet sandwiches. I found this place and decided to stop by. They seem to have built a very new outdoors area for you to enjoy pho and other appetizers. I got a few sandwiches to go and they're delicious! They are a bit higher in price compared to my usual go to however they are definitely bigger in size. They have a great selection on their menu and definitely worth a visit!! I highly recommend this place for viet sandwiches!

Kelly H.

Worst restaurant I have ever had period. If I could give this restaurant 0 stars, I would. The food was the definition of old. The noodles were soggy, and the meat had a funky taste to it. My boyfriend and I felt sick after eating here.

One word. TERRIBLE.

Thao D.

This is my go-to place when craving Vietnamese comfort foods that my family ate while I was growing  up. I love their bun bo hue, canh chua, ca kho, and vermicelli bowls. YUM. Before the pandemic anytime I had family visiting from out of town, this is where I would take them. It's still great to be able to enjoy their food even during the pandemic.

Wade Cole

This place is clearly one of the finest restaurants in the region. Whenever I come to this place I am truly pleased. They always keep their high level service and the highest level of meals they give. You no doubt will love this place. Highly recommended.

Yavanna Anderson-Chiancone

Good food good pho and good people! Support local businesses!

Marquis Alexander

Excellent and fresh food, I love the character the spot has, and the cashiers were very nice. Will surely eat here again.

Whitney I.

I always come for their pearl drinks, which I get with no milk and are always good. I like the strawberry and honeydew, they are pretty sweet so if you don't like sweet drinks maybe don't get one. Their banh mi sandwiches are also good and super big, could split between two people!! I've also had their vegetable spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce and they were yummy and made fresh when I ordered. They are nice people and always get my orders right!! :)

Sudip Dutta

Didn't follow basic instructions, bought a paté bahn mi with barely any paté and no garnishes. Messed up my land lady's uncomplicated order as well. Food quality is decent but if they want to stay in business, they should respect their customers' simple requests.

Jin K.

This place has the best BUN BO HUE. Aka SPICY NOODLES. This is my bf and I go to spot for Vietnamese food. The pho is coo. The rice plates are great ! The banh mi is so yummy. Been going here for years . It's very quiet atmosphere and the owners are awesome ! So friendly and welcoming! Their vermicelli bowls ARE GREAT too

Sudip D.

Didn't follow basic instructions and skimped on the actual food.Paté sandwich with barely any paté. It didn't come with those garnishes - I took them from my other sandwich. It's almost like they don't want people to buy bahn mi. ‍Learn to respect your customers and at least you'll be an average hole in the wall spot. Unfortunate because I love bahn mi!

Dreya M.

Better then Ben tre in ssf. Will definitely come back again. Price was responsible and fast friendly service.

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