Domino's Pizza

1581 Sycamore Ave Ste A, Hercules
(510) 222-9100

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Tshilumba K.

This Dominos is on point! They got my order correct and were quick about it as well. The toppings were evenly distributed and the taste was really good. We don't always order delivery pizza but now that I know this location does such a good job we will become regulars. I invite those of you that live in the delivery area to try it. I also challenge those that had 1 star reviews to try them again.

Luis Martinez

I like my pizza a little burnt/ toasted. Sounds crazy right? But trust me it makes pizza PIZZA. So when I ordered from the Dominos App and saw there was a " Well Done" option, I was like.. "No way.."Last Night, Night Crew, You guys Did An Amazing Job With my Pizza. It was incredible. When I say I want it Well Done, I want it WELL DONE. You guys did that for me and it was Sexy. I owe you guys, and I will be coming back for More!

Lawrence D.

I ordered online and about 1 hour ago and the doors are lock and I see the employee on the phone in the back. At least put a sign or don't take any orders. He is just chilling on the phone and doesn't answer the phone or hear the door. He can obviously see me. Do I get my refund or what?

Nani U.

This spot really is crap. I ordered a cheese pizza with mushrooms and I kid you not, they only sprinkled like 4-5 mushrooms on the entire pizza. A whole pizza with not even 1 mushroom per slice.

James W Harrison

excellent service fast and efficient love the website order then the option of letting them know you arrived. i noticed the response from inside almost immediately through the window as i parked in front. as i watched her grab my 2liter bread bites and head out to my car. the other pizza place i just visited minutes before could benefit from this service. (at other place I was sitting in front they said order wasn't ready when i called decided to go inside and pay after a few minutes and low and behold pizza was in warmer the whole time)

William Runyon

Good pizza and cinnamon rolls

Sarah Thomas

This is the SECOND time I've ordered for deliver and didn't get my full order! Domino's in Hercules has AWFUL customer service! I've been in the phone for 10 minutes and keep getting picked up and placed right back on hold without a word from an employee!

Joe L.

I am so disgusted with this place I placed an order and instead of informing me that they don't deliver to my area which is less than a mile away I called to check on the status of my pizza and was told the order was cancelled. I did not receive an email, a text, a phone call or anything screw this place. This is extremely piss poor service and this will be my last time placing any orders at this location. Terrible thanks for nothing from now on I will be ordering at Round Table Pizza thanks

Cristian Iraheta

Well is better than other Domino's Pizza.

Charisse Buchanan

Always excellent service and I love the pizza

dwayne jackson

H pizza was at a reasonable price and the service was excellent no delays I wish I could got a garlic dip to dip my crust my like poppa John's pizza have but the pizza was hot n delicious ??????

Tanika Nicole LeggingGirl Littlefair

so I ordered pizzas online was very Clear no sausage and what happens got sausage my mom got sick. we do not eat sausage on pizza.I immediately called to COMPLAIN they say oh no worries ma'am I will note your account and you can do a in store credit. well today decideded to redeem my ORDER went thru hell and a hand basket for this pizza. the first person I spoke to was sweet and said no problems and would get the same pizza my sausage. The manager she us rude no customer service messed up on my nieces pizza so dayum GREASY IT WENT THRU THE BOX AND HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY OH ITS THE PARMESAN AND SAUCE NO BOO ITS NOT BEEN WITH Y'ALL A FEW MONTHS. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE BAD PIZZA PERIOD!!! L were done with Dominoes


I ordered 5 pizzas over the phone, and was put on hold for nearly 15 minutes. If that wasn't enough, they got my order wrong. I ordered 5 pizzas, and my total was over $100, the pricing within itself is outrageous. They made 2 out of the 5 pizzas incorrectly, and then refused to refund me or re-make the pizzas that THEY messed up. I am furious, I had nearly 25 vegetarian guests in my home and they made all of the pizzas with chicken.I am a sikh, and we are not allowed to eat meat if we fully practice our religion. Most of my guests were full practicing , and it is absurd that they would make pizzas with meat for my guests, and then refuse to make me the correct ones. Terrible experience, should've gone to little caesars.

Carolina Garcia

Extremely upset. Have been ordering from this place forever and today I received a call back after placing my order online saying that they no longer will deliver in my area/street and that no other dominos delivers in my area. They didnt seem to care at all. So disappointed.

Keylock Smith

They take forever. They are late. They don't speak english. They make bad food as in unsanitary practices and they are very rude.

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