Emery Bay Cafe

5857 Christie Ave, Emeryville
(510) 652-9269

Recent Reviews

Kiki Jewell

Mask usage by the cooks was intermittent - and that was concerning for food handling. The food was good though, and I'll be glad to return once the pandemic crisis is over.

Emily Webb

It was delicious!! And they were so kind helping an old man to his car! Great service!

Bellzy L.

Some of the below reviews for this place is laughable. This is the ONLY breakfast spot that I recommend in the Bay Area, it's my favorite. The quality of food is delicious and has lots of flavor, they have GARLIC HASHBROWNS!! Anyways, the service is great and usually not a long wait. This place is yummmyyy!!!

Tim Drake

I love Emery Bay Cafe. For sure my go to lunch spot in the area where I work.

Glenn Canady

good home made food and enough to fill you up.


The food was, fine. The service left A LOT to be desired.

Brittany Domnie

Breakfast options are consistently tasty, affordable, and easy to order for pick up when on the go.

Winona Jordan

The food is very good as well as the service.

Brittany Domnie-Paul

Breakfast options are consistently tasty, affordable, and easy to order for pick up when on the go.

Lauren C.

After discovering this place, it has turned into our usual breakfast spot. The food is always good and the staff is always friendly. I've tried lunch here a few times as well and was not disappointed. Definitely feels more like a locals spot.

Jer-Ray S.

Great breakfast and lunch offerings. You will not leave hungry they have big portions.

Vinnie Murti

Got the almond and chocolate croissant. Both were very good.

Niona W.

Dude, these reviews don't do this place justice. Yes, it's not fancy. The ambiance is lagging but the food was high quality and really good! We had waffles, eggs, bacon and French toast with real apple juice and orange juice. REAL JUICE!!! I love juice with breakfast and I'm really particular about which juice I drink. No Treetop Apple juice here. They have fresh pressed apple and orange juice. That's quality!!!!

Eff Hay Leigh

i have always enjoyed emery bay cafe since taking a chance many years ago. great food with plentiful portions. highly recommended from breakfast through lunch/dinner. yum-me.

Fernando Caro

Family friendly. Good food and service.

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