Little Caesars Pizza

454 Appian Way SUITE A-1, El Sobrante
(510) 222-4995

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Deemster aaa

I love to hear that lady in the back checking everybody with her loud voice

Nathaniel Gomez

i called 7 or 8 differnt times they did not anwser never call at 7:24 pm im mad:(

David Wee

All the staff and the manager are very courteous. I ordered something incorrectly and they gave me what I want later on without question. Every time I come in the staff is busy But courteous when it comes to your order and service. The pizza is consistently clean and exactly what you expect from Little Caesars. It may not be the world's top pizza But it never fails to be decent clean and well cooked and prepared.

Kaylan & Mom

They use old dough for my pizzas, its very dry and burned.

Alvaro Alexander

This restaurant is doubtless one of the coolest restaurants in the area. Always when I come to this place I am deeply happy. They preserve their high standard service and the topmost level of meals they serve. You will be always satisfied with this restaurant. Warmly recommended.

Beatriz Alvarado

Good! My kids love it. The staff is following the COVID-19 recommendations. Like it! It just took more than 15 minutes to get our order...

Andres C.

The manager was screaming and yelling at the employees very angry she was a heavy set lady with glasses .....she was yelling very loud while customers inside really rude I hope the boss speaks to her because that's really unprofessional and disrespectful towards employees!.

Bukhari Baaset

“No mask, no service, sorry” I have a whole shirt over my face. Calm down

Marcia D.

Little Caesars Pizza at 454 Appian Way, El Sobrante last week. I expressed concern to the woman behind the counter regarding no gloves and masks being worn by those handling the food. Her explanation was that putting the sauce, topping and cheese on the pizza with gloves on "didn't work" and "melted the gloves onto the pizza". I wasn't won over by the explanation and asked to speak to the manager. The manager was just a few feet away by a partition. She spoke in Spanish and referred to me as a pendeja assuming I did not know what she was saying. The manager told me everything including front counter was wiped down every 10 minutes (I was in the store more than 10 minutes and that had not been done, nor did I see anyone go to the sink and wash their hands). I opted to not order any food and left. I checked the Health Department inspection form that was taped by the entrance. Passed inspection in February which would have been before new COVID-19 rules. They need another visit from the Health department. Given the rudeness of staff (and the lies) I won't be back.

Jazel R.

I cannot fathom how much of a joke Little Caesars has become! Today's experience was an absolute disappointment. I am NEVER coming back here again. First of all, Little Caesars is getting stingy! Since when did the crust get so thin? I use to love how I can get a pepperoni or cheese pizza for less than $10 and get my money's worth but that's not the case anymore. Also, they put way too much sauce which made it soggy and it was a bit undercooked. I had to air fry my slices and I shouldn't have to do that! I got a really bad stomach ache too so that says a lot. Also the guy who took my order wasn't even wearing a mask! This is NOT ok. It says a lot about how they're handling the pandemic situation. I don't trust their employees whatsoever. I learned my lesson today! No more cheap options! It's not worth it.

Charlie Morales

The employees had no gloves handling food. They think its funny about hygine. The manager came out to comfort me. Because i want to know who is making my food. Wouldn't you like to know? The management was better before this one. Worst experience ever for a pizza place!!! She did not make things right! Iam from elsobrante.

John C.

Terrible customer service , the manager on duty Yao and the Franchise owner was very rude to me when I got there 10 minutes before closing, I asked to order a pizza and all Yao told me was we only have 4 ready made pizza's available, all he had to say was sorry but we are not making any pizza's 10 minutes before closing. On top top of that , they were not answering the phones from about 9:30 pm on . When I asked for the manager on duty's name , Yao scribbled "YAO" on a piece register tape and made sure it was hard to read. This is truly a case of the Blind leading the Blind with ignorance mainly on the lady(I'm gonna assume she was the franchise owner). What a joke this experience was. Shame on this store and the owner who does not care about basic customer service.

Teisa S.

If I could give 0 stars I would. I've ordered the same pizza from here THREE TIMES over the phone and in person everytime they get it wrong. I'm not sure if they just rush the order, and it's not like I'm giving a super complicated order. All I want is no sauce in a pizza. So simple, it would make they're job easier cause they just skip a step, but they don't listen to orders over the phone, in person, or through a 3rd party delivery service.

Samera S

Good pizza for cheap price and hot!!!

Toni R.

The Cashiers that takes in MONEY absolutely should not be allowed to turn around and cut and box the pizzas as they come out of the oven. Why? Because I have seen every employee NOT WASH THERE HANDS!!!! Before handling food after taking payment!!!! This is a major health issue!

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