Tacos Rodriguez

4352 Appian Way, El Sobrante
(510) 307-5184

Recent Reviews

Titan French

I had an awesome in this spot. We loved the awesome ambience and the menu. The staff are very attentive. I’m content we ultimately managed to visit this place.

Jeannine V.

I'm from SF and we all know how good burritos are there. I was told that these guys come real close so I decided to try them out.
Carne Asada Super Burrito = $10.00
No guac?
No sour cream?
I asked for pico de gallo and was told only onions and cilantro.
I think they dumped the whole box of salt in it....
In the trash can it went.

gracinha travessa

spicey and delicious - fresh carne asada

Kayla Miller

One of my favorite tacos places. Been eating here for at least 3 years if not more. They been lacking. Prices went up quality went down

Lashawna L.

I ordered a bean and cheese steak burrito with no rice but instead I got a rice burrito with a little bit of steak . Disappointed I ask for no rice for a reason . Stop being cheap and saturating your burritos with rice .

Lewis Morgan

They serve large portions and for affordable pricing. welcoming owner. Will visit again.

Candace Champion-Forbes

I've been buying tacos from this truck 3 to 4 times a week for the last 34 years I come here I would do the same thing every time this time I ordered the same thing like I normally do and I get my tacos and they don't have the cheese on this I got there and ask him about it and they wanted to argue over cheese so I'm poor poor customer service and I won't be back again

William Amaya

two days ago was the first time we came to that good restaurant. But It is definitely not the last time. We had a good time with the courteous service, with the high quality cuisine and fine drinks and with the comfortable payment. We will no doubt come back in a short time.

C K.

The tacos and quesadillas are spot on; the burritos however...? They have too much rice half the time, and when you ask for 2 salsas they give you 1&1/2. The portions on a super burrito are enough to feed 2. Two salsas are appropriate to ask for! You raised your prices... give people what they ask for!

John Dishong

Stopped in to get a Carnitas burrito. The pork was unbelievably tough and dry. It was like trying to eat a burrito with dry pork jerky. To the owner: Don't serve food you wouldn't eat!

Rimar L.

I normally go to El Trompudo around the way. The food there is much better than here and much better value. But when I tried to order from there yesterday they were out of carne asada (???). I had my mind fixed on a burrito and thought I'd give this taco truck a shot. Turned out to be a BIG fail. I put my sons order in first. He's a very picky eater and the guy taking the order was quick to ask 'what else' without repeating my order or even acknowledging the modifications I requested so I repeated it. He seemed kinda annoyed and said 'how many of those do you want???' I said just 1 'but I just want to make sure it's made right.' *rolls his eyes* So of course I get home and my sons order is completely wrong. I also ordered 2 super burritos with everything on it. Can't mess that up right??? Well, unfortunately YES. Both burrito's were probably 3/4's rice. My wife even mentioned how much rice was in hers. I joked that it was a rice burrito. The meat is just there to give it a little more flavor. And on top of that, I spent at least $5 or $10 more than what I usually pay at El Trompudo for the same order. I pass by here all the time but I will probably not be coming back. Every time I drive by this place it's crawling with tweakers anyway.

William Browning

Hands down the best tacos around. Been eating here for many years. I highly recommend the carne asada.

Octavio G.

Tacos are not far off from La Flor de Jalisco. I've heard the owners are cousins so the meats and salsas aren't far off. They're way cheaper than La Flor de Jalisco that's for sure! Chicharron Al Pastor Carnitas All flavorful and tender meats!! You can't go wrong with the green or red sauce! Highly recommend this place it's in the Centra Food parking lot in El Sobrante right off San Pablo Dam Road. So it's in the cuts a little. Customer service is hit or miss.

Jill R.

I have always passed by this taco truck and decided to give it a shot. I ordered carne asada and al pastor tacos. The carne asada was very salty and could barely finish eating it. The al pastor tacos were a bit bland. The salsa was watery and not spicy. I'm not returning but at least I tried it out.

Elissia Mathews

DO NOT GO HERE. They do not wear gloves. I asked the lady can she put on gloves and she said she didn’t speak English. But she knew English when I put in the order. Then I showed her a picture of gloves and she was still acting stupid.

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